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Looking for a review of the tape.
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saint-martin (French West Indies)
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Hi Jess
Here are a few facts and opinions regarding "Real Mind Reading" by Docc Hilford.

1. Facts:
3 effects of telepathy are performed and explained; they are designed to be presented as a series of demonstration, even though each one (but the first one, which is not sure-fire) can stand by itself.
The effects are: telepathy reading of a thought-of card (no deck in play); book test; design duplication.
The whole presentation is meant to be a close-up presentation only.

2. Opinions
First of all, because I like Docc Hilford's material as a rule, I may be a bit biased (at least, I'm telling you that beforehand...).
The filming of the tape is OK, but not high-quality.
As always with Docc, the explanation is very clear and precise. In this case, most of the "dirty work" is psychological (there are very few moves in the usual sense) and quite well explained.
The ideas expressed in the tape also have various applications in other mentalism performances, and are worth knowing (like the double-meaning of the demonstration, where the assistant sees one effect, and the rest of the audience sees another one).
Now, I have no idea of your expertise in the field, but I think that this tape is more useful to the experienced performer than to the beginner. The strength of the effects relies a lot on the "verbal deception" of the audience, a technique requiring a lot of practice in order to achieve satisfying results...
All in all, I'd say that it's a good tape for someone who wants to hone his skills.
Hope this helps.
All the best.
"All magic is mental"
Tony Shiels.
Mikael Eriksson
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None of your business
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Quick review:

I was disappointed. The description of the tape makes it sound as if it is something exceptional, but it isn't.

Alan Jackson
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Any other thoughts on this video? Running time?
There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary numbers, and those who don't.
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It's fairly short, as there are only three effects on the tape. If you already own Pure Effect, Flashback or Wonder Words, you'll find that this tape incorporates ideas that are present in those other works (although I think this tape pre-dates some of these other works.)

The first effect is a verbal force of a card, similar to the kinds that Derren Brown details in Pure Effect (although Docc forces a card not mentioned in Pure Effect.)

The book test is a homemade Flashback with a pocket dictionary. If you already own Flashback (or have seen Gene Urban's book test on the Desert Brainstorm video), then this will not be new for you, although watching Docc perform it might be helpful in terms of learning how to do the peek.

The final effect (design duplication) uses a principle taught in the first volume of Wonder Words -- and I believe it's the principle behind Derren Brown's Reminiscence, but I don't own the first printing of Pure Effect, so I don't know for sure -- and, as stated earlier, is only suitable for situations where there is more than one person watching the effect.

The effects are all good, but something that most people familiar with mentalism will have seen before. I think the tape is a bit overpriced -- but then again, I think most things are Smile -- so you might be better served by putting your money towards Wonder Words, Flashback, Pure Effect, etc, where you may get more for your money.

I agree that the effects on this tape are not suitable for most beginners as they require a fairly advanced understanding of how to "handle" an audience so that the psychology behind the effects is effective without being transparent.
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I was given the tape as a gift and did enjoy it. However, I am not sure I would have thought it worth the price if I had to pay for it myself. The effects are good (although I have never been able to get his card force to work!) but they are nothing new.
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Real Mind Reading would have been a bargain if I had paid $300 for it. It is without a doubt the strongest thing I do. It is in fact SO strong that I only do it on "special" occasions. It is too strong for magic presentations. It is only for when you want to bring out the real ju-ju.

It will not work all the time, but when it does people are 100 % convinced that you have read their mind. Really. Even skeptics.

It is not for the beginner, or for the dabbler. Most people will get this tape, think its a cute idea and put it away. When you begin working with this trick you are crossing a line into some heavy stuff.
Harvey Nerzof
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HN Review 14: Real Mind Reading video – Docc Hilford

The mindreading demonstrations that Docc teaches you on this new video are so real that you'll be believing them yourself. This is an incredible suite of three effects, designed to be presented in an intimate close-up environment, such as a living room or after a good meal. This is Real Mind Reading.
With no phony psychobabble or mentalistic posing, Docc reads a person's mind not once but three times. He ascertains a playing card that is merely thought of (no deck used, not the AS). He receives a word projected from the person's mind. Last, he psychically duplicates a picture drawn by the person. Yes, there are other methods for these effects, but not that can be used close-up, surrounded, and in close succession with the same person.
This is not just a set of effects. This is a carefully orchestrated suite of killer demonstrations that will make the reputations of those who use them. Want to impress a client or prospect? Want to seal that new trade show deal? Want to never be at a loss again when someone wants a demonstration of what you can do? This tape is the answer.
It's astounding that material of this caliber can be made available so inexpensively, but it is. This is a limited edition tape, but you can have your own copy of Real Mind Reading for just $55.00.


Great and expensive video from the late Brian Flora, one of the best I own. The comments above are already exhaustive, anyway: the tape includes a verbal card effect (also described in Knepper’s Killer Konceptions) – the introductory patter is definitely worth your consideration and can be applied to many of your psychological forces: I suggest you transcribe it and pay close attention to every single gesture and pause, because there is much more than what is actually explained.

The second effect is a Flashback-type booktest, while the last one (a “dual” design duplication) should definitely not be used as a closer...

Overall rating: Excellent

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I am looking for a tape with the mike finney 1234 trick that docc Hilford performs someone told me to buy brian flora tape????
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I bought this as a vhs tape back in 1993 from Brian Flora.. It was around $50, plus shipping. I had heard legendary stories about Docc Hilford, but that's all.

The "ad" sounded like it taught techniques to perform real mind reading. Yes, I'm gullible when it comes to magic ads.

It blew my mind. I transcribed word for word scripts for each effect, memorized them and perfumed them in the exact order Docc did. The opening effect, "ascertaining a playing card that is merely thought of" I still use. It is perfect, easy to do and it doesn't matter if it works 100% of the time. Because unlike "magic tricks", it doesn't have to work, so there's no pressure, so it works most every time.

This tape put me on an amazing road.
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