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Topic: Coin Man Walking
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Aug 17, 2005 04:46PM)
Hi Everyone,

I am posting this here because really anyone who would care about this news would be those that frequent the "Show Me the Money" forum (definitely not "Pick a Card Any Card" forum!)

I know many of you on this forum asked me to keep you informed when my DVD was coming out. I just got word from Bob Kohler Productions (you can see his banner ad for it further down on the main page) that it will be September 5, 2005.

It is called Coin Man Walking. It is all coin magic, all strolling/walk-around material with no tables required.

I am not going to type out an advertisement here, so if you want to find out more, head to my web site.

Thanks for your interest.

Message: Posted by: KirkG (Aug 17, 2005 04:54PM)
Those that already have his Coinvanish 2 book, need no further encouragement.

Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Aug 17, 2005 08:38PM)
Sounds really good Dan. I'm sure it will do well. :)

Good to see you've included two of my favorites from your repertoire, Lightning C/S and the very cute Double-Take Transpo. They are great little quickies that really get big responses, especially Double-Take as it happens in the spec's hands...easy to do and truly a wonderful little C/S routine. Seems like there will be a lot on this DVD - Good shoot!

Hey Dan, good to see you've included two of my favorites from your repertoire, Lightning C/S and the very cute Double-Take Transpo. They are great little quickies that really get big responses, especially Double-Take as it happens in the spec's hands...easy to do and truly a wonderful little C/S routine. Seems like there will be a lot on this DVD - Good shoot!
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Aug 18, 2005 03:18PM)
Thanks Marion. I perform “Double Take Transposition, Flash Hop, and Lightning Copper Silver” as a complete Copper/Silver set in the performance (I segue immediately from one routine to the other).

You are obviously familiar with “Double Take” and “Lightning C/S.” “Flash Hop” is similar to “Barley Hop” from Coinvanish Volume 2, however I wanted to have a more practical final load than the little beer mug. The mug was too context sensitive. The bill production works for a greater range of venues. I teach how to make the bill fold step by step on the DVD as well.

The other routine on the DVD I would consider a "quickie" is "Breaking A Dollar". This is unpublished, quick, and does not use any gaffs. This is a very simple routine, but it looks great.

The other routines are a little longer and more structured. I obviously like all the routines (go figure) :)
Message: Posted by: GeorgeSantos (Aug 22, 2005 12:07AM)
Nice one Dan! :) Definitely what I'm looking for, stand up no table required. :)
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 2, 2005 11:06PM)
I love his books and already pre-ordered his DVD. I'm just curious as to when when they will ship. And DAN thanks again for recommending Schoolcraft. I love my new and first coins.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Sep 3, 2005 08:39AM)
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 3, 2005 10:26AM)
Bob Kohler told me yesterday that the DVDs were done and mine were being shipped to me DHL. Considering that Monday the 5th is a holiday, I am expecting my batch will arrive Tuesday.

I plan on shipping all my orders Tuesday if I get them early enough or if they arrive late, on Wednesday.

I'll be emailing everyone that ordered one when your order ships. Thanks again for everyone who pre-ordered a copy.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Sep 3, 2005 11:54AM)
Hey Dan, if you don't mind, could you explain the process in creating a dvd? I know Kohler would be the producer and you the talent, but how is it divied-up. Are there contracts and lawyers involved, royalties, etc. Just trying to understand better. Thanks. :)
Message: Posted by: rannie (Sep 3, 2005 01:25PM)
All the best Dan. I loved your work in coinvention!

aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 3, 2005 03:30PM)

I am not sure what every arrangement is, but in my case it was pretty simple:

Kohler asked if I wanted to come to Vegas to shoot a DVD. He told me the terms and compensation, etc. I agreed, flew to Vegas and he shot the the material.

Bob pretty much does everything from there. Editing, paying for duplication, cover design, etc. He owns the copyright on the DVD.

Essentially, I perform my material in front of a camera, he does everything else necessary to bring it to market including all the financial investment.

As to the actual contract, I am sure it varies from producer to producer. How much you get paid per DVD, etc.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Sep 3, 2005 03:44PM)
Thanks Dan...sounds pretty straight forward. Hey, it sounds like Bob is actually doing the shooting himself? Or is it a thing with a director, or a camera man that is used to shooting magical subjects? Interesting. :)
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 3, 2005 06:51PM)
There are three cameras in his studio. He operates one camera and he had two other camera operators to film my performances. Bob is a pro, very knowledgable in what he does. Filming is just part of it. There is also lighting, sound, editing, etc, it all takes knowledge to do right. He can do it all. It is also good to have someone of his caliber to produce the DVD because he has an excellent eye for good magic. He is also one of the most talented magcians I know.

There is no director. The cameras roll and I start performing or teaching.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Sep 3, 2005 07:56PM)
Sounds like a winner Dan. :) I see so many dvds out there now as a lot of folks are able to do their own simple enough, some good, some not as good but all have value as I've never seen one that you couldn't learn at least something from. It's all good and the more the merrier. :) Thanks for your comments and best of luck with this new offering. ;)
Message: Posted by: Mike Wild (Sep 5, 2005 11:11AM)
Congatulations Dan! :cheers: Another instant classic I'm sure.

I look forward to taking a look at your new material very soon.


Message: Posted by: Bob Kohler (Sep 5, 2005 12:49PM)
Dan has been a good friend of mine for the last few years. He's one of the best of the new breed of coinworker on the planet.

It was a blast working with Dan on "Coin Man Walking." He's really done his research. He's read virtually everything ever written on coins. He knows the history better than I do. But this knowledge also gave Dan an incredible foundation to build his new routines and to polish them to a very high standard.

His routines have been thought out using the best moves for each application and they have been choreographed so that there is no wasted motion. Every move has a reason.

There's something here for all levels of coin workers. The material is aimed at situations where you don't have a table to work on. But both beginners and experts will find a wealth of information. Even if you don't use any of the routines on the DVD, Dan's finesse will bring your coin work to a higher leve. But you will use Dan's routines. The material is very direct and absolutely usable. You will get fooled when you watch the performances just like your audiences'. Remember a fooled audience is a good audience.

Dan's detailed explanations leave nothing to the imagination. Nothing is left out..except the explanation for Dan's version of the Ramsay classic "Cylinder & Coins." It's performance only, but you'll love trying to figure this one out. I've shown it to some very informed magicians, no one has figured it out yet!

All of the other routines are explained in full with a level of instruction that rivals personal lessons. They are crystal clear. If you don't understand this DVD you may want to consider getting out of magic.

While all of the routines are excellant, two really stand out to me.
"OutsDanding/Fingertip Coins To Pocket" are two routines that flow naturally together to create a full circle routine. Dan combines the work of Troy Hooser and Cris Korn in a diabolical way that creates one of the most visual coin routines you'll ever perform. Dan's handling makes it very easy to do.

My other favorite is "Four Coins, Your Hands." No doubt this will be an instant classic. It's so easy to do my mother could do it. BUT the spectator reaction to this incredible, visual routine is over the top. It's the first coins across routine that happens in both of the spectators hands. Once you see it, you'll have to do it. I worked it up a few months ago and since then I keep it in my pocket all of the time. It's hard to believe something this powerful is this easy to do.
I worked for years on the tough coin moves, this makes me feel like I wasted my time. It's perfect for both stand up, walk a round or table hopping.

All of the inner circle coin men have known about Dan's expertise but with the release of "Coin Man Walking" the rest of the magic community will soon know why
Dan Watkins is considered to be one of the very best coin workers in the world today.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Sep 5, 2005 01:15PM)
What gaffs, if any, are required for all 9 effects.
PM me if necessary.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 5, 2005 02:00PM)
Whew Bob... that was one heck of a compliment, I think too much to live up to!

I am not quite as well read on the coin material as you may think! I try to be as knowledable as possible, but I haven't read everything there is on coins... I have just try to do my homework on the routines I perform. I really leaned on Wesley James for his wealth of crediting information for my books which a chunk of my DVD material comes from. Curtis Kam has also helped on history.

I hope everyone likes that material as much as you did!


Jaz, a Shell, Schoolcraft Flipper, C/S coin, CSB set, sleight of hand, and some regular coins.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Sep 5, 2005 02:52PM)
Thanks Dan.
Message: Posted by: 2003 user (Sep 5, 2005 02:55PM)
Hope HP can delivery it to me on tomorrow.
Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Sep 5, 2005 03:45PM)
I saw Dan at Coinvention a few years back and watched him ask tons of questions while taking copious notes. He is a virtual sponge for coin magic knowledge. His Coinvanish books are wonderful. They are clearly written, easy to understand, thoroughly thought out, and well illustrated.

I can't wait to get his new DVD!
Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Sep 5, 2005 03:57PM)
Best of luck with your new DVD. It sounds great. I only have your first Coinvanish book but from that alone I know the material in the DVD will be top notch.
Message: Posted by: joseph (Sep 6, 2005 06:44AM)
Any other effects on the dvd "performance only", and maybe the cylinder and coins will be explained in a future dvd?....
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 6, 2005 10:46AM)

As Bob wrote above, the only “performance only” routine is Cylinder & Coins. It’s a bonus routine that is only a 2:30 min long. All the other routines are spelled out in extreme detail.

Honestly, I never intended to put the Cylinder routine on the DVD. The focus of the DVD is all walk-around coin magic that does not use tables. Most of the magic is designed to be interactive with your spectators – often having the magic occur in their own hands.

Cylinder & Coins does not fit any of those categories. It is a more formal close up routine performed behind a table.

So why is it there?

When I first met Bob Kohler several years ago one of the routines I saw him perform was his Cylinder & Coins routine. He has one of the best versions I have ever seen. At the time I was not too familiar with the plot, and it fooled me pretty bad. I could follow bits and pieces but I could not put it all together.

The routine had two big things that attracted me to it: 1. It’s Coins. 2. It fooled me bad.

So I spent the last several years thinking about the routine and working on solutions. I have more hours of practice in this one routine alone than any other coin routine in my repertoire. It has been a fun project to work on and the routine has taught me a lot. I have put together several versions of the routine. Each of them have strong points and weaknesses.

So… eventually I showed Bob my current favorite version of the routine. It is a very streamlined approach that strips the routine down to its essential components. My focus was to make the vanish sequence as direct and deceptive as I could, and have the productions seemingly come out of nowhere and hit at a rapid fire pace.

I do not want to teach this routine, especially since this plot is a pet project of mine and a constant work in progress. However, Bob really liked the routine I showed him and thought that I should let everyone see it, so he talked me into putting it on the DVD as a bonus performance only item.

Now contrary to Bob’s post above, I really don’t particularly want people to “try to figure it out.” I know as magicians we all try to do that - if you must, please don't post about it, keep it to yourself. My purpose was to share a routine that I have spent a lot of time working on, and that I really enjoy performing. My hope is that people will enjoy the performance and that it adds something special to the DVD.
Message: Posted by: MICKEY SILVER (Sep 7, 2005 03:11AM)
Dan's detailed explanations leave nothing to the imagination. Nothing is left out..except the explanation for Dan's version of the Ramsay classic "Cylinder & Coins." It's performance only, but you'll love trying to figure this one out. I've shown it to some very informed magicians, no one has figured it out yet.,,,SAID BOB KOHLER!! ...........Well!! Mr. Kohler is right!!!!!

In Vegas a few weeks ago while hanging out with Bob Kohler a few days, I had the privilege of a sneak preview in Bob's unbelievable production studio. I watched in extreme detail the "Coin Man Walking DVD". I absolutely loved Dan performing his Ramsay classic "Cylinder & Coins". ....Let's just say I am one of those guy's still trying to figure it out..lol.

I just wanted to pass this along to all my friends in coin magic: No matter ,weather your a beginner or expert........the 'COIN MAN WALKING" DVD is a "MUST HAVE" for anyone and everyone who is serious about coin magic. I was absolutely impressed how fantastic and creative Dan really is, as I'm sure you will be . His coin routines are flawless along with his "explanations" you will not believe your eyes / ears!!

Guys take it from me !!! honestly ,when it comes to outstanding coin magic, I can't say enough about it.

If your into coin magic as I am and really want to see one of the best / not to mention learn from one of the best.........Dan Watkins "ALL NEW" COIN MAN WALKING DVD is the way to go.

For those of you who know me ....you guy's know I saw nothing I can't back up....

By the way Dan, Congratulations and good luck on your new DVD. You can count me in for buying one.....DAM IT Dan! I have to see your " Cylinder & Coin" routine again...It's killing me..lol.lol

Message: Posted by: Simon Bakker (Sep 7, 2005 05:25AM)
I can't wait till this one drops in the mail.
I own the coinvanish booklets, and like them a lot.
especially, 4 coins your hands is a very appealling routine.

Dan, congrats on this fantastic project
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 7, 2005 08:26AM)
Thank you for the kind words on what you saw Mickey. One never knows how his material will be recieved by the community when you put it on video for the world to see and critique. It is comforting to hear the good comments from those who have seen it. Soon everyone who orders one will get the chance to see it as well!

I spoke to David Roth yesterday who also viewed a pre-release copy. He also really enjoyed the DVD. He gave me a quote to use for my marketing. What an honor.
Message: Posted by: canaday (Sep 7, 2005 03:37PM)
If this is good enough for Mickey, I want in! I've always enjoyed Dan's work. It should be a joy to see the video.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 7, 2005 04:03PM)
I just got my shipment of DVDs and have shipped out all the pre-orders. If you haven't already placed an order, head on over to http://www.coinvanish.com and I'll be happy to send your copy with free shipping via 1st Class USPS in the domestic US.
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 7, 2005 04:08PM)
Boy I'm telling you 1st Class USPS and free this is our kinda guy huh!!! Thanks again Dan for everything and your contribution for the coinvetnion DVD is kicking my buro. The whole toss the coin but it never went wow really got me. Great job.
Message: Posted by: Okami (Sep 7, 2005 04:17PM)
Mr. Watkins,

will you ship to foreign countries in the future?
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Sep 7, 2005 04:28PM)
Hi Dan I too had the privelage of seeing your cyl and coins with Mickey at Bob Kohlers production studio,,,,,,a couple of weeks ago . if the material on the dvds are any thing like your cyl routine,then this is a must for all serious coin workers.
As you know I dabble in coins alittle so put me down for an order I'm sure this dvd will be a tremendous addtion to my video and dvd collection
the godfatherof magic
Message: Posted by: mornargo (Sep 7, 2005 04:34PM)
WOW! If Mr. Silver likes the coin man walking DVD ,it must be really good. I never met anyone in the World who is so selective as well as being such a perfectionist as Mickey Silver.

This must be well worth the money. Mr. Watkins,you can count on me and 2 of my friends buying one each.

Looking forward to it.

Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 7, 2005 04:40PM)
Thanks for all the nice comments guys.

Okami, the only reason why I decided to limit it to US orders is three fold:

1. I have a limited amount to sell.
2. It will be carried by magic shops around the world - so international customers can typically just buy it from their local in country shop.
3. International orders unfortunately tend to get lost more often than US orders. I just am trying to limit my loss potential. I don't want to have to replace DVDs that get lost.
Message: Posted by: Okami (Sep 8, 2005 05:56AM)
Thank you for the honest answer Mr. Watkins. I can understand your reasons.

All the best
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 9, 2005 11:05AM)
I just wanted to let everyone know that I now have a Quicktime video demo trailer of the DVD online. You can view it by clicking the link toward the top of [url=http://www.coinvanish.com/cmw.html]THIS[/url] page.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 9, 2005 01:30PM)
Has anyone here been able to view Dan's Quicktime video clip demo? All I'm getting is the Audio, but no video. I've even tried updating my Quicktime Viewer, but still only Audio.

Any help would be MOST appreciated!

Kind Regards


P.S. all you guys in the U.S. are lucky you can get this DVD. I'm in Ontario, so it won't be available to me for awhile to purchase.
Message: Posted by: sullivanl (Sep 9, 2005 01:57PM)
It worked prefectly on my PC, no problems at all. Try downloading it directly to your hard drive or maybe restarting your computer?
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Sep 9, 2005 02:52PM)
Same as Smitty. Updated, rebooted, and just audio...........
Message: Posted by: Review King (Sep 9, 2005 03:10PM)
Just audio here.
Message: Posted by: Rob Elliott (Sep 9, 2005 03:15PM)
I'm having the same problem. I got a message saying I needed an update to my Quicktime software, but that the update isn't available from the Quicktime website.

So, uhh.... Where am I supposed to get it?
Message: Posted by: Werner G. Seitz (Sep 9, 2005 03:33PM)
Try to find/use/download the VLC-Media Player instead of Quicktime!
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 9, 2005 04:01PM)
Bob Kohler made the demo clip. I had the same audio only and error messages when I had Quicktime 6.5, as soon as I downloaded and installed Quicktime 7.0, I was able to watch the video perfectly.

Rob, Quicktime 6.5 gave me the same error message, that the codec was not available from their server. Quicktime 6.5 was looking for the H.264 codec. That codec does not work with 6.5, only the new version 7.0. The new version is at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/

I was very impressed with the quality of the new compressor though.

Try downloading the demo to your hard drive and watching it from there after install of Quicktime 7.
Message: Posted by: magicman1 (Sep 9, 2005 04:41PM)
Waiting for H.P. to get it here!!!
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 10, 2005 01:21PM)
Well, I see a number of you are having the same problem as me. Yet, I've updated to vs 7.0, rebooted several times, but still only 'audio'. Every other online demo I click to watch with Quicktime works perfect, and even did with earlier versions. Have NEVER had a problem Quicktime. Mind you, when I go to Amazon, and try to watch/listen to something from there, it WILL NOT open, no matter what I do.

My default is actually Windows Media Player, but in Amazon, it always trys to open with Winamp, and even though I have the latest version of that also, I can't play/watch anything.

Hope someone figures out this problem with Dan's link, as I'd LOVE to watch whatever I'm missing.

Kind Regards

Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Sep 10, 2005 01:49PM)
Same problem here. I downloaded the Quick Time 7.0 version player and rebooted my new Sony laptop a couple of times and I still can't watch Dan's demo video. It, however, did upgrade my iPod software but when I checked the QuickTime player, it still shows its version as 6.5.2.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 10, 2005 01:58PM)
Well, hmmm, just tried downloading 'twice' Quicktime vs 7, installed twice, rebooted twice, and still only audio. For those who are getting to watch Dan, ENJOY!

I'm heading off to our local fair right now to busk for several hours, so when I get home and am winding down, I will try ONE more time. If ONE more time doesn't work, that will be a CLEAR indication to me that I'm not supposed to see it, for whatever reason, lol, and I'll just live with that.

At least I can watch all Dan's other GREAT coin stuff on his website with WMP. It plays just fine. GREAT stuff on your site Dan. REALLY enjoying it.

Kind Regards

Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 10, 2005 03:00PM)
Sorry guys, Bob made the trailer with a new compressor that will not work with anything less than Quicktime 7.

Maybe Apple has the wrong file linked for the new player, if you install it, it should not be Quicktime 6.5.2, it will not work with Quicktime 6.5.2.

My player says Quicktime 7.0.2b20.

I happened to download the player as a seperate item, (not bundled with iTunes). I can't seem to find that link on the Apple site now.

Smitty, if you go to "Help" and choose "About Quicktime Player" what version does your show?
Message: Posted by: Werner G. Seitz (Sep 10, 2005 03:09PM)
To all those that can't get a picture via Quicktime, why not follow my suggestion a few posts above?
Get VLC Player, it is free, I always use it instead of Quicktime, and there are no probs in watching that trailer.
It has/uses many more codecs then Quicktime.
It also allows to play *slow*, aso.
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Sep 10, 2005 03:28PM)
Werner, thanks, that works! I can't wait to receive the DVD and see Dan's work in action.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 10, 2005 03:45PM)
I just had a friend download the new Quicktime and iTunes. After he did, Help, "About Quicktime Player" said version 7.0.2, and he was immediately able to watch the video without even rebooting his computer.
Message: Posted by: Dredz (Sep 10, 2005 04:04PM)
I just ordered it from Coinvanish.com. I cant wait for it to get here. Thanks Dan.
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Sep 10, 2005 05:05PM)
I re-downloaded the QuickTime Player 7.0 and it's working. I just watched Dan's demo and it's very interesting and top-notch coin work by Dan. I'm going to seriously think about ordering it. My question is that I'm not good at coin sleights; in fact, I can't even do most of Jay Sankey's Rev. Coin Magic effects. My fingers are short (I'm only 5'3") so I need to know if Dan's Coin Man Walking involves some difficult sleights. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: MICKEY SILVER (Sep 10, 2005 06:35PM)
Hello Evolve 629 , perhaps I can help you with your question. "great question by the way"
I completely understand your thoughts about short fingers. I am only writing this because I have viewed the entire "COIN MAN WALKING DVD" in detail. Ok, Evolve, you claim your not good at coin sleights ..... WELL, this is were Dan's expertise really comes in. He explains every move in understanding detail. He takes his time , guides you through every routine with his unique instructional style. We must keep in mind, the "COIN MAN WALKING DVD" was specially put together for that very reason, to help people like you better their coin magic. I understand "YOU THINK" your finger's are short! BUT ARE THEY REALLY??
Your finger's no doubt is proportioned to your body the way they where intended to be. You will be absolutely amazed and pleased how Dan describes a difficult sleight and simplifies it. We must remember Evolve, there are really no "DIFFICULT" sleights in coin magic. There are only sleights "DIFFICULT" to understand .... "THAT'S ONE OF THE HIDDEN KEYS IN COIN MAGIC" .... AND THAT'S WHERE DAN COMES IN. I honestly ,highly recommend this tape for "YOU" anyone and everyone.
"GOOD LUCK" Evolve ..... you'll do just fine.... I Guarantee it!!!

Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Sep 10, 2005 07:27PM)
Thanks Mickey Silver for taking the time to explain the flexibility of Coin Man Walking by Dan and to give me courage to try coin magic once again. Your posting really rejuvenate my interest to study/practice coin sleights with fervent. I'm going to order Dan's dvd as I really like all of his stuff on his website. Thanks again.
Message: Posted by: mornargo (Sep 10, 2005 08:16PM)
Hey 629 ,Mickey Silver encouraged me as well. He told me and all my friends that it would be a good idea to buy the coin man walking dvd. We are waiting for Mr. Silvers dvd, but it is not out yet.

Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 10, 2005 10:05PM)
Well, interesting Dan, I've gone to the website you recommended, and clicked on QuickTime download vs. 7.0.2, so thought I was getting that. But when I go into About Quicktime, it's only vs. 6. Doesn't make any sense, but I'm going to try ONE LAST TIME. If it doesn't work this time, I will just have to forego it.

Off to try one last time.



I've done everything recommended on here, and still, no luck. I've downloaded and installed QuickTime 7, 4 times now, but each time I go into About Quicktime, it always says vs. 6. I also tried downloading the VCL player, but it doesn't work either.

I have to now finally give up. This is getting just TOOO frustrating. I'm really glad to hear however that more and more of you are getting it to play for you.

Guess I'm not meant to see it.

Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Sep 11, 2005 09:09AM)
Smitty, did you really do everything recommended? You downloaded the player Werner suggested above and that didn't work?
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 11, 2005 04:13PM)
Well gang, finally 'success'. I had my technician over for a couple hours, playing around with stuff, and it seems there was some corruption. So, he uninstalled my WMP, and then downloaded the WMP vs. 7. It worked just fine for him, so now I have been able to watch the demo.

NICE stuff Dan!! However, I believe some of the stuff you showed 'may' require the Classic Palm; only guessing, but it looked that way. I've been trying for YEARS to learn the C.P., and just haven't found any coin to work. I thought our 'toonies' would be the perfect size, but as many hours as I have practised it, I just can't hold my hand in a 'normal looking' position while holding a coin in C.P.

It always looks like I have 'athritis' when I do this slight. Not a good thing, lol.

I haven't tried the VCL yet, but am going to try that now, even though WMP is working fine.

Now, to wait to see if either of my Ontario dealers ever stocks this item.

Kind Regards

Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 11, 2005 04:30PM)
Smitty, yes several of the routines do require the Classic Palm, some more heavily than others. Glad you got your computer working. On the Quicktime program, maybe try uninstalling it completely before trying to install the new version.

I would also try deleting your install program and downloading it anew from the Quicktime website. But at this point... since you already saw the demo, maybe its best to leave it alone :)

Now... has anyone actually gotten their copies of the video yet?
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 11, 2005 05:56PM)
Nope not but I got your e-mail I beleave Wednesday so hopefully tommorrow. that would be agreat way to start off the week. Did you ship preorders first or all at the same time?
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 11, 2005 06:24PM)
Well considering up until Wednesday, everything was by definition a pre-order since I did not have them yet, I shipped all orders I had at the time on Wed.

I would guess most everyone should get them this week.
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 11, 2005 06:47PM)
Cant wait.Im about 6 hours a head from everyone so if I get mine tommorrow then ill try to post by 11 o'clock my time wich would be about 5 o'clock you guys all pending where you hail from.
Message: Posted by: Bob Kohler (Sep 11, 2005 09:11PM)
Sorry the windows users had a tough time with Quicktime 7. I choose to use it as the picture quality is great and you can easily see the coins even with the small file sizes on the internet. Just stretch the screen and you'll get a good idea of a small sample of Dan's work.

The real DVD has awesome picture quality and with Dan's in-depth, crystal clear explanations I think "Coin Man Walking" will be an excellent training tool for those who wish to learn coinmagic. There's something there for everybody from seasoned pros to beginners. Some of the routines are advanced but some of the most powerful magic is easy considering the power of the effect.

The main reason is Dan's brilliant handling and choreography. Dan's use of the new Schoolcraft Flipper is easily worth the price of admission. I predict this routine will quickly become a staple of everyone. It can be used virtually anywhere. I also predict a run on the gaff, so you better get one now. Just go to http://www.coingaffs.com

I also believe that Dan's explanations are probably the most important part of the DVD. He covers the points that are usually left out. I'm talking about the tiny touches that really make the techniques and choreography work. It's a lesson in itself to see how every detail has been worked out. Nothing is left to chance. The method used for each part of an effect has been chosen because it's really the best/most direct way to accomplish what's needed.

Smitty, you'll get the DVD before everybody but remember it's 2 hours and 11 minutes of information packed on a single DVD. There's a lot to enjoy and take in.

We titled the project "Coin Man Walking" but you should run to get it before you get fooled badly by those who did.

There's one last treat on the DVD. Dan's handling of the "Cylinder & Coins". It's an excellent solution. It's a performance only piece. It's not on the DVD as a puzzle but too first make you feel the power of a real fooler. But second, the performance is a great lesson in how to get rid of all of the exteraneous movements and motions until the presentation is honed to a razor sharp edge. I've shown the DVD to a bunch of pros including Mickey. It's been interesting to hear there thoughts. I won't share their thoughts but I will tell you this. To a man all of them asked when could they get a copy. The good news is it's finished and currently available from Dan, bobkohlermagic.com and the Murphy's Magic world-wide dealer network.

I truly hope all of you enjoy the DVD as much as Dan & I enjoyed making it for you.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 11, 2005 09:29PM)
Hey Dan: Yes, my buddy did completely uninstall the WMP first, due to finding some corruption or something. Not quite sure what, but he noticed it wouldn't play you demo, and it did say it was only vs. 6, so that is now gone completely, and I have vs. 7. I haven't figured out the VLC player yet, but will in time.

I think for now Dan, I will work on some of the ideas you share on your site. I understand all the routines pretty much, and the handling for the most point, due to having quiet an extensive library on Coin Magic.

By the way paisa23, I can hardly believe how much you look like Jay Sankey. Are you his twin brother or what, lol.


Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 11, 2005 09:38PM)
WOOOOOOW Are you serious?!?!? That has to be the first time I have ever heard that. nope, no relation and still have hair. Slowly getting a recieding hair line but not there yet.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 11, 2005 09:56PM)
Werner asked me to share something with you all, so I told him I would. If this is 'old news' to most of you, PLEASE accept my apologies for taking up space/bandwidth with this.

But, this is just for those who may be having difficult still seeing the Demo of Coin Man Walking. YA GOTTA SEE IT, IF YA HAVEN'T ALREADY!!

While I do now have Quicktime 7 working wonderfully, I decided to try VLC player to, at Werners recommend.

Here's what I did:

Downloaded and installed the VLC player and put it on my Desktop.

Went back to Dan's website, rightclicked "HERE" for the demo; selected "Save Link Target As" ( I'm running a PC with XP, and Mozilla for a browser).

I saved the File (cmw.mov) to my Desktop.

Went back to my Desktop, right clicked the 'file', which I left, called cmw.mov, selected the VCL player, and it is now playing just fine as well.

With both the VLC player and WMP, you can stretch the screen real big, to see better the AWESOME Coin Magic that Dan is doing.

THANK YOU to Werner for his crystal clear instructions on his PM.

I think tomorrow I will call or email my magic dealer in Toronto, which is Browser's Den of Magic, and ask the 'cool' owner Jeff to order these if possible.

I believe we Canuck Coin Guys/Gals deserve to own this AMAZING DVD as well.

MANY thanks also to Bob Kohler, himself an OUTSTANDING, TALENTED Magician, for producing this DVD. I have your Golden Shells Bob, and LOVE it!! OUTSTANDING routine!

CONGRATS Dan on an AWESOME project, and THANK YOU for taping this to share your WEALTH of knowledge with the rest of us Coin Magic Lovers.

Kindest Regards



Hey Paisa 23: Sure hope I didn't insult you with that question. But, I have the HIGHEST respect for Jay as a Magician/Entertainer, so the comment was most definitely meant as a 'compliment'. I hope it came across that way.

Message: Posted by: Sean Comer (Sep 11, 2005 10:03PM)
Dan and Bob:

Fanastic job with the Coin Man Walking DVD. I received it yesterday. Wow. Great Job, there is just so much good information to digest. I thought my head would pop then I remembered I don't have to do it all in one day. Kudos to both, thanks.
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 11, 2005 10:10PM)
Don't worry about it. It did. I forgot to say thanks

AARRGGHH now I really hope I get mine tommorrow.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 12, 2005 08:48AM)
Dan: Just wanted to tell you I have 'just' visited and THOROUGHLY enjoyed your "Foundations" part of your website. What AMAZING shots and clear instructions you have made available. WOW!! Nice Job!!

This the best pictures and explanations I have since in my almost 28 years of magic; especially for the classic Palm, which to this day I struggle with, and the Muscle Pass, which I've NEVER been able to learn as of yet.

However, looking at your amazing photo's and reading your 'crystal clear' instructions, I am DETERMINED to once again tackle both of these sleights; mainly the Classic Palm, as there are SO MANY wonderful tricks/routines you can do, once you master this. The muscle pass, I would learn more as just a 'fun stunt' to show people. Sammy Smith showed me this years ago during a lunch break at a convention. He said it took him like 6 months I think, to master. That's dedication.

I believe one would have to have the Classic Palm mastered first however, before being able to learn the Muscle Pass.

The Retention Pass I've never had any problem with. For that, I have learned ideas from both David Roth and NEW and incredible MICKEY.

Well, I'm sure I'm taking up too much bandwidth here, so will close Dan and just say.

THANK YOU for taking time to make your site available to all us COIN NUTS around the globe.

Wishing you HUGE SALES on your Coin Man Walking DVD!

Kindest Regards

Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 12, 2005 10:03AM)

Thank you for your kind words... That Classic Palm essay has helped so many people learn how to do it right. You won't believe how many people have come up to me at conventions or lectures I attend, etc. and tell me how much that essay helped them, that they were palming wrong, and until they read that essay did not understand how to properly do it.

Regarding the muscle pass, if you do get that down, I do have a motivated use for it in my "Fingertip Coins to Pocket" routine on the DVD.
Message: Posted by: magicman1 (Sep 12, 2005 03:05PM)
Got the DVD today..
Will watch tonight over a nice bag of popcorn..LOL...
Message: Posted by: v4c4 (Sep 12, 2005 10:23PM)
Hi Dan:
I'm from Mexico and I just want to know if your are sending to here.

Thanks and congratulations.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 12, 2005 10:42PM)
WOW, now that I read that some of you are receiving it, I am getting JEALOUS. I already emailed my dealer today to ask him about stocking it. I'm still waiting for a reply.

I have pretty much every other Coin DVD available on the market, except for Jay's and Curtis' Palms of Steel series.

I would have been happy to buy Jay's, but 'personally' NOT interested in the foul language. Really don't know why Jay did that. I have the 'highest' respect for the man, but that stopped my order.

Anyway, for those who are watching Coin Man Walking with your bag of Popcorn, I hope you 'choke', LOLOL.

Kindest Regards

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Sep 12, 2005 11:11PM)
On 2005-09-12 16:05, magicman1 wrote:
Got the DVD today..
Will watch tonight over a nice bag of popcorn..LOL...
Hmmm. Popcorn. Good idea!
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 13, 2005 02:07AM)
Nope nothing yet but . I have hopes on today.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 13, 2005 06:45AM)

I plan on doing a few lectures, depending on how many DVDs I sell at them, I *may* open up the remaining DVDs to international orders. Not sure though. This would be toward the end of the year. I just don't want to run out of them too soon.
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Sep 13, 2005 07:06AM)
I just received the DVD and it's great! It contains very strong material that shows a lot of thought and creativity, and handling that's well choreographed. Not only that, but Dan's an excellent teacher and provides crystal clear explanations with more detail than I can remember being provided in any other video I've seen. Great job Dan!

Larry D.

P.S. - I loved the female spectator's reaction after you performed one of the effects...she looks like she's trying to digest what just happened, like a deer caught in the headlights.
Message: Posted by: Michael Dustman (Sep 13, 2005 01:46PM)
Great DVD. Got mine yesterday and pulled it out of the mailbox as I was heading to bed with a bout of food poisoning. It was nice to have something to watch as I was laying in bed and the routines are killer and explanations thorough.

Also good to see the interview with Jamie Schoolcraft. If I didn't already have his flipper, it would have forced me to run out and get one immediately.

I concur, the Cylinder and Coins was very well done. I will try and post a more thorough review in the DVD Review thread when I get a chance. Hard to lay in bed and type on the laptop.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 13, 2005 03:17PM)
On 2005-09-13 08:06, Larry Davidson wrote:
I loved the female spectator's reaction after you performed one of the effects...she looks like she's trying to digest what just happened, like a deer caught in the headlights.

Well that's good, I thought maybe it was boredom :)

I will say, it is definitely more difficult than I thought to perform for people behind cameras. They are very aware that they are on film, so they react a little guarded I think.

Plus if any of the routines needed a retake – you are getting the reaction from the 2nd time through. Tougher than I thought, but I rather have a more subdued reaction than some of the L&L over the top hysteria some of their spec's have.

I think the most fun routine for my female spectator was the "4 Coins, Your Hands." A lot of laughter, I like fun stuff like that. That also happened to be the first time through, I didn't need a reshoot on that one.
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Sep 13, 2005 04:09PM)
The "4 Coins, Your Hands" routine is killer. But I already knew that as I have your Coinvanish Volume 2 book. :baby:
Message: Posted by: doug brewer (Sep 13, 2005 04:19PM)
I will also be offering a review of the DVD in its entirety. Let me just say that Dan does an excellent job of performing and teaching these effects. He is obviously very well studied in the history of effects that have influenced his routines and, of course, the related sleights. I feel like I'm getting a thorough and concise little history lesson on each explanation of the effects (in a good way).

Dan is performing in front of only 2 spectators and they seem very aware of the cameras. This is always difficult and "breaking in" the spectators, which is relatively easy in a real environment, takes a bit longer in front of the cameras. You should take this into account as you watch the performances.

Dan offers a bit of "eye candy" where the spectators simply watch, and some very strong "in the hands" routines too. When you watch, you will see that the "in the hands" sequences illicit the strongest and most sincere reactions. This rule pretty much applies in the real world too.

I have performed "4 Coins, Your Hands" even for magicians and they are badly fooled by the method (especially if they are card guys) - I think this is a great routine and one of my favorites on the DVD.

Dan's performance of the Cylinder & Coins is great. While I know how some of the sequences are executed I'm still in a quandry on the vanishes. They are really fun to watch. In particular, I really liked how much of Dan's magic does not look like a bunch of hand jive, hand washing nonsense that makes you think "something's happening, I just don't know what" (this applies to the whole DVD).

Please buy direct from Dan if you can. It's always nice to buy direct from the artist. After he's sold out, go to Kohler. He's to be applauded for getting Dan's material out to us.
Message: Posted by: delgadil (Sep 13, 2005 06:54PM)
This DVD is excellent. Great effects, great explanations, and best of all,
no tables are required! woo hooo!

Cylinder and Coins is an excellent treat at the end of the DVD. Fooled me
badly. This is one of the best DVD purchases I have made all year.

It's great! I have CoinVanish 1 and 2 but's helpful to see Dan bring these
effects to life and share the gory details.

Thanks for sharing with us Dan.

Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 14, 2005 08:26AM)
Well GOOD NEWS GANG. Just received an email from Jeff, my magic dealer, and he will have a shipment of Coin Man Walking DVD in on Friday. Well, you all know what I did of course. I ORDERED PRONTO!

I won't have it on Friday; DARN; but will have it by Tues or Wed of next week. So, better go buy a fresh box of popcorn, or better yet, make sure I've got lots of toonies around, lol, AND a fresh box of popcorn.

Heck Dan, we should have asked you to autograph the first batch of these.

Anyway, REALLY looking forward to receiving my copy early next week. And, I didn't even ask my dealer the price. So I've NO idea what the cost will be. But, since they are 39.95 (I think, U.S. ) it will likely be around 47.00 Canadian.

Kind Regards



Sorry for the back to back post, but I was wondering; I've heard once you have 50 posts, that that gives you secret entrance to even more on the Café. I don't understand this, as I don't see any links to anything 'secret' on here. So, to all you VETERANS on here, what am I missing?

Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 14, 2005 08:41AM)
Smitty, glad your dealer is getting the DVDs.

As for over 50 posts, yes scroll to the bottom on the main page and you will now see a "Banquet Room" section that contains the Triple Dare, Secret Sessions, Threads, Reels, and Anchors, Inner Thoughts, and Deceptive Side of Magic forums.

You did not have access to that before.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 14, 2005 10:56AM)
Thanks Dan. I had never scrolled down before so didn't know anything about it. I'll check it right now.

Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Sep 14, 2005 06:10PM)

And if you want to reach the really, really secret section of the Café, you've got to have 65 posts, and send every other member $5.00. :)
Message: Posted by: Mike Wild (Sep 14, 2005 06:37PM)
Accept for me, I require a $10 investment... :hysteric:

Best, in fun

Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 14, 2005 08:49PM)
Well, 5.00 dollars or 10.00. Is that in U.S. currency, cuz if it is, it'll be like 500.00 Canadian :lol:

I can handle the 65 posts however, hehe. Almost there now.

Well, my magic dealer emailed me today, and guarenteed he would have Coin Man Walking in the store by Friday, so I gave him my order. I've already started saving my 'toonies' just for this DVD.

Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 15, 2005 10:26AM)
WHEW got it in today, Have to wait for the wife to go out to watch .So ill post later.
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Sep 15, 2005 10:33AM)

Well I just watched your DVD, Coin Man Walking. First of all, a topic that's dear to me, production quality, Bob Kohler and crew did an excellent job with this, I know a little about production since when I worked in the real world, I was a broadcast engineer for a major university. Excellent job.

Now the magic, I recommend this DVD fully, some great walk around coin stuff in your hands and I bet with a little work you all will find some stuff that you can and will do on this DVD, real world stuff. There are some angle considerations on some of the effects but they can be dealt with by a little body movement. The great thing about almost all of this magic is it’s in the specs hands, that’s a very good thing.

I also want to point out his Cylinder and Coins routine (that's not Explained).... it rocks... Ramsay would be proud Dan.

Great job.

Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 15, 2005 02:39PM)
Ok finished it and I will say that I am not the most or even near the most experienced when it comes to coins ,But I did love this DVD. Alot!!!!I am not the best at reviews but I will say that I really enjoyed watching the performance part. I always try to watch to see how many foolers there are and even though I knew some of the sleights he still managed to confuse me here and there. I have been doing "Four Coins Your Hands" but from watching the way he does it is really something else. "Lighting C/S" is just that. I don't think I have seen it any cleaner. "Double take transpo" is a really sweet quick routine. I have been doing this one since I got his Coinvanish books. Again I am not a world reknown magi nor should anyone here take what I'm saying seriously. I think this DVD is one of this years must have. The way Dan teaches is amazing. He will walk you through everythin step by step. Its almost like he is there showing you. Ive seen some DVD's where they say learn this here and refrence there which is good we should read more, But he takes care of you. I say if you don't have it yet. Go to paypal now.
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 15, 2005 06:37PM)
GOSH Paisa23, you've got me SO EXCITED now, I won't sleep til next Tuesday when the Dvd arrives. I don't remember ever being so excited about receiving a DVD before. It's NUTS! But, I'm getting those toonies saved up just for practicing.

Message: Posted by: Simon Bakker (Sep 16, 2005 06:28AM)
Hi Dan,

I'm just finished watching your dvd and I really liked it. The four coins, your hands routine is worth the price of the dvd. Also, like many others, I loved your performance of Cylinder & coins.

What I really liked also whas your subletly on the spider vanish, it makes the vanish look really convincing.

With kind regards
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 16, 2005 08:58AM)
Simon, which subtlety? There are two things I am doing different than the norm...

The one is the exaggerated left hand movement as I take the coin - this is actually from Paul Cummins' "Tarantuala Vanish" from his DVD "Up In Smoke". It is still a spider vanish, but a little variation.

If you are talking about waving the hand back and forth subtly instead of just a downward toss, that is just a stylistic thing I prefer.

Thanks again for the compliments.

Message: Posted by: Simon Bakker (Sep 16, 2005 11:09AM)
Hi Dan,
I meant the first sublety, the exaggerated left hand movement. I didn't knew that this was from the Paul Cummins vanish.
Its a real nice bit, and puts the heat even more on the other hand after it 'vanishes' from the right hand.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 16, 2005 11:11AM)
Yet another reason why to go buy Paul's DVD :)
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 16, 2005 04:01PM)
Just a note. If there are any Coin Men/Women here from the Toronto area, or Ontario, Browser's Den now has some Coin Man Walking DVD's. They just arrived today, and 'mine' is already in the mail.

Should have it Mon. or Tues..

How will I EVER sleep now :dance:



As Dan says, Paul Cummins Video or DVD is EXCELLENT. A MUST HAVE for any serious Coin worker. I've never seen the backclip better explained, and the routines Paul shares, are KILLER. I haven't mastered the move yet, but am working diligently on it.

This, along with Coin Man Walking, along with Mike Rubenstein's Coin stuff, along with David Roths coin stuff, is going to keep THIS COIN GUY busy for a LONG LONG time.

Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 21, 2005 10:42PM)
I just wanted to update everyone that I am loving practicing these routines and tried a few on some friends. Great DVD once again. Thank you Dan
Message: Posted by: Dredz (Sep 22, 2005 07:09AM)
Great dvd. Highly entertaining coin magic. I really enjoyed the routines. Nicely thoughout and constructed. Definatley a good buy.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Sep 24, 2005 11:25AM)
I usually don't watch magic DVD's, but when Roth told me to take a look at Dan's Cylinder and Coins Routine, I had to see for myself. I can tell you, I didn't stop at the one routine, but watched the whole DVD. Dan's routines look very magical, and he is very personable. You are drawn into his performances because he seems to break that rigid wall between performer and spectator - it feels like he is a friend doing magic with you, not for you. The routines themselves are very polished - you can tell that he does these routines in the real world, for real people. I like to watch magic that looks magical, not like a bunch of clever moves that telegraph something happened even though you can't see it. I don't see moves when I watch Dan's routines, I see magic. There were a couple of routines that so fried me, I had to turn to the explanations to see how he did it. I can tell you that his explanations are well articulated and meticulously shot, so you really will be able to do the stuff. Dan's use of the hands are very clever, you will have to see the DVD to know what I mean. What I especially liked was that Dan explains his thoughts behind his reasons for doing what he does, which provides even more insight into the routine over the people who teach just the trick, not the motivation. And Oh yes, the Cylinder and Coins. I have seen Conover, Latta, Gallo, and a few other guys do their routines, and Dan's is right up there with them. He has come up with a few new touches, and I especially liked the he didn't use a wand (I'm not a wand kinda guy), which in my mind modernizes and streamlines the routine. The routine is extremely clean, and you will never see the change of the cork into the coins coming - it is a total surprise, and looks like trick photography. The effect is not explained, but that only means (I hope!)that we can look forward to seeing more of Dan's wonderful brand of magic in future projects.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Sep 24, 2005 11:43AM)
Hi Dan just one question Why didn't you teach your cylinder and coins routine????
It seems to me that all the top coin men have their own version of this effect and yet it is seldom taught.
can you share your thoughts on this? . Also Coin Men walking if I did not mention it before is a must for the serious coin workers................
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 24, 2005 11:55AM)
I didn't want to be the first to ask but I too was curious on the Cylinder and coins.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Sep 24, 2005 01:09PM)
The fact that Dan gave us the opportunity to see such a fine routine should be enough - its clear he wants to hold onto it for a while, as is his perrogative. But it certainly makes you want more!
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Sep 24, 2005 01:45PM)
Mike this is your reasoning why Dan did not tip his handling of Cand C...
As I stated it seems most coin men do CandC but never teach theirhandling.
What I am trying to say is this , cOIN MEN WALKING IS ATEACHING DVD NOT A PERFORMANCE DVD, so why put it on if dan had said my handling of C/c will be on my next dvd then I would go along with that.
This is not a beef it is just my two cents and I do not want to ditract this from dans excellent dvd.
Dan Great job on your dvd cant wait for the next one to come out
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Sep 24, 2005 02:18PM)
Well, that's pretty much Dan and that's good enough for me. Though I'm quite sure that Dan would've addressed it again here as it was asked by Vinny, even more directly. Got a feeling he still might. ;)
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Sep 24, 2005 02:59PM)
Guys, I just gave my opinion, which is what this forum is about. Dan's routine is a bonus...he didn't use it as a selling point then not teach it, he just showed it. Without it, the DVD stll stands up on its own (I count 12 other items!). I personally don't watch many DVD's as I

1. don't have a heck of a lot of time, and 2. I try not to be influenced too much by the works of others (although I do like to learn new moves to improve my own work) and 3. I sell my DVD's because I think other coin magicians will benefit from what I teach. Its up to you to buy them or not. Now I think we should get back to the subject at hand, which was talking about Dan's DVD (which as I said was pretty darn good, and thought that my opinion might be helpful to others who were trying to glean info about the DVD).
Message: Posted by: Turk (Sep 24, 2005 04:15PM)
I really have no problem with Dan graciously sharing his performance only on the "Cylinder and Coins" effect. If anything, it just whets my appetite to learn the routine. But, that said, I do agree with Vinny that there are not many (if any) magicians that are willing to divulge the handling of this effect. Why is that?

On 2005-09-15 19:37, smitty wrote:
GOSH Paisa23, you've got me SO EXCITED now, I won't sleep til next Tuesday when the Dvd arrives. I don't remember ever being so excited about receiving a DVD before. It's NUTS! But, I'm getting those toonies saved up just for practicing.



Remember that any Toonies that fall on the floor become contaminated and unusable. As a public service, I'll PM you my address and you can send such coins down to me and I'll dispose of them at no additional charge to you.

Message: Posted by: love2laugh (Sep 24, 2005 05:07PM)
Does this new DVD have a lot of material for beginner to intermediate coin handlers?

I'm not very experienced with coins so is this DVD a good purchase?
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 24, 2005 10:34PM)
Mike, thank you for your nice comments on my DVD, I take them as very high compliments coming from a coin technician of your caliber.

love2laugh, the material is a mix. All of it will take some practice, some of the routines are a little more advanced, and some are intermediate to easy. I believe everyone from beginner to advanced coin worker can learn very good lessons from this DVD. Many people have expressed to me that they think the teachings are one of the best, if not the best part of the DVD. Those who read my website essays and reviews know the attention to detail I like to provide. With that said, to perform the material, you will need at least a fundamental working ability with coins with the basic palms like Classic Palm, Thumb Palm, and Finger Palm. A couple more advanced items use a back clip that I specifically teach on the DVD because it is more of an advanced sleight. You can substitute other clips like the Tenkai Pinch if you are more comfortable with that.

Regarding the questions several of you asked about the Cylinder routine, as I expressed in my earlier post [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/search_post.php?topic=128223&forum=3&post=4251586]HERE[/url] in this thread, it was simply put in as a Bonus item. The DVD’s focus is on stand up, no table coin magic that often takes place in the spectator’s hands. For me this is the type of coin magic I use the most and I wanted the teaching on this DVD to focus on that material. The Cylinder routine does not meet any of that stated criteria. In fact, if you look at the marketing blurbs for my DVD, it states “nine routines, and three utility sleight/items.” If you count up the routines, you will see that the Cylinder routine is not even included in that “nine routine” count; it is truly an “extra bonus” item.

The material I performed and taught is 2 hours and 8 minutes long. The Cylinder bonus effect was the last thing we filmed, it took 2 min. 30 sec. to bring the total running time to 2 hours and 11 minutes. The first time Bob built the DVD, the data was too large to fit on the DVD, we almost cut the Cylinder routine out. Instead he went back and used a slightly higher compression setting on a few of the explanations, and got the data down to just a hair under 4.7 Gigabytes (the capacity of a DVD).

There is not even 10 seconds left on the DVD to have explained it if I even wanted to.

So the only question is, is there merits for throwing in a bonus performance, or is it better to have not bothered? I think most folks have enjoyed watching the routine. Me personally, I like watching magicians perform, so I don’t mind anyone squeezing on a bonus item as long as it is not “fluff” to just fill out skinny DVD. In my case it was not, the DVD is full even without the extra 2:30 min clip.

Vinny, as to why the guys that “do” the routine do not teach it, that is not entirely true. It has been taught in many places already by some very top names. Ramsay’s original routine can be found in a few places including: Victor Farelli’s monograph, “John Ramsay’s Cylinder and Coins”, Andrew Galloway’s, “The Ramsay Classics”, as well as the recently released Andrew Galloway video/DVDs by International Magic, “The Magic of John Ramsay” wherein Mr. Galloway performs and teaches the routine on video. Other variations have been released most notably in the works of John Carney in his book “Carneycopia” as well as performed and taught on his DVD “Carney on Ramsay”, R. Paul Wilson in “5X5 Scotland” book and then Paul’s newer version put out with Joe Porper is taught in a book along with all the props, Mike Gallo’s DVD and book “The Siamese Coins”, and Lewis Ganson’s “The Art of Close-Up Magic Vol 1.” David Roth also has a version in Expert Coin Magic. I have not seen Jon Townsend’s, but I know he published a version in Apocalypse, I am sure he can provide the reference.

The Galloway version is the closest you can get to the original Ramsay version on video, though you are watching Galloway do the routine, not Ramsay. From seeing the Ramsay footage at the [url=http://www.coinvanish.com/coinvention.html#NYC Coin Magic Seminar]NYC Coin Magic Seminar in PA[/url], Ramsay definitely had a faster performing style than Galloway's presentation.

If you can get to one of the NYC Coin Magic Seminar’s Mike Gallo sells a video that teaches his Cylinder routine (different than the one from the Siamese Coin video).

It would be good to acquire some of the sources that teach the original Ramsay routine so that you have a context to see and understand what was changed and cut out of the routines that are taught by others.

I think John Carney's "Carney on Ramsay" DVD is probably one of the best versions you can see on video and also learn the routine. His is also a more streamlined approach than original, a characteristic I also strove for.

I have seen other versions of Tim Conover’s, Bob Kohler’s, and Geoff Latta’s as well. I am told that Tim Conover plans on writing a treatise on the routine someday. Kohler told me that he thinks Tim is the current day master of the routine. I know Tim is the guy who taught the routine to guys like Mike Gallo and Bob Kohler and Eric DeCamps. All of them have since modified the routines to their own liking.

In effort to end this lengthy post, the routine is out there if you want to learn it. It is not an easy one, just learning the mechanics isn’t enough. This is a routine you really need to practice, choreograph and get smooth with. If you just try to do the moves alone, it will not be deceptive. I personally have more hours of practice in this one routine alone than any other routine in my repertoire. Some people consider it to be an exercise to see if they can get away with holding several coins in their hands while boldly telling your audience they have in fact vanished. It’s a gutsy routine.

As I wrote above, the routine is definitely taught by many if you want to learn it, the others that choose not to teach their particular handling I think is because the routine winds up being a very personal handling. Many of the people that I have talked to that perform the routine, say that it is never finished… it is always a work in progress. There are so many different ways to attack the same puzzle. It’s really fun to see different people’s solutions for the exact same goal.

I can tell those who are interested some of my reasoning behind my particular handling of it on the DVD:

1. I felt that the original routine was a bit on the long side (especially the reproductions). I wanted to make it a faster paced routine that did not drag on for the audience. This was one of my motivations for going to three coins instead of four – you cut away one full vanish and production phase. I also eliminated all the feints except for one. (I believe most modern performances of the routine follow suit here in eliminating the feints).

2. I wanted to eliminate the wand (there are pros and cons to this) – you loose some of the protection the wand provides, as well as the beautiful wand spins – I do like wand spins :)

3. Because I eliminated the wand and the protection it provides, I wanted the vanishes to be as convincing and deceptive as I could possibly make them, while not loosing the sound attributes of being able to clang solid silver coins together.

4. The reveal of the coins in the cylinder is the true climax of the routine, so I wanted to end it as fast as I could immediately after this climax so momentum is not lost.

5. I don’t particularly like the immediate reproduction of all the coins at once, so trying to achieve my goal in #4, I wanted a rapid fire one at a time coin production that hits really fast with an immediate show of the empty cylinder. This phase takes place in just seconds, I think it looks more impressive than just making all the coins come back all at once.

I do have a couple other versions that don’t meet the above criteria, but the one I put on the DVD is my current favorite. I will tell you that my vanish sequence was highly influenced by the vanish sequence I teach in my “outsDANding” routine. Those who are interested may want to revisit that sequence (it’s “Phase Two” in the explanations.) Truthfully, that exact sequence can be used verbatim for a Cylinder routine – and I have done so before.

In closing, I hope that my routine inspires those that see it to work on it. Those that work on it usually come up with their own solutions, their own creations, their own methods and their own version of the routine. This process is much more rewarding than just trying to do someone else’s version of the routine. I know it has been for me.

Sorry for such a lengthy post, I hope it provides some answers and insights.

Message: Posted by: Turk (Sep 24, 2005 10:54PM)

Thanks for the "lengthy" post.

I really appreciated the bibliography information on the "Cylinder and Coins" effect.

I also very much appreciated your sharing of your rationale for performing the "Cylinder and Coins" the way you do. Its very interesting (and rewarding) learning the insights of another person and the factors that influenced such person to proceed one way versus another while he puts together HIS version of an effect or routine. It is this type of information that is golden--for those that will take the time to analyse what has been offered. A person might not always agree with another person's thinking, but, understanding his "how and why" is always an invaluable learning experience.

Thanks again for all the above info.

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Sep 24, 2005 11:21PM)
Dan thanks your for that lenghtly information , and I also thank the Turk He said it much better than me ..
Doc your input and and opinion is very important to me and I respect what you have to say.......
the godfather
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 24, 2005 11:41PM)

You are definately right that people will not always agree with another's thinking. I know that my approach above is not right or wrong, its just what I was thinking when I put that version together. I know some people will think that the routine is not impressive enough with just 3 coins for example. I think magicians know that routines become more difficult with more coins, but I am not sure laypeople do. If you can vanish 3 coins deceptively, is the 4th coin that much more impressive? I would argue no. But this is definately an aesthetic call. Some routines feel right with 4 coins, some with 3. I don't think everyone would agree with my elimination of a coin.

I also know that a lot of people that do the routine love the wand. This was probably the hardest choice for me. I really like the aesthetics that the wand provides, and it is a big part of the original routine. I do have versions that use the wand. But I wanted to see how well I could do the trick without it. I think I did okay. Bob Kohler told me that mine was the first routine without a wand that he actually liked, that he typically hates the routine without the wand.

So yea, there are definately a lot of different considerations and modifications that can be done with this plot... As long as you can identify the changes that you do and why you made them.
Message: Posted by: love2laugh (Sep 25, 2005 02:37AM)
Thank you Dan for all this wonderful information.

I will purchase your DVD immediately. You seem to be a very nice guy who always helps out others here on the Café. Not only am I looking forward to learning some of these routines but I'm also looking forward to watching you perform. It sounds like a great DVD and if the explanations are similar to the excellent information on your website, coinvanish.com, I will be very happy!

Thanks again,
Message: Posted by: Werner G. Seitz (Sep 25, 2005 03:19AM)
Dan, I really have no intention to interfere re what has been mentioned concerning your *Cylinder&Coins* routine.
I nevertheless however have some comments.

That routine of yours is PURE magic and a joy to watch, it does though -as you mentioned yourself- fall outside the category of your excellent *Coin Man Walking* category.

Those knowing a bit about coinmagic and the various solutions makling *miracles* possible -which your demo of that routine no doubt is- should easily discover the possible solutions used at certain stages of that routine.

Solutions that GIVE the result they gave to the onlookers, but at the same time solutions that are not just *easily* to be done by pure sleight of hand.

At some stages the hands are totally empty and the *how* a coin is loaded, or even vanished, should be not that difficult to find a solution by those being into coins.

The same goes- and here a BIG compliment re the PERFECT and so natural execution- for the *get rid of the more or less standard gimmick always used in the C&Cs*.

That move is the most natural and casual handling I have ever seen used in connection with that *util* that disposed safely of the gimmick at the end of the routine.

So, you guys out there, insted of asking for explanations, I think it is more rewarding to use your imagination and figure out ways to do that routine in a similar way then Dan did ..and believe me doing it that way gives certain *bounds* not existing in the pure sleight of hand versions.
Dan's version is PURE magic to watch, but has it's price!

Re pure sleight of hand versions Tim Conovers handling still is hard to top in smoothness and elegance of handling, as a magic for magicians version Dans is hard to top..

I think we should be greatfull, we had the oportunity to se Dans handling, as it gives food for thought and somehow it did remind me of Tommy Wonder, re that it's the effect that counts, no matter what methods are used..

Final remark:
[b]Dans routine is a MASTERPIECE of coinmagic -and so an inspiration-, no matter how one looks at it :)[/b]
Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 26, 2005 10:20AM)
Hey Mike: Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but my computer has been out of commission for several days now. I'm REALLY getting fed up with Microsoft and all the WINDOWS problems they love to send us. I'm about ready to convert completely to Linux, or just go buy a REAL computer - a MAC. Anyway, in regard to your 'concern' about my 'toonies', lol; at this point I haven't dropped any, so they are 'still useable'.

If I do have the misfortune of dropping some, I will IMMEDIATELY inform you, :dance:

I 'have' received the DVD now, and 'have' watched it twice, but haven't had time to try anything yet, so coins are still nicely/safely in pocket.

Message: Posted by: KirkG (Sep 26, 2005 10:26AM)
I picked up the DVD this weekend. I have only had time to watch the performances so far. I can understand the comments made re the spectators. This must have been very tough on Dan. It is hard to perform with that little feed back.

That being said, there is a lot of great stuff on this DVD. I already had purchased the book, CoinVanish II so I had a leg up on the methods, but it is great to see the moves done live. I appreciate the good work of Bob Kohler with the insert shots to clarify what the moves look like to the spectator.

I also enjoyed watching Dan's version of C&C. It was an excellant bonus to include and I thank him.

Message: Posted by: smitty (Sep 26, 2005 10:33AM)
Well, as I just mentioned to Mike, I did receive my DVD, several days ago, but my computer has been out of commission for a few days. I think WinXP is a magnet for corruption, trojans and spyware.

LOVE the DVD Dan. Very well produced; great explanations; beautiful routining.

You've definitely got me thinking now. I don't want to 'copy' any of your routines verbatim, but want to take ideas, as I do with Metal Bending.

I'm was quite surprised to be introduced to this new utility item you use, which I've never seen or heard of until Werner made me aware of them. Our Canadian dealer doesn't carry them yet, perhaps because of the cost, I don't know.

I LOVED the Cylinder and Coin routine, which I also had never seen performed before. After watching it a number of times, I think one could certainly come up with their own handling, so I had NO problem with you not sharing your particular handling on this Dan. It is truly a MASTERPIECE, and you performed it 'flawlessly'.

I was happy to be 'fooled badly' when I first saw it; and then, watched it over and over to try and figure out ways of accomplishing each part. I think you got a LOT of our creative juices flowing on this one Dan.

Since I don't have access to purchase this utility item, I will have to bypass those routines for now, or think of other ways to create something 'similar'.

But, just perfecting/mastering the basic Classic Palm and Backclip will keep me busy for awhile. Fortunately, I am a lucky owner of Paul Cummins 'Up In Smoke'.

For anyone on the Café who hasn't purchased Dan's new DVD, and is into Coins, I HIGHLY recommend it. It's always good to have a 'library full of good resources' to draw from.

In closing, THANK YOU Dan for being willing to share all these GEMS with us. I will enjoy this DVD for a long time to come.

Kindest Regards...

Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 26, 2005 01:05PM)
Thanks again for the compliments all.

On 2005-09-26 11:26, KirkG wrote:
I can understand the comments made re the spectators. This must have been very tough on Dan. It is hard to perform with that little feed back.

It was difficult. Most of the up close and personal magic really needs the interaction that is almost non-existant in the studio environment. So the performance suffers a bit on an spectator interactive entertainment level. Nevertheless, I think magicians were still able to get a good "demonstration" of the routines and what a friendly fella I am :)
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 26, 2005 01:22PM)
Oh don't get me wrong the DVD is great I just was left wanting a little bit with the CC routine but I'm already on my research to learn it . Thank you Dan for bringing this routine to my attention. And the rest of the Gems on your DVD
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Sep 27, 2005 08:03AM)
Bob Kohler is the producer of this good work of Dan's, but it can't be mentioned enough how excellent a coin man Bob is in his own right...One of the very best out there, bar none. ;) Just ask the best out there and they'll tell'ya! :)
Message: Posted by: mike gallo (Sep 28, 2005 05:37PM)
5. I don’t particularly like the immediate reproduction of all the coins at once,

Dan, while I agree that re-producing the coins one at a time can be very "pretty" (Tim Conover is living proof of that), it is not a true transposition of the cork and coins! OK...so maybe I am a purest ;)!

Message: Posted by: Mago_Magrin (Sep 28, 2005 05:53PM)
Nice going on the DVD Dan....looks great
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 28, 2005 06:38PM)
Hey Mike, you are right about a pure transpo between the cork and coins if that is what you are after. I will say that do like the immediate production more than a long drawn out reproduction sequence such as miming plucking the coins out from the side of the cylinder one at a time, etc.

Just as a purely subjective asthetic call I like a rapid fire one at a time production. For me, the cork transposes with the first coin, then the others appear in rapid succession. (So it is a pure transpo with the first coin - the other coins just magically jump out in succession). One of the main reasons I like this in my routine is because I use an extremely visible change of the cork to the first coin. That one little bit gets a pretty strong reaction. By the time everyone starts thinking about the cork again, I am showing it back under the cylinder.

Anyway, this is one of the things I like about watching other people perform the routine... one routine, so many options...
Message: Posted by: mike gallo (Sep 29, 2005 12:29AM)
One routine, so many options...

Amen to that!

Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Oct 5, 2005 01:48PM)
For those who want to learn the Cylinder & Coins routine, I am currently selling "The Magic of John Ramsay" Volumes 1 and 2 in [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=133941&forum=77&3]THIS[/url] thread.

All the material on the videos are performed and taught by John Ramsay's only student, Andrew Galloway. If you want to learn the original Ramsay handling of the routine, here is an excellent place to start.

Message: Posted by: gadget19 (Oct 9, 2005 08:26AM)
What a great DVD! I loved the 4 coins one hand routine, I as a beginner really feel this is something all beginners interested in coin magic should check out,it's a great routine which you can learn in minimal time.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Oct 9, 2005 10:36AM)

Thank you for your compliments.

Since you are a beginner, I want to ask you something...

When I did the explanations for my routines I tried to explain them so that a beginner could learn the routines. I know not all the routines would be in the technical ability of a novice, but how well were you able to understand all the techniques needed for the routines?
Message: Posted by: gadget19 (Oct 13, 2005 06:06AM)
Pretty well, all the routines you take the time to explain them as easy as possible, I like how you go into the different phases of the routine to break them down. It may take me a little while to practice them, but they were pretty easy to understand. I've seen several coin magic DVD's and I did find yours to be the easiest to absorb the material...
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Oct 18, 2005 02:51PM)
For those around the Philadelphia area, I will be lecturing at Marc DeSouza's lecture theater north of Philadelphia, PA on November 29th.

Marc's theater is awsome, 30 tiered movie theater seats with cup holders, etc.

I plan on focusing on the material I put on the DVD: Walk around, no table coin magic and magic that integrates the hands of your spectators. Plus one of my favorite marketed effects that fits this criteria.

If time permits I will get into some of the fundamentals of coin magic for those interested...

Those interested can send me a PM and I can put you in contact with Marc.
Message: Posted by: coinmagic143 (Oct 19, 2005 04:19PM)

Any chance you would come down to the Baltimore area to Denny & Lee's? Cheers,

Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Oct 19, 2005 04:41PM)
Yeah Dan, what do you have against Baltimore, hmmm?
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Oct 19, 2005 05:41PM)
I was planning on it. I wanted to get this lecture under my belt before I started traveling.

I plan contacting Denny after this lecture is done.

Message: Posted by: coinmagic143 (Oct 19, 2005 06:40PM)
Awesome, we'll be looking forward to it
Message: Posted by: Review King (Nov 13, 2005 04:47PM)
The is DVD is one of the finest. Dan's magic, technique, teaching and infectious smile are a joy to watch and learn from. You see the magic performed just as it would be in a real situation. Once again Bob Kohler productions comes through with a winner!!

My favorite routine is still 4 coins, your hands, but there are others that will find their way into your repertoire.

Message: Posted by: bill7 (Nov 13, 2005 06:54PM)
IF you come to Baltimore they will come. So go to B more
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Dec 28, 2005 11:16AM)
I just got January's MAGIC Magazine with Kostya Kimlat on the cover.

Therein, Coin Man Walking was reviewed by Brad Henderson. It's always a little nerve wracking to open up a magazine and read for the first time what is going to be said about your work in a well circulated magazine review.

I think Brad's review was as fair and balanced a review of my DVD as could have been written. It was an overall positive review that pointed out what he liked, as well as a little bit of critique.

To my knowledge, this is the first review of the DVD I have read, for those interested, make sure to check it out in MAGIC.

And thanks Brad for the kind words.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Dec 28, 2005 11:44AM)
Not enough attention is paid to ensuring the hands look natural, in coin magic, I think.

Dan, you're coin from sleeve was very nice. Thanks for putting thought into making that look good. It did.

Is that something you've worked on in front of a mirror or what?
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Dec 28, 2005 12:54PM)
Frank, I was first aquainted with that particular production from Troy Hooser's "exTROYdinary" routine. Most of my coin magic I have done in front of a mirror or on a video camera at one point or another to see how it looks. That particular move is not really technically demanding, so no I did not put a lot of practice into that production specifically. I just do the move, and that's what it looks like.

I got permission to re-print the MAGIC Magazine review I mentioned 3 posts up. It can be viewed at http://www.coinvanish.com
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Jan 25, 2006 05:11PM)
Dan, what do you think of doing 4 coins your hands with silver dollar sized coins instead of half dollars? Do you choose half dollars for a reason?
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Jan 25, 2006 05:39PM)
I use half dollars primarily because in this routine, the coins are being held by spectators. Silver dollar coins can get to be cumbersome if you happen to choose a spectator with small hands.
Message: Posted by: CALENIG (Jan 27, 2006 06:53PM)
Just bought Mr Watkins dvd in the UK. This is a fantastic dvd, even my wife loved it. Thanks to Dan's web site and his essays I have finally got to grips with my classic palm and got it in the right place-"NO MORE STIFF Fingers".

Thanks again for a great investment. Hope we see you in the UK soon?

Best wishes.
Message: Posted by: bill7 (Feb 1, 2006 09:41AM)
Dan Watkins. When are you going to Baltimore?
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Feb 1, 2006 05:14PM)
I have not contacted Denny's yet because I have been really busy lately. I'll post here when it happens.
Message: Posted by: Amazing Kenno (Feb 1, 2006 07:53PM)
Please consider adding Tannen's in NYC to the DM-CMW 2006 lecture tour*

*Dan Watkins, Coin Man Walking, of course!!
Message: Posted by: Eric Jones (Feb 1, 2006 07:57PM)
While you're at it Dan, might as well head on down to Richmond Va too....you'll be well recieved in our neck of the woods....
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Feb 2, 2006 05:58PM)
Hell yeah!, richmond is not that far of a drive for me! I'd definatly be there. I'd love to meet Dan in person, he seems like a hell of a guy.

Wouldn't mind meeting you to Eric.