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Topic: Costume question!!!
Message: Posted by: Jeff Jenson (Feb 13, 2005 11:22PM)
I'm new to dove magic and I was just watching Tony Clark's behide the seams. I'm trying to put together a costume that will fit my style of performing and I came to the decision of using ruffles in the chest to fill the gap and a stiffiner material in the lining of the jacket. In Tony's video he talked about shoulder pads, should I use shoulder pads?
Any reply would be great! Thank you.

Message: Posted by: Moonmagick (Feb 14, 2005 12:56PM)
Shoulder pads are good. They can create an little extra cavity between the pectoral muscles and the shoulder blade depending on what size shoulder pads you use and it gives you a much better look. This cavity space is especilally useful when doing the double dove production from silk (a la Channing Pollock). Use the square pads, not the ones that contour around your shoulder.