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As stated in my welcome post I really like closeup magic. As so, I realy enjoy the three shell game and I want to give a review of the new bottom ridge shells.

Some information first: I have worked now with the cheap shells, and the sfs street shells. The cheap peas and the perfect peas. So my only comparison is regarding these shells.

A couple of weeks ago I emailed with Al Lamfers who created the bottom ridge shells. Ive read all topics about them written on these forums and decided I wanted them. When Al replied he told me he could send the btr shells the next day but he was working on a new improved version of them and asked me if I wanted to wait or get the "old" br-shells. This meant I would be the first person to recieve the new improved br-shells. I preffered to wait since he told me the ridge would be smaller now and the handling the same. So they arrived and here is what I wanted to say about them.

The package included:

3 Bottom ridge shells.
A ziplock bag with peas ( I got some standard peas wich are a bit brighter, and some metal blend peas wich are (even) softer. In green and red. )
A black drawstring carrying bag.
A plastic container to put the shells in.

A weblink for some video's of the handling and a pdf with also handling suggestions and some other tips. No routine included.

The shells:

They look very realistic, the color is the same, the bottom surface is completely flat, and there is the ridge. Now I must admit, the first version kinda looked weird, with a wide ridge and small opening for the pea. This version looks great to me.
The bottom ridge makes it possible to move the shell and pea without having to do anything.

The handling of the shells is perfect, with the lightest touch you can pick them up. The bottom ridge makes the working method a bit different.
I like the new handling as shown in the video's, only for me it's not yet working. I now use the old handling until I get the new one down.

The peas:
Like I said I got some metal blend peas and some regular peas. The metalblend peas are even softer then the regulars but I like them both.
The regular peas are a little bit brighter then the metalblend peas so this is something you have to decide with what you like better.
If I compare them to the perfect pea I find these a bit softer and make the clipping more easy to me.

The container:
In the pdf there are some suggestions with what you can do with this other then storing the shells. I use it for storing the peas since the shells didn´t fit inside. I don´t know what happened but maybe the mold used was a little bit bigger then before, but I personaly don´t care for this.

The handling:
As mentioned because of the bottom ridge you can move the shell and pea without any s******* and l******. This does mean that you can do some things wich you can't do with the regular shells, but it also means there are things you can't do with these shells.
Like the shotglass finish, you can forget about this if you use it.
I tested the shell on my closeup pad, on the wooden table and on the floor tiles. All things work well also because of the flat surface I believe. Only thing I had was with moving the shells front or back works very smooth but to the sides I can feel a little resistance.

The conclusion:

This is my final thought about these shells.
I think they are great, and the new ridge is a lot smaller and a lot less funny looking. The handling is near perfect, you can use the old method of s******* and hand positioning, or you can use Al's method. I tend to prefer Al's method but I'm not yet used to it.

Also, the contact I had with Al was good, he gave good advice and is a nice person. Replied my emails within a short period of time. Especially considering different timezones.

Personaly I now prefer these shells above the sfs street shells and these will be the ones I use. All in all I'm happy I purchased them.

Price: 75 USD ex. shipping.

If you have any questions regarding this review please feel free to ask becouse it's likely I forgot to mention something.

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Nice looking shells. Interesting...
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Ah yes,

Very nice looking shells indeed. Altough I must confess that since I bought them I did't use them to much. Just don't have enough time.

As for the shot glass finish, it IS possible to do it, only not on the standard manner. But there are even multiple ways to do it.

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California, USA
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Thanks for your nice review, Dennis

All the people that have received the updated BRWS have been pleased with the new updated walnut shells. We are also now carrying two different types of PK rings that work very well with the metal blend peas.

Both are N50 grade magnets, but one is thicker, which means, the thicker they are, the stronger they are.

We have many new shells, as low as $39 and are high quality shells.

Thank you,

Manufacture of the Bottom Ridge Shells.
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California, USA
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The New Bottom Ridge Walnut Shells are now on sale, with a very good introduction price.
There is a limited time on the sale.
Manufacture of the Bottom Ridge Shells.
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