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Dear Café friends,

I'm very interested that Steve has started a new forum to discuss the plethora of new decks that seem to be hitting the market almost daily.

But such a forum seems to invite a rather obvious question: is it all too much?

Is there a glut in the market?

I recently looked at the kickstarter site of some ambitious young men who had the wonderful idea of resurrecting a beautiful old deck of cards--cards I would love to own. But they seem to be far from their goal, and my thoughts were along the lines of, "great idea...but there are simply too many decks on the market right now."

Are my suspicions right? Or are we looking at a renaissance of paper playing cards that will only benefit all of us?
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I couldn't agree more, Stoney. I'm sure collectors appreciate them, and teenagers, but it's very rare that I see a new deck which is even remotely attractive.
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If people want to collect cards I guess that's fine but for performing I will stick to the bikes I get at Costco,

Gil Scott
Steve Brooks
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Generally speaking, magicians could care less about all the various custom decks being introduced each week. But that's okay, this area of the Café wasn't meant for magic or magicians for that matter. In fact, it was specifically designed for the hardcore card fan as are all the forums in the The Museum of Playing Cards category. However, if you're like me, magic and card collecting go hand-in-hand so it's the best of both worlds. Smile

Having said that, stoneunhinged does indeed bring up an interesting observation and given the amount of new decks being introduced each week its no wonder.

Yet, while some decks struggle to find an audience others appear to sell out literally in a matter of hours.

Why is this?

Are some decks just designed better and the consumer recognizes this and acts accordingly, or could it be the company or individual releasing the successful deck simply understands the market better?

I think the answer is actually a little bit of both. Smile

Personally I believe that the influx of so many decks being released in such a short amount of time has caused consumers to become more particular as to which decks they choose to purchase. After all, the truth is that even an avid collector can really only afford so many packs at any given time.

Following that assumption I believe it's easy to understand that the market will begin (if it hasn't already) to police itself as it were. Meaning, the consumers themselves will force the designers to work a bit harder to make the sale. This applies whether its an official release by a well established card producer or even the new kid on the block hoping to enter the field using a crowd funding site such as Kickstarter.

The days of throwing any old design on the back of a deck, running to USPCC and printing a minimum run and hoping to make a quick buck are quickly vanishing and I think that can only be good for the market in general.

Let's face it, competition is good for us all. It forces the producers to plan projects better (this is especially true for crowd funded projects) and in the end we the consumer will certainly reap the benefits.

Looking forward I can hardly wait to see what new projects are currently in the works and I look forward with great anticipation to see how the card community evolves over time. Smile
"Always be you because nobody else can" - Steve Brooks
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I believe somebody will buy a new deck to collect (if collector) or just to have a cool (not a regular old bike deck) to play a quarter ante poker night in college, But my main concern is the next generation of children growing up (even many well into their teens now) have never handled a true playing card in their life. There are just too many "online, or digital versions" that they can play on their phone, xbox, ps3, laptop... so the need for physical cards is seemingly going to dwindle greatly in our future. Take bridge cards for example, when I started in magic "Fox Lake" bridge cards were all the rage. harder and harder to find bridge cards (unless you are truly searching them out online) whereas Bikes or "cheaper Version poker size cards can still be found easily...for now Smile "

I saw a post on one of the forums here a while back where the poster referred to cards as "The most Archaic Form of Magic" (paraphrasing) and that's why he wont use them. Although I strongly disagree, I see where the statement could become true if we, as magicians, and creators of card magic, do not continue to create effects that are new and exciting. I also think (back to the point of this forum) New decks on the market will help to accomplish this.

As an example: Bust out a Zombie themed deck or a SteamPunk and do a couple effects for some adults (good ol' fashon SOH stuff) talk about all the cool new decks on the market for collecting. slip that deck away after a couple effects and do "something else" then BOOM - break out the bikes and go to town with your best stuff and even wring in your gaffs in bike stock. You have already proven that you can do magic with any deck in their eyes.

Card magic was my first love in the art. I was doing a few to several card tricks since about 8 years old (most I wouldnt be caught dead performing now) but is is a passion I will never abandon. I just do more other things in my act now ie Coins, rope, IT, EIT, TT... but cards are my mainstay because it is what I am best at (and most confident at). Smile <~~my cancer story

Don't spend so much time trying not to die that you forget how to live - H's wife to H on CSI Miami (paraphrased).

Smile Smile
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As I said, I really admire one of the recent decks, and I generally think it's probably a good thing to have so much choice.

Still, I wonder. If I had my choice, I would like there to be more emphasis on tradition than novelty. Steve pointed out that this new forum is a "museum". Good so! And yet I suffer to think that I will suffer when I run out of Steamboats, and kinda sorta wish that more effort would be put into pressuring USPCC to continue (or resurrect) old brands than to come out with the next novelty deck.

But enough of my thoughts. Lets use this new forum to look at some cards. That's what we're here for. Lamenting the loss of Steamboats is my own private cross to bear.
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I appreciate that this is a 4-year-old post but it is even more relevant today. The continual explosion of decks is just overwhelming.
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As most decks are relatively inexpensive I see the trend continuing but with the increased competition, the consumer gets to be more discerning. Also with the limited availability of some decks you have almost horde mentality driving up aftermarket prices. I would call it a plenitude of offerings rather then a glut.
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I get a glazed look when I see all the variants of Bicycle decks that are around, although some have really fit a niche...

I do a lot of wilderness work, and the Bicycle wood deck just fits in beautifully with the setting.

We lost an entire city up here to wildfires (Fort McMurray, Alberta) and the Bicycle Disasters wildfire decks came in as a nice touch when promoting rebuilding efforts.

I hope we never have to use the tornado decks, or earthquake, but just as there are so many tweaks to magic tricks, all of these decks may just fill a need for you one day...

Of course, I still can't beat the Costco price for a box of nine Bicycle decks!
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