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Hello guys!!

I'm living in Turkey. I'm an electrical engineer always had this dream about being a stage magician . I've spent around 15 years on close up magic, performed many times on the streets and restaurant by performing coin, bar, restaurant magic.

I've settled down in a very small town here, almost everyone recognizes me as a magician after 2 years, just because I love performing close up routines wherever I go.

Now my friends ask for something big Smile And I decided to throw myself on stage.

We all know eachother, so I'm 100% sure that I'll be confident on stage. I've prepared a routine using classical stuff mixing it with Derren Brown endings. I hope this thread goes crazy and something good comes out of it. BTW, I'd be delighted to host whoever helped even a bit:) I love this amazing place. See how it looks: Akyaka:

I have spent so much time on reading the mind, psychology, and happiness. So I decided my story tobe about "the brain" how it can be tricked, how it prevents us to see the reality, how it is directly related to our "happiness"

Routine goes like;

1. a mind trick like Derren Brown's Elvis Presley paint trick

2. a signed bill thru lemon trick (I'm nailing it)

3. Another mind trick using a Svengali Deck, (or maybe an invisible deck, but Svengali is my fav) I already am very confident with cards

4. So far our show will be presented in smart casualish dress, and at some point I'd like start up building the show with a quickchange for my assistant to a fancy dress and perform the main act "Subtrunk" (I am planning to buy The Pendragons' ) and on the climax; after saluting the crowd; I'll pretend as I forgot something and;

5. add a flashback mind trick like Derren does on Miracle show, using today's newspaper.

Here is my plan

Perfect the plan on 2 weeks, I hope I can find help here.
another 3 weeks to study the act, prepare goods, clothes, crate etc.
another 3 weeks to rehearse the whole thing 2 hours a day.
And then go on stage Smile

Any kind of help is appreciated. I'd love to meet you guys. I'd me more than happy to host you in this lovely town. I'd be delighted to see you guys to be here with me.
Thanks! I hope I keep this energy up at all times
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Just my thoughts.

So the theme is mind, psychology, and happiness, how are you presenting the bill in lemon and subtrunk to conform to this theme?

Also I would be careful in choosing your big final out of the subtrunk and newspaper prediction, you don't want a anti-climatic ending. Seriously consider which better conforms to the theme you have set for yourself and also which one has the stronger effect.


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Thanks a lot for your response Aus;

I'd like to give the idea that "it is not the event that affects us, but our perceptions" and show it with a trick. And continue my speech as the trick is not happening in magicians hands, but in spectators mind. It is easy to fool the brain, and this is how our lives go on. Human brain has the tendency to warp the reality.

And I will rethink the ending thanks for your advice.

I will try to build this thoughts in order in spectators mind:

1. Hmm what he is saying could make sense
2. Omg what the hell
3. Wow.. I think he is right!!

Before the subtrunk, I will talk about accepting that there are things out of our control, so we better accept them, this gives its flavor to life, like magic. and then the quick costume change to a fancy dress for my assistant, and then the subtrunk!! And on the climax I will present the newspaper prediction.

I will purchase The Pendragon's metamorphosis.
I need to improve the "painting act" (The collection of papers, and the force)
I need to find a very affordable quickchange for just one change

I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks again.
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Well I don't see any real issues with the tricks in and of them selves other then learning and practising the metamorphosis and the costume change. Both will require some serious rehearsal time to get them performance ready.

The real challenge is putting these bag of effects into a cohesive form that conforms to the narrative your trying to project. Sit down in front of a computer or some pen and paper and write out a performance script. How will you introduce each bit and what phenomenon are you presenting each trick to be?

A good basic framework I recommend to people that have never scripted before is the following:

1. Introduce the props and plot.
2. Develop the plot with words and actions – get the audience involved.
3. Build to the climax
4. Point Up the Climax (the results)
5. End with applause cues – a style off and/or tagline.

After that I filter all scripts through a 6 point assessment procedure that's aimed at eliminating filler and making my scripts more direct and precise. The six points are:

1. Establish Context
2. Develop Character
3. Moves the plot forward.
4. Clarity and emphasise conditions, procedures and patter.
5. Instructing the spectator
6. Build and release tension.


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You are giving yourself only two months??? Do you have any other stage performance history? There is so much more to being on a stage - even if there are no lighting effects or sound systems to deal with - than just knowing the tricks and routines. In fact, knowing the routines is just the first part - you *must* know them so well you can "do them asleep" or otherwise distracted, so you can concentrate on how to move everything - you, assistants, props, etc - to present a decent show.

And then spend great time figuring out what can go wrong and how you will work around it if it does. What if the dress change sticks halfway through? What if the subtrunk won't cooperate that night? What if you choose an ill-mannered volunteer? If you're indoors - what if your lights and sound techs don't pay attention? If you're outdoors - what if the weather kicks up?

If these are all your "friends" and they know you well, you will *never* get through all your three "thought builds" - they already know all you do is tricks. At the very least, they will come only to be entertained, but will not be fooled or think you might be magic. At the worst, if you _do_ succeed in badly fooling someone with a large ego, he might be comfortable enough to try and call you out and "explain" your tricks, and in the middle of your performance!! (Please don't ask me how I know all of this!)

If you're going to spend the money on Metamorphosis and a quick change, please spend the more expensive time to put together a decent act. You'll be more than glad you did!

Dick Oslund
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Thanks, Ed,for writing what you wrote!

I would have said, essentially the same thing. I'm just too busy.

I hope that he has the good sense to read and LISTEN!
Ray Bertrand
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Ditto to the advice of both Ed and Dick.

EnterTRAINment at its best.
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Thanks a lot guys!!!

I will consider what you just said, work on my acts, and share my actions on what you just pointed.
Pop Haydn
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I have never understood why so many magicians want to do a lecture instead of a magic show. They slobber untrue or strained tropes about the mind and magic and meaning all over a good trick like ketchup on a hamburger.

Do you want to screw with your audience's heads and show them a good time, or impress them with your depth and intellectual acumen? I would pay to see one. You'd have to pay me to watch the latter.
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