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Topic: Hey
Message: Posted by: TM (Jun 24, 2011 03:40PM)
Welcome to the Café, Luis, Well Just had a Question, Of Many Effects that I have seen , the audience of each Country perceives it in a Different Way,Like in My Country People Instead of being much Surprised to the Effect they, try to Figure it out, They Ask for Deck after the trick, they make sure nothing is Fishy, However in some other Countries they React,They applaud and Like to go with the Flow along the magician, Any Thoughts On How to make the moment more magical for the 1st Kind Of Audiences, Thanks A Lot, great to have you here!!
Message: Posted by: Luis de Matos (Jun 25, 2011 09:14AM)
My quick answer to your question would be…

Start by doing effects where they can have the deck after the trick. Once they’ve experienced that plenty of times they will just loose interest in examining the deck and then you can use the tricked ones.

My slightly deeper analysis in trying to understand the phenomenon would be something like this…

Picture yourself seeing a guy playing a piano for the first time and imagine you had never seen a piano. Your attention would probably go for the instrument and not for the performance or the beauty of the melody. After “understanding” a piano your attention will be on everything else.

If people show me two compositions, one from Metallica and one from The Kiss, I’ll not be able to distinguish them (I apologise to their respective fans). Why? Because I know nothing about heavy metal. If somehow I was exposed often to both of those groups and to corresponding copycats, I’m sure I would distinguish every note sequence in a given song.

Some audiences have not been enough exposed to magic to focus their attention on the performer. They are more puzzled than amazed. It is an intellectual challenge not an entertainment.

Conclusion: The more magicians people see (even bad magic!) the more criteria the audience will have to make their judgments, appreciate the performance and even just sit back and enjoy it. They might even know the method but they’ll enjoy and admire your performance. We need to be the first ones to believe that a magic trick is not a puzzle where figuring out the secret is the only joy.