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Topic: Gospel as in bible???
Message: Posted by: cardcaptor (Feb 15, 2005 09:39PM)
Can I ask you guys what is gospel magic? because I've been hearing such things about that... wat kind of magic is that?? what's the diffrence of gospel magic to street and to the other forms of magic??? can anyone explain it. thank you.
Message: Posted by: Paul Sherman (Feb 15, 2005 09:47PM)
Gospel magic is magic that deal with religious, specifically Christian, themes. Very powerful idea which is, quite frankly, not nearly done justice by the marketed gospel tricks that I've seen.

As for Gospel card tricks (since we're in the card trick forum), in my experience as a demonstrator, most of them seem to conclude with the production of a picture of Jesus. Not particularly subtle. It's a shame that an inherently meaningful medium (magic) with an inherently meaningful theme (religion) always seems so trite in actual practice.


(As an aside, I'm not particularly religious, so I'd probably never perform this, but I always thought it would be neat to do a miser's dream with a vanish of all the coins at the end to illustrate that unbound greed ultimately leaves you with nothing...a nice illustration of the deadly sin of avarice.)
Message: Posted by: cardcaptor (Feb 15, 2005 09:54PM)
Ahh ok now I know. one gospel magician showed me a trick last week in a party and its about cards I thought its just an ordinary card magic that any one knows,but his story is good and also the ending..the ending is he produced a card with the holy family encripted on the face of the card, its a blank card when I first saw it. his really good I could say that.

thanks for the explanation....
Message: Posted by: Eric McDonald (Feb 15, 2005 10:21PM)
Check out Duane Laflin and Andre Kole - established Christian magicians.

BTW - "Gospel" literally means "Good News" and is used to describe the message of the Bible, which is God revealing His character and His love for all of humanity.

And like Paul S. says - a subject ripe for creative and thoughtful application. I like his idea for the Miser's dream too!
Message: Posted by: magickdabid--uk (Feb 16, 2005 02:01AM)
It alway's worries me, we feel comfortable using "the Devils Playthings" to spread the "Good news".........even with the dogma of "we do tricks but (A) God does Miricales.....Mmmmmmmmm

Message: Posted by: ThePartyMagician (Feb 16, 2005 09:46AM)
On 2005-02-16 03:01, magickdabid--uk wrote:
It alway's worries me, we feel comfortable using "the Devils Playthings" to spread the "Good news".........even with the dogma of "we do tricks but (A) God does Miricales.....Mmmmmmmmm


To save diverting this topic off onto already discussed and well-worn tracks, these links all look at the issues of 'Christians' and 'magic'.





Hope that helps some.

With regards to the topic at hand, Paul S. gives a great explaination of what 'Gospel magic' is (or should be!)

Kind regards
Message: Posted by: rossmacrae (Feb 16, 2005 05:37PM)
I remember doing a "tossed out deck"-type effect at my Presbyterian church a few years ago (grownup fellowship dinner night, not a Gospel theme) - my version has packets of cards spread out in the hands of multiple volunteers throughout the audience - and the biggest laugh of the night happened when I was struck by the sight of ALL THOSE CARDS out there and commnented "you know, I was raised Baptist ... do you have any idea what would happen to me if I did this in the church back home?"
Message: Posted by: SonSHINE (Feb 16, 2005 08:22PM)
Good Question.........There are many inside the " Church " that ask the same question !!!
The Good New's { Bible } is the greatest story ever told. We just try to retell it using modern day terms..Jesus first miracle was to turn " Water into Wine " I turn Milk into Chocolate Milk......The point is , These children will never forget the first miracle of JESUS...Hope that helps You......
:dancing: :bigdance: SonSHINE

Update: Feb 24 2005

Gospel Magicians are individuals who are committed to living in obedience to the Word of God and under the lordship of Jesus Christ. They are specialists in the use of unique object lessons, accomplished by totally natural means, that confound the eyes ( EyeGate ) Yet Illustrate Truth in a unforgetable way........
Message: Posted by: thesecretllama (Feb 25, 2005 03:26PM)
Paul S. makes a great point about the marketed effects not doing justice to the Gospel. I would go as far as to say that many of them don't do great justice to the art of magic. As far as the subtlty of the picture of Jesus on a revealed card (while I know the point you were making), I would say that there is nothing subtle about the Gospel. The Good News is the God of Creation, revealed in Jesus Christ, coming face to face with us.

There is something about using creativity to spread the message of the Creator.
Message: Posted by: MarkTripp (Feb 26, 2005 05:57AM)
On 2005-02-16 03:01, magickdabid--uk wrote:
It alway's worries me, we feel comfortable using "the Devils Playthings" to spread the "Good news".........even with the dogma of "we do tricks but (A) God does Miricales.....Mmmmmmmmm


Dogma? Hmmmm..... interesting insight.

Kinda like "cult" which is always someone else's religion......
Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Feb 27, 2005 03:48AM)
Odd, I always thought "cult" was the past tense of "Celt" (which should be pronounced with the hard 'C' unless one is talking about a basketball team from Bean Town, of course!)...!

Just couldn't resist that temptation... ;)

Lee Darrow, C.H.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Feb 27, 2005 03:54PM)
I absolutely agree with thesecretllama.

A lot of the previously available "Gospel Magic effects" might have served better in the past. But the basic message is timeless, and there is nothing subtle about the truth. So speak in a language that you fell wiil be understood. Not diluted by a language that is sure not to offend.

We all do our creator a disservice if we are afraid to offend when telling the Greatest Store that can be told. How the God of all creation, loved man enough to send his own Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to take our sin on His back, so that we could stand before God, in His Holy innocence ourselves.

Does the Gospel offend? YES! No matter how skillfully, or otherwise delivered, the Gospel WILL be an offense to some.

Before I believed it, I was offended by it every time I heard it! And some who have chosen to rail against it, or even possibly never heard it clearly enough to understand, will be offended by it, throughout eternity.

But for that reason alone, so that none need to spend eternity being offended, we must carry it forth by whatever means are available to us. And I firmly believe in the Words Of St. Francis of Assisi when he said "Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words." We need to let our lives speak TRUTH. All we that do should show our gratefulness’ for the great gift of Eternal Salvation. And the Gospel should be not simply be seen or spoken on Sunday, but lived out loud through us, every moment of every day.

What is “dated” for me, might be “right on” for someone else. Don’t detract form others who do it differently. If their heart is right, and that is for God alone to judge, then He will be honored. Look into your own hearts, and be sure that your heart reflects the light of the truth in the Gospel. And if you do nothing else, tell others what God has done for you.

And if necessary, use words.

Message: Posted by: thesecretllama (Feb 27, 2005 04:11PM)
Yes, yes Bro Francis . . . I mean BroDavid!!