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Topic: A Different Ace Assembly
Message: Posted by: Brandon Delgado (Jan 27, 2005 11:25AM)
I thought of this not long ago, and was wondering if anyone has seen or done anything similar. If so, please let me know. Here is the effect:

Remove the four aces from a blue-backed deck and show them face up. Clearly count over 3 aces to the top of the deck and use the fourth to flip these face down. Place this fourth ace face up onto the table. Deal the 3 aces from the deck face-down onto the table. From a red-backed deck remove and display three blank faced cards and explain that you will perform a different sort of ace assembly--the faces of the three face-down aces will vanish and reappear on the faces of the blank cards, which are then placed face down with the leader ace. When you turn over the blue cards, their faces are gone. Turn over the three red-backed cards to show the faces of the aces have reappeared.

Right now it is not much more than an idea. I have worked out a method, but my handling at the moment is far from perfect. If you know of any similar effect, let me know.

Message: Posted by: wespetty (Aug 27, 2005 01:06AM)

Take a look at Bruce Cervon's routine entitled "The Red Backed Aces" (which is based on a Lin Searles plot). It is pretty much exactly what you've described (with the exception of you choosing to use blank faced cards and your opting to transpose the colors of the aces versus the indifferent/blank cards). You can find the routine in Ultra Cervon (book/video).

Cheers, Wes