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Topic: Tenyo's 'Poodle'
Message: Posted by: Jack (Jan 25, 2005 12:18AM)
I decided to take a chance and purchased Tenyo's new effect called 'Poodle' and wow, what a cool gimmick that I'll be carrying around always. A great little thing for that perfect moment. The trick comes with beads, which replaces a balloon, already partitioned off to form a tini poodle from, but I doubt that I'll be carrying them around. They're pretty and the little created poodle is cute, but I have better plans for my neat little bark gimmick, as you can make pretty much anything small appear to be letting out two short bursts (three "woof!"s in each burst) of poodle bark. The gimmick is very practical and I'm happy that I now own one. Thanks Tenyo!
Magically, Jack
Message: Posted by: Clarioneer (Jan 25, 2005 04:45AM)
Where!!!!! been waiting for this...

PS - I heard the battery is replaceable - can you confirm... looks like fun...
Message: Posted by: TonyKo (Jan 25, 2005 06:06AM)
I'll go get one now!
Message: Posted by: Jack (Jan 25, 2005 08:31AM)
Yes, the batteries are replaceable.
Message: Posted by: Carron (Jan 25, 2005 08:38AM)
Bought one of theses from the good man bob little at a recent convention, great little item and can really freak some people out!!

Message: Posted by: Clarioneer (Jan 25, 2005 09:12AM)
The gimmick does it for me - sure there are a ton of fun ways to use it besides the simple poodle :) and a must if children are around...
Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (Jan 26, 2005 12:19AM)
If you go into a library or bookstore and open a book on dogs, the gimmick is naturally held within the pages of the book as you hold it. Make it bark and say to anyone that may notice, "wow these dogs are lively!" :)

Best in a pet store that sells books/magazines on dogs.

The creator of the gimmick is my good friend in London Gee Mahabir. It is funny he showed me this many times and it was always fun. Glad he is one of the few europeans to get it marketed by Tenyo.

Message: Posted by: Clarioneer (Jan 26, 2005 05:51AM)
Great idea/gag angelo - even a card shop with a card - dog theme would be hilarious - as someone is bound to try it out and make the card bark :)
Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (Jan 26, 2005 07:46AM)
That is even better. Those novelty cards are fun! Seeing someone else open and close the card trying to get it to work would definately make me :)

Message: Posted by: Philippe (Jan 28, 2005 07:56AM)
Please, which dealer in the UK has the Barking Poodle?
Message: Posted by: TonyKo (Jan 28, 2005 07:57AM)
Message: Posted by: Philippe (Jan 28, 2005 08:19AM)
Thank you Tonyko, I looked but can not see it
Message: Posted by: Neznarf (Jan 28, 2005 11:51AM)
How much does it cost?

Becuase I know it's not cheap!
Message: Posted by: Big Al Jnr (Jan 28, 2005 01:39PM)
Hi guys,

I've been waiting for this gimmick. I been using the poodle 'lucky charm' giveaway since it was in Magic Magazine. This can only add to the effect, a 'real bark' instead of a squeek.

Does anyone know where to get them in the UK yet?

Thanks in advance.

Message: Posted by: MerlH (Jan 28, 2005 08:26PM)
Go to a scrapbook store and look around. A 10 second recorder will allow the barks and the poodle will name a selected card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Message: Posted by: philblackmore (Jan 29, 2005 01:23PM)
Davenports had this in stock a week or two ago.
Message: Posted by: TonyKo (Jan 29, 2005 01:29PM)
I saw it in the shop..and other new Tenoys too.
Message: Posted by: Big Al Jnr (Feb 1, 2005 05:18AM)
Thanks Guys, I'll check Davenports now.
Message: Posted by: kuroko (Feb 1, 2005 06:38AM)
What you can do is..you can ctually make ur own beads and give it to the spectator at the end of routine
Message: Posted by: The Mighty Fool (Mar 20, 2005 04:30AM)
If you have the 'impossible hank', you can 'place' the poodle into it, and then have the dog wriggle about in the hanky as well as bark.
Message: Posted by: whodini (Mar 20, 2005 07:46AM)
I have been making pearl poodles and handing them out for years since Frank Zak showed it to me. I first thought this gimmick would be stupid and not enhance the effect but I was wrong. Specs are blown away by the barking. As I hand it out I tell the spec that the poodle is for them but make sure you don't cover him up. I then wrap him up in a bar napkin and it barks. I open up the napkin and let them inspect everything.
Great twist
Message: Posted by: Tim Trono (Mar 20, 2005 11:17AM)
There is a great effect causing the beads to "magically" transform into a pearl poodle in a flash in the Daniel Cros issue of MAGIC Magazine. The bark would make a perfect finish as you give them the poodle. Make sure to check out the Daniel Cros issue.

Message: Posted by: Davidicus (Mar 20, 2005 11:32AM)
Who is the "creator" of this? Marketed in the late 90's by MagicSmith was an effect called Pearl Poodle. It was available for $15, and is idential to the Tenyo version.
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Mar 20, 2005 11:51AM)
Hi everyone, my question is this - is the Pearl Poodle the same is the Mystery Poodle by Tenyo? I saw it at the Magic Warehouse for $38 bucks. Thanks.