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Victor Brisbin
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On 2003-05-11 00:15, wizbob wrote:
The best boxes I have used are the ones made by Jim Zee out of Florida. don't have the exact address but you might find it by doing a search

The Zee boxes are good, but are a knock-off of the ones David Roth sells. I've even seen David's instructions photocopied and sold along with the boxes by some dealers!
David Roth's okito box set (and Jim Zee's) is milled from heavy brass bar stock, which makes "the work" much easier than a lightweight box with a stamped-out lid. I haven't seen too many of that type recently, but if you can dent the lid, or the box is light and won't allow you to do a smooth turnover, throw it away and save for a better set.

I am interested in discussing the decorative and functional aspects of the okito boxes, as they relate to performing for an audience. The buddha box styles are nicely tapered, and resemble the pill boxes still found in some drugstores. Would I carry a box with a dragon on it? Probably not. I don't know too many people who actually carry pill boxes, and consequently I tend to accept David Roth's approach to the problem; he introduces the prop as a "magic box." In another time, perhaps the box could have passed for a "snuff box," and in some circles today, it might look like a small storage container or "stash box," for herbal smokers.

This brings me to my own nagging questions. Please raise your hands if you actually perform an okito box routine for non-magician audiences. What premise do you use to introduce this curious coin container? I appreciate your responses. Like many, I enjoy practicing/entertaining myself with the box, and would like to develop an approach to perform it for non-magicians. Thanks in advance, VB
"It is better to practice a little than talk a lot." - Muso Kokushi
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I have not yet performed with it, but my premise will be that I picked up the box in an antique shop/stall in New Orleans for two bucks, which was great, beacause inside I found four half dollars. Being British, this wille xplain awy the box and teh foreign coins. Then it's off into a coins across routine (I have the Roth boxes which will take the shell) maybe followed by an Okito routine. or vice versa. (See why I haven't performed with it yet?!?)

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I carry my okito box (of course the Roth one) loaded with a Kennedy Half 1964, an old english penny and a (Johnson) chinese coin.
"This is a brass box, these are 3 different coins - let me show you some magic!"
That's all, no additional comments, no attempts of any kind of explanations! A brass box and 3 coins. Followed by a nice CSB routine, then hopping halves, a little okito/boston box magic and that works fine.

Do not try to explain why you will have and use this little brass container or, here in Germany, these strange looking coins - even the half dollar!

I can't remember Copperfield and others explaining their audience why they are using this strange looking buzz saw (or anything else) to cut that woman. They just do it.

I think we fellow magicians tend to be more suspicious to ourselves and our props than any lay person would be.
CardMaker/Bernd Maucksch
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I have been using the dragon okito made of pewter:

It is a nice little box and the dragon on the top adds to the patter if using chinese coins. No problems with any "moves". I guess it comes down to personal preference and ability.
Jason Wethington
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Chad Long had a line that I liked his is
"This is an antique pillbox and it conviently holds rare and precious coins...unfortunately I don't own any so I use these."
I might be mistaken on the exact quote but you get the idea.
Curtis Kam
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By the way, remember what happened the last time David Roth released a large chunk of coinbox material? Simply put, it revolutionized the field. More accurately, it created the field, and then revolutionized it, all in one step. That was a long time ago.

He's about to do it again. David's lecture for the COINvention, "Thinking Inside the Box" will focus on, if not change the world of, coin box magic once again.

Be there, or have indigestion....
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Jason Wethington
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Curtis you really need to stop torturing me with COINvention highlights!
Oh my stomach is already churning!
David Neighbors
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Hi Jason,
I also Have A new Book Out on coin box Stuff That I will have At the COINvention! Hold on to that Stomach!

Best David Neighbors
The Coinjurer
David Neighbors

The Coinjurer
Mad Jake
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Just stumbled across this thread. Victor, how well did you know Jim and David? Did you know that Jim used to turn David's boxes for him, but what I understood from Jim as metal prices rose, David couldn't make a good enough profit. Which is understandable, that's business. My father purchased a number of special blueprints from Jim and the rights of manufacture. The blueprints pre-date David Roth. I'm getting ready to do a run of Jim Zee boxes in half and dollar size next month.
Yes a lot of stores sold knock offs with copied instructions, Hank Lee being one of them. But Jim's work was his, he didn't need to knock anyone off, he was that GOOD. Do fact checking first. My father knows David and Mike Gallo very well and
both spoke highly of Jim's work, not something someone would say if they were knocked off.

Jake Jr.
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Scott Horn
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If you just want to up the aesthetics of the a coin box, Ronjo makes "decorative" lids. I saw these up close and they look good. Also, they are ever so slightly dimpled on the underside, so when the lid is on the bottom of an Okito box (not so much a Boston box) it can be spun
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The L&L e-versions of books and dvds are on sale right now and there is some Okito Box work available. The Reinhard Muller video is there and Roth's Vol 2 video too. There are others available. I was thinking about Paul Diamond's work. Has anyone seen Paul's videos and what do you think? I realize some of this is older videos and may not be as clean as later work, but at 60% off I can put up with that.

Here is a link for an Okito Box search:

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On Nov 18, 2017, DelMagic wrote:
The L&L e-versions of books and dvds are on sale right now and there is some Okito Box work available. The Reinhard Muller video is there and Roth's Vol 2 video too. There are others available.

Here is a link for an Okito Box search:


Reinhard Müller video is amazing!! Oldie but goodie....and you´re right, most of antique videos aren´t clear when you compare them with new ones, although you could find jewels among them
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The Okito Boxes from Viking/CW mentioned early in this thread are really quite attractive in an art deco kind of way. Smile

Each has a nice heft to it, too!

Dick Oslund
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Hee hee!

I just gave to Colton Raelund when he visited this summer, my GEN GRANT OKITO BOX! It wasn't brass. It didn't have a recessed bottom. ETC!

It was a 'tin' (possibly aluminum) box that had slightly more space than a half dollar needed. It came with a little magnet, and a "magnetic" penny. (World War II era magicians will remember the copper plated "white" pennies.) The little magnet (somewhat like magnets on the little plastic dogs of the WWII era) was soon lost, and, I think that I spent the penny...

That little box was GREAT. It didn't look 'magic'! I think that I even "invented" a move to cover the box, and invert the box simultaneously! I've never met a magician who KNEW Okito boxes, that I could ask!

Now, Colton is having fun with it. I got my $2.00 worth, with it!
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My first experience with an Okito box was Harry Shilling in his luggage store in 1957. Just a simple box.

He said something like, "I invest a lot of time infusing these coins with magic and don't want it leaking out when stored away.
Brass works quite well for this. Over time this little pill box has become infused with magic as well. Let me show you ..."

At first he did not perform any "box" tricks, just a place to get a necessary coin.
When he wanted silver half, he opened the box and dumped out that coin. When he wanted an English Penny - back to the box.
A different application of "always empty, always full." Finally, with several coin on the counter having been used in some trick,
he began using the box as part of a new effect

One I remember as being ver different was having one copper and three silver in the box. No matter where the copper was in the stack,
I could call out a new location and it would move to that spot - just a shake and dumping out the coins. i.e. the copper
would wind up in position 1,2,3 or 4 at my command.
"the more one pretends at magic, the more awe and wonder will be found in real life." Arnold Furst

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