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Topic: What Got you Interested in Escapes or
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jan 21, 2005 02:54AM)
Becoming a Escape Artist Please post your response/stories here.
Message: Posted by: Wolflock (Jan 21, 2005 03:38AM)
To be completely Honest, I have absolutely no idea!!

I had been doing magic for 7 Years and I suppose I got a few too many books on Houdini and Dunninger and so forth... Ended up I tried a few tips and hints from some biography of Houdini and found that the tips worked. I justpushed myself to the limits with ropes chains and eventually handcuffs, cableties, etc. from there on for a year (practise) and started doing shows from then on. Been doing it for 10, going on 11, years now.
Message: Posted by: RickSilmser (Jan 21, 2005 04:02AM)
Don...I was in radio and one of my co-workers was a Magician. I asked him to teach me magic to become a magician. He said "I'd have more use for an Escape Artist in my show". So he gave me the address to Prynce E. Wheeler and I bought a book called "Houdini his life and art" by Sugarman and Randi.

I will always in indebted to that co-worker, whom is still a dear friend of mine to this day.

Message: Posted by: pastorclyde (Jan 21, 2005 07:51AM)
Not to get overly autobiographical but escaping for me has always been second nature.

I grew up trying to escape the abuse I experienced at home, trying to stay out of the grasp of opposing gangs and later worked to escape the power of addiction. Escapes simply display outwardly what I have been experiencing inwardly my entire life. In that way, when I escape, I relive the victory.

Escapes now provide me with a means and a message to communicate with my audience. They identify with the message and then, when I complete my escape, they vicariously escape with me and we all celebrate the victory!

Message: Posted by: Dr_Stephen_Midnight (Jan 21, 2005 08:31AM)
First off, I was a born ham. At 9 I became interested in ventriloquism and impressions via Paul Winchell.
At 13, The Tony Curtis film, "Houdini" (Paramount, 1953) aired on TV. My folks had it on the tube, but I barely paid attention. I had seen it on TV when I was 5 (and yes, I did briefly play 'Houdini' with my toy handcuffs at that time), and was more interested in assembling my new "Rommel's Rod" model kit.
The next day, however, my best friend at school was raving about Houdini, and wanted to start studying Houdini and magic. Being his bud, I went along. The first decent book we found on magic in our Jr. HS library was "The Master Magicians" by Walter Gibson (a good place to start). My friend became fascinated with magic in general, but I was quickly hooked on the escapes.
We both started mail ordering from Chicago's Top Hat Magic Co. While my friend bought things like the milk pitcher and billiard balls, my first purchase was the booklet, "Rope, Chain & Box Escapes" by U.F. Grant.
Within a month I had obtained a set of Peerless-copy handcuffs from a local surplus store, and was performing escapes from ropes, handcuffs, chains, an 'insane blanket' (wrapped neck-to-ankles in an army blanket fastened with nylon web straps at the neck, chest, waist, knees and ankles), and a homemade pillory, based on the plans in the Grant book.
Within a year, my friend dropped magic for a new fascination: medicine. Last I heard he was going to school to become a pharmacist.
Me? Well, here I am, 34 years and countless shows later.

Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Jan 21, 2005 08:56AM)
My entire interest in magic in general does not have the happiest of beginnings. Back in elementry school, I was the "Fat" kid who got picked on. My academic grades were dropping like stones as I had to deal with my parents divorce. I really had nothing going for me in school where I could shine. For me magic was always, "I can do something you can't" my way of finding an outlet in which I could be on top.

In college, I still had many of the same problems, and escapes appeared to give my tormentors an easy chance to put me down. The reality of course is that they were way off, and I had the pleasure of wathcing someone who wanted ot make fun of me have their jaw hit the floor.

I think that Pastor Clyde and I probably have a few things in common in this area.