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Topic: Alkazar - Secrets of Magic for a Young Magician...
Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Apr 11, 2015 02:46PM)
Paul's question:

This is the BEST book on the presentation of magic ever written - anyone know it?

The original edition was a hardbound book published by, I think, Four Winds Press, in 1980. I should amend my original statement. This is the best BEGINNERS' book on presentation ever written. It sets you on the path and prepares you for other material. It will also help you to separate the wheat from the chaff as you continue to develop magically.

Other reccommendation?

Anything in the Ron Bauer Private Studies. You should really own ALL of them. They are like a course in theatre - direction, construction, plotting, character development, endings, etc.

Of the classics, "Our Magic" may be the most interesting read, but think carefully about some of the advice - it appears more than a little self-serving if you consider other factors...

More later, Best, PSC