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You can bend light things, maybe straws, water, plants, paper. I don't know yet, but anything with a neutral charge. Smile

Good news about shipping! Daz
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Thank you daz222, the more I can do the better I feel about waiting, I hope its really fast shipping, I wonder if we still get loops?
the levitator
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I haven't posted on any of these ET threads because I haven't been worried about if or when I was going to receive mine. I'm admittedly anxious, but I understand how delays can happen and I have enough other material to keep me busy while I wait. However, I did call Hocus Pocus today on a different order and they told me that they are expecting them by Tuesday or Wednesday, which means they will be going out next week. So if you ordered from Hocus Pocus, they are going out next week.
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James Anthony
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I just recieved a call from the magic box. Apparently it will be delivered by the middle of this month. However, they explained that he has had to design a new box and therefore the price has doubled to £199. Even so, they informed me that everyone who had already ordered the item would still only have to pay £99.

I'm very supprised by this, I certainly wouldn't fork out £199 for it. Would you guys?

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The longer we waiting, the better ET we will receive. ;o)
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mike stevenson
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I think he means it will arrive at Magic Box and they will therefore send it to customers by the middle of the month. I'm sure Yigal will dispatch them to pre-order customers this weekend.
Paul Gross
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We just received information about Electric Touch. We are supposed to recieve our shipment next week on Wednesday or Thursday. All pre-orders will be shipped the same day we recieve them. We are also offering it at the original price of $149.95 until our original supply is depleted.

Best Regards
Paul Gross
Hocus Pocus
Best Regards,

Paul Gross

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Thanks Paul!

I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. I truly appreciate your personal post and information.

Best Wishes,
Sean Waters
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Everyone smile Smile

I went to visit Yigal today. He and Jason are preparing all the packages to ship out to the world. I've received my Electric Touch today and it's so amazing. I tried shocking Yigal on the third floor on carpet and it was the perfect amount of zap. I've been playing with it at home on ground level and I believe that the final version you will all be receiving is even stronger than the prototype I last played with. I just tried emptying a cigarette on the table and moving the tobacco with my fingers. The pieces dance and jump around like a little flea circus. The packaging is beautiful. The instructions are clear. The DVD instructions are very well produced.
I especially love the all the features that I can't discuss here. The good news is that you will get your Electric Touch soon. Start checkin' your mailboxes on Monday.

by the way. everything you need to start experimenting with your Electric Touch right away, is included in the box. You also receive the instructions and gimmicks for the pro setup.

I cant wait to read your reviews
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Wow! If Paul from HP post that they will be receiving it, I will believe him!!!

Thanks Paul!! Lets hope Yigal remembers the loops he promised to all who preordered from his site

Think outside the box, cos people are all thinking inside now!! - ClouDsss
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I recieved an E-mail from Yigal and he states that he shiped out the first ETs Friday. I hope to recieve mine within a week, I can hardly wait, on second thought I guess I can. Smile

The "O" Man
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I ordered from his site but I am in the UK so I guess I will get it when everyone in the USA gets it that ordered from others, it will even out. I'm glad to hear that there are other things to do with ET that even be discussed Smile

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Hi !

I live in austria/europe and just got mail that ET has been shipped
Tom Jorgenson
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I predict that this will allow a whole new Genre in magic effects.I've never seen anything in magic that allows these strange effects to happen like this little baby does. Shocking people might be the last thing you use it for.
We dance an invisible dance to music they cannot hear.
Judah Vee
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I recieved the Email as well from Yigal. My mind has been racing with ideas, like thought transfer and the moment it happens.... Plus I get to shock my mother!!! (32 years old and I still torture her like I was 15, just don't live with her..)

I don't care how fast or slow you are.... As long as I am faster.. -J-
Tony Iacoviello
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Inside the package is...

A backorder slip.

Sorry, last time I poke fun, until mine arrives that is.

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Does anyone know which shipping method Yigal uses?
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Hi all,
I've been staying out of this thread 'til now since I didn't want to do anything to "taint" it, but I wanted to say two things.

1) I'm really happy to hear you guys will be getting your units this week, you all deserve them ! I hope they're everything you dreamt they'd be, and more, seriously. Since Yigal's described them as the "Lexus" of static gens, they should be lots of fun to operate and experiment with.

2) On the subject of taking a picture of his actual gadget, I think that's a big no - no.
Even if the general concept has been around, you have to remember that this is one man's interpretation of the device, and he's reportedly put a lot of thought into it and given it a feature set like no other.
As it stands now, there was tons of room for improvement for these devices, which means the possible variations on this design are numerous. This is his version of the general concept, and therein lies the difference.
If Yigal chooses to post a picture of it on his website at some point, then it's game, but otherwise, it's disrespectful to do so, IMO.

I look forward to seeing the real reviews here, hopefully starting tomorrow.
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Lets keep two things in perspective here guys;

1) Yigal himself has already posted a photo of the actual device on this very forum. I mean I am not sure what else can be said beyid that. the creator himself posted a small, but very clear photo of the unit. I think that pretty much makes any further argument moot.

2) No one actually sugessted posting a phot of the device to begin with! it was suggested to post a photo of the shipping box (as a joke a pressume) and the outer packaging of the unit itself, like the retail packaging for it. I would actually be interested in seeing that just to see how he designed the box.

Finally I will add one last third point. I am not sure that a photo of the black box unit would really give away any method anyway. I have no idea what type of switch Yigal is using for ET but I doubt that a simple shot of the unit would give this away.

In principle I agree with you guys. I would NEVER reveal a specific method or undermine a creators work, not matter how badly botched the release was. It's just in this specific case I don't think a photo of the retail packaing reveals anything at all outside of what the box design looks like.
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Well, I agree with half of the people just then. And I am sorry for saying that he should take a pic now! :s

I think that seeing as though he posted a pic himself, there should be no problem in anyone posting a pic, it gives nothing away, and the unit is NOT the switch, even though some of us know what switch it will use Smile

I did not mean to take a pic of the unit, just the boxes, but, I don't see a problem with the unit either.

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