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Topic: Scoundrels "Golden Shells Routine"
Message: Posted by: Neil (Sep 6, 2017 11:01AM)
As part of the downloads from the SFS there is a pdf called "The Golden Shells - An Exhibition Routine for the shell game" by Whit and Chef.

Is this the same as Kohler's Golden Shells?

Is there a video of a performance of this? (the SFS routine)
Message: Posted by: Zauberman (Sep 6, 2017 03:18PM)
Chef Anton with 'Golden Shells'

Bob Kohler's routine, I believe, is very much based on Gary Oulette's Supershells manuscript. However it is a very excellent routine & DVD to learn the shells and I highly recommend it. The only thing that puzzles me is the bit that you can not perform it on television without permission....since it is so similar to Oulette's.

I have a set of the Golden Shells and loved them when they first came out. I use to perform often in the evening under a streetlight and they really Glistened/shone on my table. However my hands would get sweaty and picking up and displaying the shells was sometimes tricky.....compared to lighter, grippier, plastic molded ones.
Message: Posted by: Neil (Sep 6, 2017 05:26PM)
Thanks but that's not the routine on the PDF - some parts are similar but not the same patter or sequence. That's the routine he teacher on the Scoundrels Touch vid.

Its no big deal, just seems odd to have a pdf of a routine with the vid but the routine not be on it.