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On Jul 18, 2017, charliecheckers wrote:
The OP speaks to changes in the industry of live entertainment as it pertains to the resulting mind sets of younger people. I think this can be informative to recognize and understand in order to make appropriate forward planning. This is no different than navigating changes that occur in any industry. The sooner one can understand what exactly is changing and why, the better they can respond in a positive way. In reading the post, the way I saw it is- if one is willing to put in the appropriate work and do so in a structured way, there will be less competition operating on the same level as there used to be. It also looks like one might be better pursuing niche markets, if indeed the market for live entertainment continues to be reduced from what it once was. Perhaps a good example of this would be to look at how the Circus (with relatively low ticket prices) is now all but gone and Cirque shows evolved charging many times more.
Regarding the thread discussion of generational decline in general, and specifically Danny's point that each generation had a entertainer that was going to "ruin children" and "all were wrong" - is a different, yet related conversation. Fair to say though, that based upon a number of statistics, the moral decay that those generations warned of has come to pass and the only thing that makes it seem as though they perhaps were not correct is redefining normal and moral behavior. What caused those changes is of course debatable and from many factors.

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Consider also the following, With the proliferation of technology the human brain has become wired differently. Psychologists have identified the reason to declining interpersonal social skills. As tech services such as messaging and Facebook have become a cornerstone of social interactions in person Human interactions have fallen. As it's so easy to unfriend and block someone, conflict resolution is not developed. The result is verifiable developmental delays in the frontal cortex increasing a persons impulsivity.

Now using this as a building block, it becomes easier to understand the hostility and reactions between generations. We have older generations (gen X plus) who have to varying levels developed conflict resolution skills, critical thinking skills, and are used to debating differing opinions. Younger generations have developed in an environment where everyone's opinion is valid, important, and true, there are no losers in competition, and easy access to information. it becomes easier to see how younger generations and older generations have a difficulty in seeing eye to eye. Especially as we age and entrench ourselves in our thoughts.

The end result, less competition for live performers with an increased demand for more intimate interactions. Is it a bad thing? No. As useful knowledge becomes less available, due to lack of transmission or lost in the noise, those who can access and decipher the principles that underpin the industry and how to use current techniques to apply these principles will succeed.
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Exactly. Let's discuss the point of the topic not the noise. I prefer to work in the real word. The business world, not trying to make social business. They have always been separate for a reason.

There is a generatonal shift, plain and simple, as Danny, Walter Charlie and most others here have easily recognized, pointed out and demonstrated. Not accepting or acknowledging this is ignorance and will only create limits at best.

One of the most important elements to being a successful performer, both in performance and in our business operations, it to fully and completely understand how we are perceived. How others perceive and see us and understanding the existing landscape. Those that do this clearly and first, usually have an edge. In my live training events it is a full day and is always one of the greatest eye-openers for the majority in attendance. That is all that really matters. It's not what you think, it's what they think. It is also understanding the reality of the situation, whether you agree or like it or not. As we see here there is a huge struggle and inability for some of these guys to see this. It makes you know how they must then operate their business as this is who they are which only leads to operating the same way.

Walter's points are true - proven facts by Psychologists and other MDs as well as generational scientists and pop culture experts. They all agree, there is a much shorter attention span, much of the generation will tell you they think they are probably a little A.D.D. No, for most it is just as Walter explained - shorter attention span, limited and impersonal human interaction with others (personally) which can only lead to even less ability to do so professionally. They have tried to minimize everything down to minimal interaction and contact with business clients and prospects yet that is the single reason many of us have had clients and accounts for 20, 25 and 30 years. This will never happen with these new mentalities and approaches. They aren't cementing themselves in with clients, they aren't building deep connections, trust and relationships. Worse yet, they boast and brag about not doing it!!! Yes implusivity, lack of control, lack of professionalism and much more is missing, limited or in damaged presence.

Learning and taking the advice that has been pointed out in even just this thread as Walter and charliecheckers have said, it could make a big impact on business operations and dominations. And I'm not just talking about the performers themselves, but all of their/our prospective customers from these generations - this gives us a goldmine of information and content to be adapted to our operations, methods and strategies.

So now once identified, understood and accepted (which some here will not because they fail to see this in themselves) what is really important and the real purpose of starting this thread which is what several so easily identified - knowing this factual information, understanding it and how it exists, how do we utilize it to our benefit? Yes, Walter picked up on the point that it is true as verified by many directions and resources - today's generations are not considering or viewing performing and entertainment as a job, career and business opportunity as in previous decades or generations. This is something I monitor quite closely as well as it is a major part of one of my businesses. There are many theories, reasons and beliefs about this, but that isn't as important as seeing and understanding the results of this.

Many that I work with or represent have had some of the best years in their performing business because of being aware of both "the shift" as I mentioned and identifying the traits of the last couple of generations. This is HUGE! it can allow for so much, and once understood, it creates opportunity and positioning that can trump any other direct or indirect competition.

It would be better to discuss the "how" since the "why" has been established. This is also extremely important for those working consumer markets that deal mostly with these generations of prospective clients AND who operate from conventional purchasing mentalities.
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