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Hi I'm just wondering does anyone have some statistics on the most chosen card when asked to name a card? I'm guessing there's no statistics but I just wanted to ask around anyways ^^.

From experience can anyone tell me what suit or number/picture card you usually get answered?

I've read a few things and apparently hearts is the most common said suit, but idk I just want to hear from your experiences ^^
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Many people name the Ace of Spades because it is the easiest card to remember. Women name the Queen of Hearts on a fairly regular basis. In terms of suits, people rarely name Clubs, usually Hearts or Spades. However, Magicians sometimes select a low value Club to try and catch you out.

It totally depends on the person. For example, if you ask a Bridge player they might name a Spade or Heart over a Club or Diamond because these are the more valuable cards in the game.


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I remember when I was first learning the Invisible Deck, I read somewhere that Aces, Queens, and Sevens were the most commonly named cards and that it was a good idea to arrange your ID so that these cards were in the middle. Much to my amazement, the first three times I performed ID for people the cards named were:

Queen of Hearts
Seven of Diamonds
Ace of Diamonds
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Yeah, I think people often pick a Seven because the number is considered lucky. Strangley, I find that people very rarely name low value spot cards, e.g. Twos, Threes and Fours, etc.

You can also use psychological suggestion to increase the chances of a particular card being chosen. Derren Brown shares some good tips regarding this on his "The Devil's Picturebook" DVD.

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In Son of Simon Says by Simon Lovell he has work on this most commonly named cards thing.
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I mostly get Ace of Spaces or Ace of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts.

It is not very often I get a spot card selected, almost always at least in the court.
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I was really shocked by this when I first started doing "walk around". Most everyone would name the ace of spades or queen of hearts. I almost felt like shouting "pick a different card!".

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As, Qd, 7h...strange but true..(at least for me)...
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
Chris Henderson
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One of my biggest pet peeves is when doing an effect where the spectator can name any card (Mem. Deck, Brainwave, etc.), you conclude the effect with whatever card the spectator names. Then no matter what the card is they say, "Well of course, because everyone names that card!" You just can't win sometimes!
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Strangely [for me], it's mostly been: Ace, Seven or Queen of Hearts or Diamonds.

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In Europe, the ace of Spades is not as significant as in the US. (On "American" playing cards the Ace of Spades is mostly bigger than the other aces. In many European card stocks, the ace of spades is printed like the other aces.
So it is also a matter of WHERE you do the trick.

I performed for more than 30 years the invisible deck and did the trick maybe 5000 times. Without a doubt I can say that in my country (Belgium) the winners are:
Seven of hearts and Queen of hearts. What was also significant is that the suit "clubs" was rarely chosen.
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From what I have experienced it does seem as though women will almost alwasy go with a heart or a diamond and as the rest seldom seems to be a low value card. Although I honestly don;t get the Ace of Spades selection but that might also be that if I am doing the Invisble deck I typically patter about them picking a card and mention for them to think of somethign uncommon unlike the AS. So I sometimes try to deirect them from it so it isn't as predictable an outcome.
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I think its a universal thing even when I'm back home the first few calls from family was also aces and queens must be some kind of subconsious link us humans have...
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I seem to recall someone doing an actual survey on this very subject here on the Café and recorded the stats a year or 2 ago! I have no idea what to search for to find it but if I run across it again I'll post the link!

I always pick the 4C but that's NOT what I use as a key card! Smile

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That's a really interesting topic.

@Mickey: Please let me know if you found it!

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David Blaine's book "Mysterious Stranger" has a little section on this. In order of popularity, men generally choose Ace, then Seven, then Four of Spades. Women generally choose Queen, then Ace, then Seven of Hearts. If you add the word "difficult" to your request, people generally change to the opposite suit and won't think of court cards or aces.

Take everything with a grain of salt, though. I always name the 5D.
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In the thirties, the nine of diamonds was never picked because it was considered a bad luck card. You should go read Dai Vernon's mental force in Expert card technique by Hugard. He talks about the cards people pick and do not pick.

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I remember someone getting me with the Ace of Spades commonality. "Pick a card...don't pick Ace of Spades".. I'm like "WOW".

That, of course, was years ago, but I still remember it!
Bryn Williams
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I'm interested in this, so I did a little (unscientific) survey:

I am a High school teacher in Vancouver, Canada and every two days I teach about 150 students between the ages of 13 and 17. I asked each student to think of any card and these are the results I got. Please note that cards NOT listed below did not get chosen even once:
all these got 2 votes
All these got 1 vote:

I thought these were interesting results, certainly not conclusive but interesting non the less
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Ace of spades annoyingly as it takes away from such an effect
Merc Man
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This is wierd but without any doubt, the most thought of card I've noticed called over the years is undoubtedly the Three of Clubs.

However, this has always been when I've asked guys. The girls can't even remember the club suit when they choose a club card. I've had it referred to as 'blackberries', 'them little round things' and on a few occasions - 'currants'!

When I force a card on a girl for Joe Riding's lie detector trick (I perform this often) I always force the Queen of Hearts or Diamonds - these are more easily remembered by Women and you are therefore on safer ground.

As you will gather, England is no longer a big card playing nation since the (heartbreaking) slow demise of pubs and clubs over the last 20 years.

You still occasionally see card schools in our boozers but without doubt, the most popular games this side of the pond are still 3 Card Brag and Cribbage. To this end, any gambling routines that produce 3 Card Brag's biggest hand - a 'pryle of 3's' (3 cards of 3 spots any suit) - will get a far greater reaction from English blokes than producing a poker hand such as a 5 Card Royal Flush.

Even with the amount of Poker Tournaments on Sky TV, the vast majority of guys over here are still pretty clueless about the ranking of poker hands. Moreover, Poker size decks STILL get questioned and perceived as 'trick cards' due to the fact that bridge size cards are still more popular and readily available to laymen.

And you think us Brits have it easy!!!!! Smile
Barry Allen

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Most thought of by women: Queen of Hearts, men: Ace of Spades.
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6's 7's Ace's and Queens...
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American card brands do something extra with the Ace of Spades (name of the brand, or another extra text), which gives this card a little extra to remember. I don't recall Carta Mundi ((one of) the biggest European card manifacturers) does something familiar. The Vancouver statistics here above don't work on the European continent.
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On 2009-12-28 10:44, Chris Henderson wrote:
One of my biggest pet peeves is when doing an effect where the spectator can name any card (Mem. Deck, Brainwave, etc.), you conclude the effect with whatever card the spectator names. Then no matter what the card is they say, "Well of course, because everyone names that card!" You just can't win sometimes!

I've done a number of prediction-y effects that seem to get this response and typically I say either "that'd be pretty shaky grounds for a magic trick, remember I said you could pick ANY card" or "actually I've been doing this trick for YEARS and it's never worked, thanks for FINALLY picking the right card." Of course it depends on your tone or personality, but usually I'm in a party and just joke-slinging the whole time.
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Great idea. With the most commonly chosen 3 to 4 cards in your wallet/pocket. You are always set to go for a 'possible miracle' !
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I SYZYGY, there is a nice routine where you pick 3 cards from the deck (2H, 3C, 7D), put them face down on the table and then try to transmit each card to 3 different people. With the "verbage" included with this effect, you can have a good, better, best outcome. I do this and it works nicely.

Scott Shoemaker ...Shooz
With you in thought(s)

Scott Shoemaker...Shooz
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For me it's ace of spade and queen of heart
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Didn't Michael Close do some work on this subject on one of his L&L DVD's? The exact DVD and effect escapes me.
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Danny Habel
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Nine out of ten times a woman will choose the QH. Try using it as a force card and you can work some real magic with it.
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