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Hey there,

Did you ever hear this question or a version of it "Do you do other things besides cards?" or "Do you do magic with other things?".

Why do you think people ask this question? What does it mean, really?

Today a guy asked me this, but it's not the first time I hear it. So I asked him why do you ask that, don't you like playing cards?. He said yes but I want to see other things (?).

I wanted to know other people's opinion on this

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This is the moment a working pro would reply with what type of magician they are. Yes. Im also a kids party magician...
A stage illusionist...
A strolling magician...
A mentalist...
A balloon artist...
You get the point.
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There are a million card tricks but to most people many of them are the same. Once you have shown a certain amount of skill it's sort of pointless from their point of view because they will already concede that you can find their card or move it from here to there unseen. They are impressed but they don't feel a need to see you prove it over and over.

If you do card tricks that are very different from each other you could keep their interest longer. An ace assembly is different from a mind reading trick for instance. Finding a card in their wallet or sticking it to the ceiling would keep interest going.

But if people are asking you what else you can do you should probably take the hint and learn some non-card stuff.
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On Dec 5, 2017, Maxyedid wrote:
Hey there,

Did you ever hear this question or a version of it "Do you do other things besides cards?" or "Do you do magic with other things?".

Why do you think people ask this question? What does it mean, really?

I think you are overcomplicating it. It's a perfectly straightforward question, and I don't think it's inherently antagonistic. They are curious about you and your magic. Take it at face value and give an honest answer. Consider it an opportunity to enhance the persona you are creating with a specific point of view.

"No, cards are my passion and my specialty; It's like asking Thelonious Monk if he does anything other than piano."
"You bet! Cards aren't for everyone. Let me show you something else!"
"Ah, a connoisseur! Tell me, what's your favorite kind of magic?"
"I already did. Where's your watch?"
"No, but I love watching coin tricks! Do you know any?"
An actor is a magician performing the illusion of reality.
Lee Stan
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That happened to me last month.

I did the first phase of Chicago Opener, Fulves' Gemini Twins, a Stop trick and the first phase of Be Honest, What is it?

Then I found out the spectator has seen magic on Facebook or Instagram using other props and wanted to know if I could do the same.
Terrible Wizard
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I think Shelton's got it right Smile If they don't want to see cards, for whatever reason, show them something else! You can always show them a non-traditional card trick afterwards if they're interested. Smile
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I never get asked this as I never only do card effects, variety is the spice of life as they say Smile
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Several answers come to mind but it really depends on the circumstances in which the question is asked. If you have just done one or two effects and they ask, they could just not like card tricks in general for some reason or they might just not be “impressed” with them.

If they ask after seeing several (and seem enthusiastic) they may just want to enjoy a variety of magic. I have had people in a restaurant ask me if I can make an elephant vanish or levitate a person. I would explain that there are different types of magicians and I do “close up” where Lance Burton and David Copperfield do “stage magic”.

Often they are just asking out of curiosity rather than “being bored” with the card stuff.
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It is a valid question and they were probably just interested if you did magic with other things.
I do close-up magic so that is not just limited to is encompassing many different objects and props.
Mary Mowder
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I've made a lot of effort to have a variety of props in my Close-Up Magic.

I did this because I'm not the best ever at Card Tricks (although people are often amazed at what I can do, among Magicians I would not stand out). I did notice early on that in a room full of very capable card types, the one who has the most variety in props often comes out looking the most talented and is the most ardently watched in the room.

We've all been in a room with a few too many Magicians for club events or Charity events. Of course the Magicians with the best people skills come off best but if most of them are doing cards, the ones with some variety are of more interest to more people.

People don't all like the same things and some seem to feel that all card tricks are the same (even though we don't).

At one point I just decided that the next three tricks I would add to my working repertoire would not be cards. Of course finding three good tricks is not easy but the first three can be because they are low hanging and obvious like, CMH or T&R dollar or a few ring and rope or Ring and String bits.

Once you've seen how much better your sets can go with something to break up the cards you'll be hooked.

-Mary Mowder
Gordon the discombobulator
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I am also a mind reader. I KNEW you would ask that question....
Mr Salk
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Unless you are a professional, you can get away with performing vast numbers of card-tricks without ever being called a "magician".
The first time you make a nickel disappear you're labeled forever.

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I think people just like variety. And, if you could do magic (which we pretend to do) you could do it with anything.
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Joshua Jay wrote an excellent article in the last paper issue (#301) of Magic Magazine, regarding a survey of what people really like or dislike about magic. It was eye-opening to him (as a card man) that most people cannot remember specific card tricks (ie people remember a helicopter being vanished, but not an oil and water routine). He mentions that some card tricks like card to ceiling are remembered for being so unusual. But for the most part, they are not remembered specifically to be described in a survey. HOWEVER, 20% of respondents in the survey considered 'card magic' their favorite form of magic! So, I do think the question was pretty innocent, and probably deserving of a straight answer (unless the question was asked in a disparaging way). I might have answered "Houdini started out as the King of Kards, but I'm not yet ready to hang upside down in a straight jacket from a tall building!"... and then show him another card trick! Lynn
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