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Topic: J ack Galloway/Jim Callahan Intelligent Redesign Review
Message: Posted by: Graymatter_Fireworks (Feb 22, 2006 08:06AM)
As I have eluded to, and promised in a pervious post some time ago, I wished to give a thorough review of the manuscript I purchased from our eccentric friend J ack Galloway.

Unfortunately, a recent and unexpected family event has kept me tied down from doing so sooner. Sadly, it now seems that J ack is now gone. Iím still confused about a few things as Iím sure many are.

For those who donít know, I purchased this package as a result of being involved with J ackís remote viewing demonstration in search of answers. Although, Iím still not sure about the answer alluded to by J ack when it comes to the RV demonstration that took place.

The Intelligent Redesign Package comes with three main components.

The first is the book The Simple Lo Shu Square, which is also marketed to the public.

The book is very nicely made and can even be used by your audiences if you like. The only issue with this approach is it has Jimís name and picture are included with the book in various ways. This doesnít have to be a hurdle depending on your presentation as for your audience it can simply appear that he is the author of the book which, of course, he is. The positive aspect of using the book during your performance is you donít have to put the meanings behind the numbers and the system to memory.

The book contains a small introduction that gives both the legend that the Lo Shu Square is supposed to derive from, and also some context to the use of numbers as it briefly touches on Pythagoras and his philosophies on numbers in a persons everyday life. It then goes on to highlight other numbers in people everyday lives in order to give them some more personal context. Of course, one of the most personal set of numbers that we all have is our birthday, and that is exactly primary outlet for the Simple Lo Shu square; It makes use of birthday date profiling through the guise of Chinese Numerology.

The majority of the book outlines the mechanics of the use of square, and also the meanings behind each number associated with the use of the square; The unique birthday of each person gives a new set of corresponding numbers that, based on the square, equate to a reading. The end result is quite trenchant.

The end of the book Jim documents his own Birthday and the use of the Lo Shu Square and curiously its results and how they contrast and compare with his own Briggs/Myer test readout. Curiously, these statements lead me to contrast and compare my own birth date read out with the square and my own readouts for a Briggs/Myer test. I think it is interesting to note that my personal readout also corresponded quite accurately with the square.

The second part included is Manual for Entertainers which obviously isnít distributed to the public. To read a exert, and get a feel for the manuscript please visit the following site: http://jimclass.com/Manuscript.htm

I do have to say that the information included is really impressive. Jim has gone out of his way to write out step by step the entire process he uses, and the logical reasoning behind his actions. His thoughts are very easy to understand and rather refreshing in their honesty. There is a lot of depth held in the writing, as he discusses many subjects related to the performance beyond the mechanics. I was particular impressed with his comments about spectator selection.

The third, and final, part also included are two sample pamphlets; One is fully filled out using Jimís own birth date as a guide for explanation purposes of the entire act; The other one is left blank for ones own use, allowing for application of personal information and as a master copy for a xerox.

I really enjoy this idea. The pamphlets make for a great resource to hand out for each person you perform this for. Virtually it is a small brochure that allows you create an interactive reading which also doubles as some nice advertising for yourself. When people tell their friends, they are essentially displaying your credentials and contact information at the same time. Just for clarification purposes, the brochures arenít necessary for the use of the square. A piece of paper and a pencil are all you need in order to use the square.

One of the key things I really enjoy about this entire package is that it is an entire act, and as such, it is very well devised. Included is a card revelation effect used in conjunction with the system. Now I am not a card guy, but I will say that this effect is quite good and is impressively magnified by the system. I have considered using it, and as I person who currently does nothing with cards, I think that should speak loudly about its frequency.

Curiously the system included virtually allows a person to give a very accurate reading without cold reading skills. It has been my experience that the system is vastly more accurate with people than your traditional shotgun stock line approaches that can often be found in other cold reading techniques and systems. Of course, you can certainly add in traditional cold reading techniques to amplify the reading you will get based off the use of the system. The strange thing is that the system has proved so effective for me that I havenít really needed to apply my other cold reading knowledge. Its rather a scary precedent as my cold reading skills are so unnecessary that they might prove to atrophy some.

I would say that this system is quite unique for many reasons. Certainly the act that it is included in should be well noted, but I tend to really find the structure of the system the most provocative.
Virtually it is a system without a system. It is not draped in the traditional mystical trappings. Itís very black and white and can be easily adapted even beyond the Chinese numerology presentation; One could even dress up the presentation within the standard reading systems if desired. The reading can be made as interactive as you like. Your spectator need not simply sit idle by while you reveal things about them. You can make the reading very hands on plus making it has some aesthetically pleasing qualities at the same time.

I live in an area where there are some real...lets call them ďfundamentalĒ people. As such, other systems wouldn't fly very well and would most likely cause me more headaches than necessary. This system in particular is great, as it doesn't malign any beliefs to get an impact.

Overall I think this is a really top notch product, and I honestly feel my money was well spent. Something I can not always genuinely say for the vast majority of the material I purchase.

Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Feb 22, 2006 08:16AM)
Congradulations on your purchase.

Nice to see someone in "magic" selling things actually worth the money.

Congrats Jim!
Message: Posted by: DoctorCognos (Feb 22, 2006 08:25AM)
While I did not purchase the "package", I did pick up the book, The Simple Lo Shu Square, and found it very useful and quite accurate as a tool.

I can only imagine that with the additional information provided, it would be even more useful.

The Doctor
Message: Posted by: Lady-J (Feb 22, 2006 08:36AM)
I have read a lot on the subject of Chinese Numerology and am wondering how this differs from previous works? Is this a magic trick a new divinatory system? How does it compare to say books from Lewellyn and/or Webster?
Message: Posted by: felix2 (Feb 22, 2006 09:24AM)
I also would love to know how it would compare to Blair Robertson's Numerology reading system that he released some time ago.If memory serves,I think the DVD was titled HOW TO GIVE AMAZING PSYCHIC READINGS
Jack's system does sound intriguing though.
Message: Posted by: DoctorCognos (Feb 22, 2006 10:07AM)
The book is less than $13 and I don't recall how much shipping is/was, but it was not much.

And the Intelligent Redesign manuscript is only $59 and includes a complete act as well as a great deal of excellent information.

If you are looking for comparisons, then go compare. If you are ready to perform and want something quite different to do, take a chance and buy the manuscript for $59.

Or if you already know the others like Blair Robertson,s then just get the book for less than $13, and see if you think they are similar.

Or ask Jim. ;)

The Doctor
Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Feb 24, 2006 09:32AM)

Thank you for taking the time and effort to offer a review of my work.

You have brought up that you still do not get the connection between the
Intelligent Redesign Package and the RV demo you took part in.

Possibly this will make it a bit clearer for you.

You see many reading systems are reactive in nature.
I find that is why many magicians and or mentalists are a bit wary of using them.

You know that in this presentation the presenter is in a proactive position.
They are in control and know exactly what the outcome will be.

In addition this is one system/presentation that insures the presenter is always correct.

Thanks again,

Message: Posted by: Jon Hackett (Feb 24, 2006 10:58AM)
I just read the whole thread, and then went to Mr Callahans website.

Im interested if the whole presentation can be based on psychological methods, and be explained thus to the audience with also using more advancements on cold reading?

Moreover, I'm intereted if thi system can be altered at all to turn into a Q & A routine with the aforementioned type theme. Because the obvious problem with presenting an act with a psychological theme is a Q & A routine is absolutely ridiculous, yes I read body language and the sorts but I'm also psychic, I don't think so!

I guess basicaly I'm asking if the system can be legitamately used by a mentalist who openly confesses not to be psychic when performing.

Jon Hackett
Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Feb 24, 2006 12:28PM)

The work as I present it is based upon psychological profiling.
Chinese numerology was the jump off point for the presentation.

Mick Ayres who edited the work for me works for Disney, and does over 1,000 shows a year for them and has owned two magic shops.

When I presented this for him he thought I was really doing it.
As he said he was more than willing to take the ride because it appears to be real.

I have for years been using the Briggs Myers Temperament Type sorter for the subtext in many of my presentations. I also play around with linguistics and use it from time to time in presentations also. But not as a way to read people. I use it to illustrate how people communicate their ideas differently.

I would say yes you could do a Q&A type presentation with this as the preamble.
The presentation is designed to incrementally move a person into a belief position.

The entire idea of reading body language never worked for me.
So I worked along the same lines that guys that can tell you about yourself do.

As noted this is something I use for corporate work. Almost all the people I meet have had to take a personality type test and often I meet the guys who administer the tests for their company or at least get the results and must use them to their own ends.

They all end up commenting on how amazing and accurate this is considering it is just based upon ones birth date.

Many times they end up grabbing someone to bring over so they can see it again.

I hope this helps you some and possibly gives you some ideas on how to proceed in your quest.

Best Wishes

Message: Posted by: Jon Hackett (Feb 24, 2006 01:05PM)
That's a brilliant answer thanks allot.

Looks like you'll have another customer soon.

But now I'm out for a performance.

Jon Hackett
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Feb 24, 2006 01:11PM)
Since it's been alluded to by Jim and several others, it's worth mentioning for those interested that the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator was developed by a mother and daughter team based on C. G. Jung's personality typology and is used throughout the world as an invaluable psychological assessment tool.
Message: Posted by: teejay (Feb 25, 2006 04:31AM)
I take it from the posts so far that this is a character reading and not a future reading effect ?
Message: Posted by: teejay (Feb 25, 2006 04:33AM)
I take it from the posts so far that this is a character reading and not a future reading effect ?
Message: Posted by: Daegs (Feb 25, 2006 05:38AM)
Just 2 quick questions:

1: What is the low end time on this? Can a single reading be done for a small group in under 3 or so minutes if need be? I know this can play varying times, but a rough estimate from low end to high end would be appriciated.

2: Do you need the pamplet/book to complete the reading, or can it be memorized and then the square hand drawn on a paper(I'm thinking impromptue here which may not be the best, but it often presented and it seems as though a solid reading routine can be gold if it IS impromptue). How much memorization would need to be done for this?(ie 16 items, 60 items, 150 items)

Thanks for the answers... say what you will about Jim, but you certainly have to agree that he is darn good at what it is that he does.

Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Feb 25, 2006 09:38AM)

Answer #1

I would say you could do it in three minutes. (One reading and thought target reveal) At that point you could move on to another group if that is your desire.

If you decided to do two or three readings for a group of four to ten people you could probably get through it in five minutes with three readings and thought target revelations being completed.
(But I point out that would really be moving a bit quickly. But I have done so and I see no reason others could not)

If your considering doing this in a table hopping environment I would recommend two readings per table and working both readings at the same time.

After the group understands the process they require less explanation to accompany subsequent readings.

Explained in the manuscript is how to do several readings at one time or set for several readings in the same group.

Answer #2

You do not need to use the brochure to do the reading. I know a few users that draw it on their business card or a piece of paper.

One of the benefits of using the brochure is that it can serve as a memory aid. But as I said it is not necessary.

You have meanings for numbers one through nine.
Then variances for each addition digit in the reading.

I would say about 35 but they are interconnected.

It took me a night to get it in my head.
(The original numerology system)
But it will take a few days to become conversant with the system. And you do that just by practicing on friends or picking random dates and practicing.

It is one of those things that is literally an act you could do at a social gathering using just your head and a piece of paper.

Since you asked about memorization also included is what I call the
Un-Memorized Deck AKA The Doctor Seuss stack.

Magicians seem to like it and I personally use it pretty often.
(Very easy/fast to set)
It takes about thirty seconds to learn and is quite useful especially if you have always wanted to use a memorized deck but did not want to bust your brain learning it.

Best Wishes

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 22, 2006 08:18AM)
I was given this incredible manuscript as a gift from a good friend to curb my boredom while I am stuck in bed. I have nothing but good things to say about this package. Jim has really thought things out with this one.

I performed a reading on myself while reading "simple lo-shu" Good lord! Frightening stuff. Incredibly accurate! There are no "stock" answers here, just a simple, very much personalized reading for an indivdual.

Great thinking, check this one out guys -- if you don't you're missing a real gem.
Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Nov 24, 2006 06:35AM)

Your friend has good taste in gifts.
(My opinion of course)

Hopefully by the time you are out and about you will have a new skill use.

Best Wishes,

Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Nov 24, 2006 08:09AM)
Yes they do!

Jim, did you get my PM's?
Message: Posted by: John C (Nov 25, 2006 10:47PM)
Sounds very interesting.

Is this system something that will work with middle and high school students?

Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Nov 26, 2006 09:13AM)

It works very well with high school students.
With middle school students you probably do not want to go below eighth grade unless it is a mixed age event.

Because it is not a mystical or a belief based type of presentation you don't have to worry it being controversial.

Friday night I did a home show for about twenty people.
The age range was from 3 to 83
This is the first time in maybe 12 years that I did this type of event and I was honestly surprised to be contacted to do it.
I did a 1/2 hour standup or formal presentation then did a 1/2 hour using this system and one card trick.

It went extremely well and not only were the teenage kids amazed/totally engaged so were their parents and grandparents.

I charged my minimum of $500. and the next day I received an order for nine books ($116.00) from one of the adults at the show.

So it does play well across a wide audience demographic.

Please note: I honestly have no idea what others charge for Home parties of this type.
If I undercharged please let me know so that I might not make the mistake again.

This also allows the mentalist or magician to stop strolling and to stay in one place as a Caricaturist or Card Reader would at a corporate event.
(Personally I hate strolling)
You can stay in one place a cycle people through in groups.

I think most of the guys using this have found it is a much easier way to work an event because the people search you out.
It places the performer in a more powerful position in my opinion.

Hope this helps,

Message: Posted by: John C (Nov 26, 2006 09:36AM)
Good. I like the idea of not strolling and having groups visit my area. Matter of fact I emailed you on that so when you receive it don't bother to reply. I've got my answer right here.

So, we, as purchasers of the product are we allowed to create and sell the book as well? Can it be personalized?


Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Dec 20, 2007 08:40PM)
Sure if it is only at shows and not on TV, Radio, or common outlets.

In fact it was not something I gave any thought to when I put the thing together.

Sorry for the delay in response.

Message: Posted by: The CiscoKid (Dec 20, 2007 09:11PM)
Hi Jim,

I just purchased both the book and the manuscript. I also sent you an email with the correct address. The address on Paypal is my office and I will be on vacation.

Thanks for all your work,

The CiscoKid
Message: Posted by: JohnWells (Dec 21, 2007 10:21PM)

I live in an area where there are some real...lets call them ďfundamentalĒ people. As such, other systems wouldn't fly very well and would most likely cause me more headaches than necessary. This system in particular is great, as it doesn't malign any beliefs to get an impact.


I live under similar circumstances and Jim's system has been a main stay of my repertoire. It's a fabulous product.
Message: Posted by: The CiscoKid (Dec 25, 2007 08:11PM)

I paid for your Intelligent Redesign notes but I just received a note from PayPal that my payment to you has gone unclaimed.

Please let me know how to proceed.


The CiscoKid
Message: Posted by: The CiscoKid (Jan 1, 2008 10:31AM)
Well all rightie then,

Jim I guess you don't want my business, but that's cool.

I have tried to PM and email you but the PayPal transactions are still unclaimed, so I will cancel and invest my cash else where.

The CiscoKid
Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Jan 1, 2008 10:45AM)
I thought everyone was contacted via email.

I have to change the links this week.
It was a bit of a glitch in the PAYPAL system.


Message: Posted by: ALEXANDRE (Jan 1, 2008 10:47AM)
A friend was asking me about that, Jim, let us know when the links have been changed.
Message: Posted by: The CiscoKid (Jan 1, 2008 10:56AM)

Please let me know when all has been corrected. I still want it, although it would have been nice to have known about the bad links in this thread when I first brought it up

Looking forward to your notes and book.


The CiscoKid
Message: Posted by: ALEXANDRE (Jan 1, 2008 06:39PM)

As a past student and current practitioner of Intelligent Redesign's Chinese Numerology Simple Lo Shu Square, I can tell you it's a worthwhile system/demonstration with many benefits.

You won't be sorry if you put it to use.
Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Jan 6, 2008 10:39AM)
The links are fixed.

Also if you ordered this and have not yet received it that is becouse of a glitch in the PayPal system.

You will need to cancel your payment and use one of the new links.


Message: Posted by: John C (Jan 24, 2016 05:42PM)
I wish Jim or J ack was still around.
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Jan 24, 2016 06:21PM)
[quote]On Jan 24, 2016, John C wrote:
I wish Jim or J ack was still around. [/quote]

I agree and I also miss those darn flying monkeys.

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Jan 25, 2016 02:04PM)
I saw him at ECSS. Still cutting edge and fun stuff.
Message: Posted by: Waters. (Feb 6, 2016 07:33PM)
[quote]On Jan 24, 2016, John C wrote:
I wish Jim or J ack was still around. [/quote]

Me too.
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Feb 7, 2016 03:59PM)
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Feb 7, 2016 04:33PM)
[quote]On Feb 7, 2016, Tom Jorgenson wrote:
..................crickets................. [/quote]

Buddy Holly
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Feb 7, 2016 11:55PM)
Honestly, those who want to communicate with him still can quite easily. The material he is putting out is still well beyond the regular patter.
Message: Posted by: John C (Feb 8, 2016 08:16PM)
[quote]On Feb 8, 2016, Slim King wrote:
Honestly, those who want to communicate with him still can quite easily. The material he is putting out is still well beyond the regular patter. [/quote]

He's still putting stuff out? I check his site every so often, it doesn't look like there's access to any old products or new ones.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Feb 9, 2016 12:25AM)
As always... Well not always, but usually, he releases stuff on the sly to a select body of performers or friends. I think he does it just for the intellectual rights really ... just like now. Someone is charging everyone for something Jim has been performing for a DECADE ... On TV too!!!!! I notified them, however they persist in taking credit for something that has been around for years and years.... Upsetting!