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Topic: Idea for Gospel application with Strat-O-Spheres or Mis-Made Skeleton
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Sep 11, 2017 12:16PM)
Hi All: I mentioned before how much I enjoyed reading through "Show Them Jesus" (Teaching the Gospel to Kids) by Jack Klumpenhower published by New Growth Press (available from www.CBD.com )

On pages 72-75, author Klumpenhower shares a "Spiritual King-Of-The-Hill" illustration for kids using a "Bad things I still love to do" cut out heart, a "Good things I know I should do" cut out profile head and a "Love for Jesus" cut out heart. Just a terrific lesson, I am not going to try to outline his excellent lesson here (you'll have to buy this very reasonably priced paperback book to get it).

Anyway, It occurred to me that lesson by the author above could also be used with two standard magic tricks.

A Gospel magician could simply write using a dry marker (erasable) on the red balls in Strat-O-Spheres the bigger "Love For Jesus" heart where it ends on the "top of the hill" at the end of the routine. The green ball would have written on it a smaller "Good things I know I should do" heart on it, and the yellow ball "Bad things I still love to do" head profile on it (again, see the book for what I am describing here).

Or, using a the "Santa In The Chimney" trick (www.silkmagic.com) or "Skeleton in the Closet" mis-made block effect, the outside wood tower could be recovered to look like a steep hill, and the three movable blocks inside modified with the three phrases above written on them with the bigger "Love for Jesus" heart being the uppermost block/head at the top of the hill at the finale of the routine.

The bigger red "heart" ball or block would vanish at the end of the routine as that is what we often do- but both I John 2:15 and Matthew 6:24 tell us that we can't love sin and love God at the same time. Can't just hide/vanish one and then sin away. Again, see the non-magic illustration of author Jack Klumpenhower where he completely details what Bible truths he wants the kids to understand with this illustration.

This is another way/theme/illustration to use Strat-O-Spheres other than the well known "priorities" Gospel routine many of us have used with this great kids' trick before.
Message: Posted by: jamiedoyle (Sep 11, 2017 03:33PM)
I have been searching for a new routine to use with Strat-o-spheres. I appreciate your contributions here on the Café... I copy and paste them into a pages document and file them away so I can consider them when I plan out my own children's ministry services. THANKS!
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Sep 11, 2017 06:33PM)
Thanks for the kind words Jamie!

It really helps me to be scheduled to do different presentations at my home church every Sunday morning (in Lighthouse Kids!). Nothing forces creative thinking like doing Gospel magic or vent week after week before the same group of 1st through 4th graders.

It is wonderful also to be part of a creative group of Sunday School teachers- we try hard to make each Sunday morning for the group of kids to be interesting and fun yet Biblical and personally practical for the kids.

Growing churches like ours have an emphasis on the importance of having a vital children's ministry- and that is where Gospel vents and "magicians" like myself are most welcome to be an ongoing creative part of it.

No, my wife and I are not "paid" for what we do- and it takes alotta of preparation work each week for sure. But Yes, being involved in ongoing children's ministry is truthfully the most rewarding activity we are both blessed to be given the opportunity to do.

So I would encourage more folk (just like Jamie) to check out the children's ministry in your own local churches- you will find a great need normally for dedicated volunteers with a desire to take the time needed to do a great job.

As author Klumpenhower says first off on pages 2-3 of his book: "There are many good books designed to make your teaching easier, but this is not one of them... So we need to encourage each other to live up to our calling..., your effort will be doing the kids you teach a profound service."

Our goal as FCMers is to help our audience whether it be made up of kids or adults or both to be "captured by the gospel of Jesus." :)

This Sunday I will be doing a vent routine on "Jesus Walking on the Water" I modified from the script book "Short Bible Routines" purchased from www.creativemin.com My vent figure "Chester" will be asking if Jesus had light up tennis shoes (like Chester now wears) to give Jesus his "super powers".

I may also have Chester ask me if he can take a sip/drink out of my Starbucks coffee: I will say "yes" using the "Automatic Milk Glass by Aprendemagia" (available at Penguin Magic and other dealers). I put the sticker toward the top of the authentic looking glass to help hide the gimic in the back of the glass. This clever trick allows your vent figure to "drink" from a normal looking frappuccino glass showing the fluid level to go down while the straw is in the vent figure's mouth. Pretty funny! :)

I really want to attend the "Creative Ministry Solutions" Festival near Detroit in November if I can. And I will for sure be attending the Michigan Creative Arts Conference next February- I always learn something at that conference- I had a great time last year even though I could only be there for one day of it. I think I bought one of everything that Sheldon Rhodes had for sale- great stuff- and I also purchased a neato inexpensive used vent figure from Tricky Ricky Henson. :)
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Sep 11, 2017 07:17PM)
As I also mentioned before, many Gospel tricks (as they are being done in a Sunday School setting) can be combined with showing a related "Speed Sketch" DVD segment (available from Wesleyan Publishing House or www.CBD.com ) and/or combining with a "religious" craft from Oriental Trading. Such is case with the "Jesus Walks On the Water" theme where both the story is on "Speed Sketch" and www.orientaltrading.com has a cute inexpensive floating craft with this exact Bible passage on it (Matthew 14:22-33) for the kids to later put together (product number IN-13733438 at Oriental Trading).