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Topic: Dean...Don't read this :-)
Message: Posted by: Jon Allen (Nov 16, 2002 04:27AM)
One thing that has only been touched upon this week is the generousity that Dean shows to fellow magicians. While many top magicians may shy away from up and coming youngsters, as well as the enthusiastic amateur, Dean is there to give advice and encouragement.

During one of our 'all too brief' encounters in San Diego this summer, I was with Dean having a session with a group of guys on rubber bands and coins late one night. It seems that Dean is knowledgeable about *everything* and was happy to sit, watch and pass on his advice to all who asked. Not just help on how to do the tricks but also presentational and psychological tips and nuances which, as we know, is more invaluable to the worker.

While Dean is a fantastic magician, he is also a remarkable person who has time for everyone. When you do get to spend time with Dean, you get to see just how good a magician he is with his input that goes right down to the finest details.

If you EVER have the chance to meet Dean, don't pass up the opportunity!

Dean, I wish you could expand your business and open up a shop in England so that we (okay, I) could have the benefit of your experience and knowledge a bit more readily!

Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (Nov 16, 2002 03:14PM)
Well that's a good point Jon. And if Dean finally makes the big leap across the ocean, why stop in the UK? Come to Holland as well!
Message: Posted by: Dean Dill (Nov 17, 2002 02:51AM)
Jon, that post went right to my heart. It is amazing to think that we as people really do make a difference in what we say and do. It is really amazing to hear what people really think. Sometimes we think we are invisible and that people will never notice the little things. They really do. Your note made me realize it more than ever. Thanks for sharing that my friend.

I also want you to know that your new effect
"Destination Box is wonderful" I am working on it and think it is probably the best card in box yet. I will know that for sure when I put a few miles on it. Thanks again for everything Jon.

Also I think that everyone should contact Jon Allen and find out further information about this new product.
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 17, 2002 05:02AM)
I remember that late night session in the little restaurant while in San Diego, it was one of the few places all of us were able to gather together. :)

I have to agree, Dean is a super great guy who always has time for others and is a genuine person inside and out. What you see [b]is[/b] what you get with Dean. Thanks Dean. :nod:
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Nov 17, 2002 10:23AM)
Right on, gang.

I would like to add that, like his magic, there is SO MUCH MORE to Dean than meets the eye... or the first impression. I have come to discover that the very deep level of care and compassion that Dean displays for his magic and those who pass by his booth, is the same very deep level of care and compassion he, and his family, show for everything in their lives. They are truly inspirational people.

They truly know what life's magic is.

Message: Posted by: Dean Dill (Nov 17, 2002 05:02PM)
Tom coming from you, this means something because I know that you tell it like it is. I know this because one time you reviewed my lecture. In San Francisco I think, you said that you were almost going to leave at halftime because nothing really hit you at that point. You said the second half was worth waiting for. To hear you express the truth about your feeling meant a lot to me at that time. It made me reconsider the way I approached my lectures. You actually helped me in the long run. Thanks for that. See, we do remember the facts don't we. Best to you always Tom, Dean
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Nov 17, 2002 06:53PM)

I can't believe you remember that review. I'm glad it was taken in the light intended and you were able to use that insight.

I am honored to hear this.

All the best to you as well, Dean.