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Topic: Cafe search tool
Message: Posted by: Dan Farmer (Sep 21, 2002 03:02PM)
IMO the Cafe's search tool is completely worthless. I could go on and on about how bad it is but rather than do that I'll just tell you guys how to successfully search the Cafe (some probably already know this)

go to google.com (best search engine) and Do your search like this
[code]site:www.themagiccafe.com [i]keywords here[/i][/code]

This will only search this site and it works perfectly.

Message: Posted by: Uli Weigel (Sep 21, 2002 03:52PM)
I have to disagree concerning Dan's comments on the Café's search tool. In fact, I think it works pretty good.

Dan, why do you think the search tool is worthless? Have you tried the different AND/OR options? Can you give an example?

Message: Posted by: Dan Farmer (Sep 21, 2002 09:05PM)

[*]It's slow
[*]It's inaccurate
[*]When it does return otherwise good results it gives a result for every reply in that thread.

It's WAY more effective to go to google and search the site. Besides not only does it work 10x better and faster but it's more courteous to the Cafe because you are not using their bandwidth (Just ask MaryB)

Message: Posted by: Chris A. (Sep 21, 2002 09:19PM)
Maybe the forums will get upgraded to phpBB 2.0 one day. It has a much, much improved search function. While I wouldn't categorize the current one as "useless", it could stand a lot of improvement...
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Sep 22, 2002 10:32AM)
I also have to disagree with Dan's statement about the search tool being worthless.
I have used the tool many times and have no problems whatsoever. I have searched for posts by my username and that of other members and it took 3 seconds to return all 200 + postings. I have searched by keywords in both subject and body and it took a whopping 6 seconds to return.

How detailed a search is being requested? Seems like it would take much longer to go to Google, type in the search inquiry, obtain the results, although I don't know how much quicker than 3-6 seconds it would be, and then return to the Cafe to use the search information.

Nothing is useless if it provides information requested and the search function within the Cafe does that.

What is meant by "results are inaccurate"? The search function will return information based on you request. Perhaps you have not given specific enough information. Just the opinion of a satisfied user.

Message: Posted by: Nae Blis (Sep 23, 2002 03:05PM)
The search tool in the cafe is far from useless. Be serious....

I have used it often. It was precise and accurate each time.

Google is the best search engine out there. But like any search engine, it's only as good as the data in it's databases. The cafe has access to all of the data in the DB. Google on the other hand only has only the information it gathered since it's last index.

How often does google index the cafe?

Not often enough to capture new and updated postings. In my everyday use of the cafe and it's ever changing dynamic content....google is useless to me. It was not designed to replace internal search engines and does not provide any current data.

To turn people away from the cafe's search engine would be foolish. No, it's not the best engine out there. It's free and it gets the job done....
Message: Posted by: cheaptrick (Oct 2, 2002 01:58PM)
It would help if the sites search engine would zero in on a specific post that contains the word of phrase needed.

In other words, instead of bringing up complete threads where the word or phrase
in question, it may be posible to list results like it is on the main menu, with a
"[GO]" that takes you to the specific message.

Hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: Rod Lages (Oct 2, 2002 06:30PM)
The search engine works very well for me. Comīon, itīs not that bad. Mabey if you try the different AND/OR options like Uli said...
Can you imagine the hard time these guys will have to upgrade the CAFE to phpBB 2.0? I donīt know about this stuff but...

Best Regards,
Rod Lages