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I use to live in a rather small town, about to hours north of Miami where I performed in restaurants and private parties for a couple of months before family issues led me moving down to Hollywood, FL. I'm aware that Hollywood, nor this area is the best place in the world for busking, but it's all I have to work with.

Currently, living with family at no expense (being 17 years old, finished with school) I've decided that it's now or never for me to become a professional. I'm going to start approaching restaurants soon, which I'm sure I'll get in to a couple nights a week. However, I'd like to be as versatile as possible. I think equipping myself to busk will be a really great idea in case the bookings go down hill, or I have free days where I need a few extra bucks. Non the less, I'm making the plunge, working countless hours every day to become a working professional. I know there will be up's and downs; if it ever renders me broke, I'd like to be able to take to the streets and busk away. Hopefully it wont come to be that drastic, but you get the idea.

So for what I understand so far is that 10~15 minutes seems to be a good show time, but I've read a lot of posts about gauging interest and seeing when the best time to stop is. There's lots of theories which I'll definitely read up on. But for now, I'm looking for trick ideas.

Being a close-up worker with cards and coins, I know I could just use that material, but I'd rather not. I'd like to do some things that are more unique than that. So I'd like to be familiarized with some of the more interesting tricks that buskers do. Lay it on me.

Things I'm not currently interested (Which I imagine will be strongly advised for good reason, I just don't care to explain my reasoning. Hope you understand. I'm sure I'll get to these things eventually) Cups and Balls/Chop Cup, Sponge Balls, Vanishing Silks of any sort.

Has anyone done a Miser's Dream while busking? I think something like that would play over great, but I'm worried about reset and all those sorts of things. Any insight on trying to do Miser's Dream while busking?

I've read a few topics on here.. After this post, I'm off to read more. I apologize in advance, I'm sure my questions are answered somewhere in these pages, I just haven't seem them yet.

Thanks for reading.
Frank Starsini
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Of course you can do the miser's dream when busking.
reset doesn't seem like much of an issue.

Who are you trying at attract as an audience with that trick?
Are you there to make money? Or just do some tricks?

What is your theme with that trick? What message are you delivering?

I learned that the exact same trick done the exact same way and equally entertaining can be either really good or really bad, depending on what your goals are for your show. Hand Crafted Magic

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Hollywood, FL
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I know what you mean-- when it comes to presentation. I haven't exactly got my message for it put together yet.

But, my goal is to make money from busking. Honestly, busking isn't a super strong interest of mine but, magic is. I want to be versatile and so that during my career at any point if there is a shortage of gigs or some sort of downhill spiral of any sort, I can always take up busking to try and make it. Not sure how practical it will really be, but theoretically, it sounds good to me.

I just know that when I do strolling magic, I feel as if people follow me around trying to see the same trick again in order to figure it out. And I worry that people will stick around and see a setup for the miser's dream. I guess I can just put some more thought in to it, I'm sure it's not very complicated to hide the setup. I'll explore different methods too.
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The best thing you can do for your magic is busk.

You'll eventually figure out that the tricks don't matter as much as building your character.

I would do your material you know best when first starting out.

Just go out and fail repeatedly day in and day out. The rest will take care of itself if you come to understand what you're actually doing.

Knock'em dead.

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Hollywood, FL
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Desperado, that's another thing I figured. I think busking is one of the things I fear most. By overcoming that and being proficient in busking, I think it will overall help me with private parties, strolling, and other events.

I am however still interested in some of the more uncommon repertoire worthy tricks found in buskers-- Not sponge balls, ambitious card, chop cup, or cups and balls. What else do you guys tend to do? Anyone do anything out of the ordinary and perhaps be willing to share?
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It is NOT the tricks you do it is YOU, the PERFORMER that makes a difference. Look people in the eye, use their names, become friends with the crowd. Then kick ***
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