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Topic: Card Trick On TV?
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Nov 20, 2009 08:44PM)
If you were booked on Jay, Dave, Jimmy, or Connan's TV show tommorow what tricks would you do for the stand up part and what trick would you do when you sit down with host?

Magic Mike of Gainesville
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Nov 20, 2009 09:12PM)
Hey, Mike. Long time no see! ;)

Hmm. Off the top of my head I would say for stand Up Fresh Mint, Rehab and/or Red Hot Prediction.

Close up I might do a trick of mine that isn't yet published. It involves a bill and a selected card.

Tough call, though!
Message: Posted by: michael weiss (Nov 20, 2009 09:28PM)
Hey Cameron,I'm new here at the Café...but let me ask you, everyone has a style of magic that is honed as you get older and you soon realize your true calling per say. So who or what events in your life led you to where you stand in the magic community and the process to make yourself stand-out amongst millions of other magicians? :)
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Nov 20, 2009 09:43PM)

I don't know.

As a performer of magic, I am not a "name". My name is only known within the community because I've released products that some have enjoyed. They tend to be commercial and appeal to certain people.

As far as "millions" of magicians.... I suppose thee are. But this is a very small community. I know a lot of magicians think there are loads of us out there, but relatively speaking, there aren't. When I stopped doing magic for a few years, I never, ever ran into another magician or even someone who was into magic. We're not as ubiquitous as we think we are. This is why I don't panic too much when it comes to Internet exposure. I'm absolutely against it, but at the same time I don't think it's the end of magic as we know it. Most lay people don't care enough to look up tricks on the Internet. And even when they do find out the secret, most eventually forget about it because it's information that ultimately means nothing to them.

Sorry to go off on a tangent, there. Anyway, I don't know how I wound up here. Luck, I suppose.
Message: Posted by: michael weiss (Nov 20, 2009 09:55PM)
Well I agree with you, I suppose I should have worded it right, it wasn't meant as being rude.....and you know I don't really meet a lot of other magicians now that I think of it. Im just still figuring out and learning new material, and working on routines. As I agree that luck has some point to a degree...lol...but I am also inspiring creator, and I am always soaking up little tidbits of information to help better my effects or variations, and insight in how something comes to final product...for instance rehab your version of the tnr? (Thanks a lot btw) :)
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Nov 20, 2009 10:25PM)
I didn't think you were being rude. It was a good question. Just wish I had a better answer.

As far as how Rehab, my piece by piece T&R, came about, it was created out of necessity. I love Daniel Garcia's Torn but whenever I did it, I got busted. I don't have the dexterity and skill that Daniel possesses. I wanted a piece by piece T&R that was easy and could be done in a restaurant or strolling situation with really good angles. So I came up with Rehab. It looks a little like Torn aesthetically but is very different in the set up and workings. It's also very angle friendly.

Usually an idea for an effect will just pop into my head and then I'll try to work out a solution for it. If I cannot come up with something that is "real world", I'll just keep working on it until I do. Sometimes I'll just put an idea away and come back to it a couple of years later.

Even when something seems to be finished, it never really is. I always go back and tweak and improve on stuff even after it's been released. For example, several effects on my Omega Mutation dvd set have been streamlined and changed. So I wrote up a supplement which I email to people who purchase the set from me. Although I will give it to anyone who has it, whether it was purchased from me or not. If any of you own Omega and want the supplement of additional ideas, shoot me a pm and I'll email it to you.
Message: Posted by: shane.black (Nov 22, 2009 01:29AM)
It's funny I performed Torn to you guys and you didn't believe I could do it but then I saw Rehab and wow great take and much safer. You might love my next project its an all exposed T&R plot showing front and back with plenty of audience participation but I would perform Rehab if I needed it impromtu hands down. Loved it!
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Nov 22, 2009 09:52AM)
Shane I'm sure your T&R rocks. Your stuff is very clever and "outside of the box"!

BTW, I forgot to mention one of the most obviously choices for a television performance: Sudden Impact. Ideal for TV!

BTW, it looks like Sudden Impact has just hit all the major online shops. No trailer, though. Go to full52.com to see two full performance demos.
Message: Posted by: TimEden (Nov 22, 2009 06:33PM)
Any reviews anywhere yet?
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Nov 22, 2009 08:56PM)
Oddly, no. I'm not sure why as this product might wind up being my most popular ever. I don't want to over sell it but it's got a lot going for it. It's very visual, easy to do and examinable.