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Topic: College
Message: Posted by: MattMagician (Dec 18, 2011 12:13PM)
This may not be the right forum (moderators feel free to move it). I am packing up for college this semester, and I am getting ready to take my magic along with me. I cannot (feasibly) leave a lot of things at home, as my room is becoming an office when I leave. I have a lot of magic, however, that I do not care to take with me.

I have streamlined my shows after the last couple of years, and I have many drawers of old (but great!) tricks. I do not want to throw it all away and I live in Durango, Colorado, so there's no real market to sell it... I'm at a loss. What should I do with all of my extra stuff? Also, any suggestions on items I don't use now but if I have them I should hold on to them anyways?
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Dec 18, 2011 01:47PM)
The first thing that comes to mind is to sell them on the Café or the big auction site.
Message: Posted by: AGMagic (Dec 18, 2011 07:12PM)
Whether to dump it or keep it really depends on you and your philosophy of life. There are hoarders (collectors) like me and those who like to travel light. I will say that if you decide to keep your magic, pack it up carefully, with all of the pieces for any given effect packaged together, and have a copy of the instructions packed with it. You can keep the original instructions separately, but make sure there is some reference with the effect as to what the effect is called and where the instructions are. I know you think you will always remember what each piece does, but believe me you will forget. I have magic items from 50 years ago that I know exactly what they do and even remember the routine I used...others, I haven't a clue! The value in vintage effects is condition and having the instructions.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 19, 2011 05:27AM)
Some things will sell quickly if you send out an email to members of your local magic club. Just list what you're selling. You'll probably have to sell cheap, and give maybe 10% to the club for using their email list, but it could reduce the clutter. It's better than shelling out money every month for storage space.

With the things you do keep, you could put it in a footlocker and put it under the bed. I kept things in a small set of drawers, when I was in college. If you develop set shows, you can put some things in the cases that you bring to a performance. Since space is at a premium, catalog cases may be the way to go.
Message: Posted by: motown (Dec 21, 2011 03:15PM)
If really don't want it any more, sell it on the Café and price it to go.
Message: Posted by: Leland (Dec 21, 2011 03:57PM)
1) Catalog it
2) Post it

It will sell and you'll have some college funds!
Message: Posted by: HighClass (Jan 7, 2012 07:34AM)
If your not wanting to sell it, Pack it in some air tight containers and put it in the attic.
Message: Posted by: braabesflaben (Jan 7, 2012 09:18AM)
If you have a car, you can also use the trunk for storageroom.
but it would probably be better to sell or put it in the attic
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Jan 8, 2012 12:07AM)
Be careful of the humidity and temperature of where you're storing equipment. I've heard horror stories of warped, dry-rotted or otherwise damaged equipment - keep between 40 to 60 percent relative humidity. I use a hydrometer to measure this. Store chemicals at room temperature.
Message: Posted by: John Mazza (Jan 23, 2012 10:38PM)
Be careful of storing items in the attic. If you have plastic items they can slightly melt and stick together. It is common for toys stored in the attic to have what are called "melt marks."