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Topic: Song from Copperfield's "Cutting in Eighths"
Message: Posted by: Andy Leviss (Feb 4, 2005 06:31PM)
Hey gang,
Funny, that I who have in the past jumped on folks to make sure they were asking out of curiosity and not to use music from Copperfield's shows for their own shows should now be asking this, but...does anybody know the name of the song that he used on the '90 Niagara Falls special for the cutting in eights piece? The lyrics go something like, "Girls do what they want to do/boys do what they want to do to/girls say what they want to say/boys we'll get them anyway", but Google searches on any bit of those lyrics comes up blank. I'm collecting bits of random 80s music for my iPod (need new stuff for my pre-show soundchecks while I'm out on tour so that my crew doesn't kill me for playing the same stuff over and over again), and can't get that song out of my head, so hoping somebody can help me out.

Thanks in advance,
Andy, resident touring sound engineer
Message: Posted by: Norrabmagic (Feb 4, 2005 10:20PM)
http://www.themagicofdc.com has pretty much every song he ever used availiable for download. look under goodies.

And its called "Chicos Y Chicas" by "Mavis Vegas Davis."