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Devin Knight
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Steve, YOU caused the bad electrical storms. TAKE CREDIT FOR IT just as the book says.
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I was talking to a friend about this book...he asked me if it is sold out yet.

Is it sold out?
Jerome Finley
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I'm not sure. All of my copies were sold weeks before the book was released. I believe all of Devin's are sold as well, and the place to get one (if possible), would be to contact your favorite magic dealer and ask them. Murphy's is distributing the book, and I have no idea how many they have left or where they are going.

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Devin Knight
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I have 3 copies, three people who reserved wrote back and said they didn't have the money and to let someone else have it. All of my other books have gone to Murphy's, the book is not on their web site yet, so it may have sold out thru presales to their dealer line.

Steve Suss
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I would tell my wife I caused the storms but I'm afraid I'll be busting a marriage as well as a cloud. Better I stick to clouds. Thanks, and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with your great book.

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There are certain things which historically separate
a Truly-Great-Magical-Performer
from a Truly-Mediocre-Magical-Performer
(and the same holds true for Psychic Entertainers)

Anyone can buy a trick, or a book, or a video,
quickly run through them, then print cards,
and claim to be a magician…

But the skilled Technician and Artisan
learns to respect and savor the
Sweat, Heart, Time, and Emotional Investment of their learning Journey.

And, so what about “Cloud Busting Secrets”???

Plain and simple:
if studied,
then practiced,
then rehearsed,
then used over time,
the techniques in this small volume will assist you in becoming a better-and-better Magician and Performer OVERALL, as well as one heck of a Cloud Buster!

What you’ll learn cannot help but permeate and affect every aspect of your entertainment and creative life- if taken to heart and worked with.

The SAME things that apply to Cups and Balls or elegant Card Magic apply here:

-Audience Control,
-Acting Ability,
-Courage and Daring,
-Command of Language
-Commanding Attention,
-Timing of Moves,
-Ability to read an audience
-A lifetime of Practice

… ALL these things that make someone an expert Close-up or Stage-magician
are elements needed to be an effective Cloud Buster too, and visa-versa.

If all you want to know are the “secrets”
…please save your money…
just as one could say a great secret of Cups and Balls is an extra ball,
you can oversimplify Cloud Busting
and take the Art and Craft away from the phenomena.

For the many who want instant-magic with instant-gratification,
FORGET this book
and spend your bucks on the latest magic shop trick.

I’d suspect there’s nothing quite so boring, unimpressive, or sad,
as a sloppy wanna-be Cloud Buster.

For those few willing to build-up their ENTIRE magical skill-set and range,
this will be a valuable tool, with an encyclopedic scope for such a slim volume.

No mentor- no club- no school- no book- no video- no prop-
can make you into a great performer…
these are merely the tools you can use (or not use)
to make YOURSELF into a Great Entertainer, if you invest the energy and time.

And this is a Tool-Book…
only if like the virtuoso-violinist or master-painter
you’re willing to put in the hours
of blood, sweat, and tears
and Master the basic building-blocks of Magic,
along with other techniques in this book,
will it be of any value to you, or your audiences at all.

The Cups and Balls…
they’ve been around for as long as people have been performing Magic…
and Clouds have been around even longer,
it’s not what’s there…
it’s what you are willing to learn to DO with the tools around you
that makes any Magic HAPPEN.

So, in my opinion:
this book is NOT for the curious,
nor the faint of heart,
certainly not for the lazy,
BUT if you’re up for the challenge,
and willing to Master what these two gentlemen teach,
EVERY aspect of your Magic will grow and be improved.

Finally, may I suggest a good acting text, such as “Respect For Acting”
(by Uta Hagan, ISBN: 978-0-02-547390-4)
as a good supplementary text to help you with many of these Cloud Busting techniques…
as well as the skillful progression of your journey as a Magician or Psychic Entertainer.

“Tales of Enchantment: The Art of Magic”
by Walt Anthony

"spinning tales and weaving enchantment"
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Walt..What a magnificent post!

On July 30 on page #2 of this thread I attempted to convey what you were able to say much more eloquently an thoroughly.

This is not a Magic trick..this is a lifelong endeavor.In order to be successful at presenting a credible cloud melting/weather controlling performance,one must become a serious student of weather/cloud formations.This will take great patience,study,and OBSERVATION.

I will say this:If you are not going to take the time to seriously study the sky and what causes the changes[and keeping a Jerome suggests]do not even bother to continue.You might as well sell your book,because this is something that is very powerful,and anything that powerful cannot be learned overnight..or in a week.

I have busted a few clouds..for my own tittillation,however,I am nowhere near the point where I would consider performing this for others formally.This is going to take some work[planning and scripting,and getting a grip on what the heck is going on in the sky].

Again,I urge all to take Walts post to heart.

Jerome Finley
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Wonderful post, Walt. Thank you!!!

"Join my update list here!"
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Thank you, Walt. Your posts are some of the most erudite on the Café. It's always a pleasure to read your thoughts.
Lawrens Godon
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Read from cover to cover.


Thanks Mr Spellbinder for your post, as for me you explain very well my actual feeling...
I will add I need time for two reasons:
Weather here in France is rather chaotic these times, I have no chance to work Devin's part...until...
But this is ok because in the waiting I'll read again while taking notes!
Second reason is about Jerome's section: I'll need a lot of time to understand all he says, to integrate some of the thoughts to my magic...
This book makes me think like no other and I thank you both for that!!

"Chapeau bas, Messieurs!!"

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Wow, thanks everyone. The posts here are excellent and they have inspired me(us) a lot. As a magician, a mentalist or an entertainer, we have to take our time on practice and do not rush into performing after we know the basic concept. We shouldn't ruin the feats and ruin the audience's feeling. Instead, we should leave them with an unforgettable magicial experience with these miracles.

I've busted a few clouds for myself yesterday when I was at the football ground, sitting there looking at the sky after a tiring 5-a-side football game. It feels really good. But then, I won't perform to anyone yet until I think I've polished up my "work". Cloudbusting is a whole new subject in my magic life. Smile

Keep busting! (I love this line Devin Smile )
please pardon my English
Mike M
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Are their still people out there that believe someone can control these kinds of things?
Devin Knight
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Yes, tens of thousands of people. The proof is in the doing...once they see it, they believe it, no other explanation seems possible.
Alan Patrick
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Thank you so much Devin and Jerome!!!
This book is really a gem! I cant believe that you guys let this one out!
this is going to be long but here's my CLOUDBUSTING Story...btw I know that I should have practised more or finished the book b4 performing but I couldn't resist!

Ok now that's out of the way..I just received my copy of the book last night and I am half way thru reading it...I have to admit that the method is not what I expected..but seemed like it might actually work.

I went to the Baseball game today (blue jay v.s. Yankees) and saw a sky that was perfect to bust some clouds...I was with my gf(a total skeptic and thought that I wasted my $$ on the book) and told her to watch a cloud...i said that I was going to make it dissapear...she laughed...i told her give me a couple of mins..

After slowly breaking it to pieces and finally vanishing it she just went nuts! People overheard us talking and didn't believe of course I had to do I did and they entire row just went crazy! For the rest of the game ppl were just in shock and disbelief (maybe its the beer lol..) but an experience that they and I wont forget...(I busted my first cloud! WOOHOO!!)

For those who have a chance to get the book please do so...this is totally different than anything you'll perform (well for me anyways) and def worth ever cent! I cant wait to finish the rest of the book....

Sorry for the long post...but I just wanted to share that with everyone

Thanks again for the book!

Teamgreen Smile
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Fantastic story! I know you rushed into busting the cloud so soon after reading the book, but those reactions must have been great! Awesome story! Was smiling the whole way through. Smile

I love reading peoples busting stories! Smile
Lawrens Godon
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Salut Devin and Jerome!

Your work is so good and thought provoking I would suggest create a private forum dedicated to clouds, weather, etc... ^^
This way each owner of the book would share ideas and stories, as well as discuss with you about the knowledge inside.

What do you think?

Buster Keeper...
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GOD!!! I want to get into my book.
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Private forum for book buyers would be an absolutely brilliant idea. I second that. Smile
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Inside your Head!
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Mine arrived safe and well from the US to UK today, and so did an email from alakazam saying they had it in stock DOH!

Well at least I saved $3 on Alakazam's retail price Smile

Not had chance to read the book yet, but a quick flick through I only noticed four photographs, for some reason I expected their to be more examples!

Anyways, time to read, been looking forward to this!


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Hey Devin & Jerome -- I thoroughly enjoyed this book all the way through. One question though, I am going on a trip next month and was wondering if this can be done/practiced from in a plane while up in the sky, or with extremely up close clouds while in the sky? (Hopefully I will have a window seat, haha!) Smile Are either of you members of the "Mile-High Busting Club"? haha!

--Bustin-- I mean, JUSTIN Smile
"a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free. . ." -- Elliott Smith
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