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Topic: Getting into this style of magic
Message: Posted by: Chris Rodriguez (Feb 17, 2005 07:03PM)
Hi guys, I am begining to geet into geek magic. I want to add some nice effects that will make the spectators slep out and scream in some of my close-up routines. I have been looking at some threads on the book Swami/Mantra, and I have been reading that a lot of the descriptions are not really in depth at all, and you have to be crazy to try some of the effects. So I guess my question is, is the book worth it? Could I do some of the effects in a stand-up situation? If not can you suggest any other resources? Thanks.

Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Feb 18, 2005 07:18AM)
S/M is a great book. But it's a far better resource, when you're already grounded in the art form, with enoughknowledge to look at it, and chuckle at the appropriate moments. You'd be a lot better off finding someone to teach you, in person, who really knows the material.

Todd Robbins sometimes teaches classes at Coney Island in NY. And I'll be doing a teaching weekend, later in the spring. I guess I should set the dates, eh?
Message: Posted by: Chris Rodriguez (Feb 20, 2005 07:00PM)
That'd be great if you got those dates. I might acually be able to catch a class there too seeing how I have some family that lives in Brooklyn.