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Topic: Tarot and BKM wallet
Message: Posted by: enigmatic (Mar 1, 2005 10:50AM)
Hello everybody,

I would like to know if it's possible to load a tarot card (classic rider waite) inside the bkm wallet (inside the Mullica compartment of course)
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Mar 1, 2005 11:23AM)
Not sure. But if need be you could use the mini-Tarot, that would fit.
Message: Posted by: burgerinc (Mar 1, 2005 12:12PM)
Unless you are using Jumbo Tarot cards there should be no problem. I carry 5 in mine.
Message: Posted by: enigmatic (Mar 1, 2005 12:35PM)
Thank for your reply. I use the mini rider sometime, but the classic rider waite all times. My question is about the classic format of course.
Message: Posted by: Magickman (Mar 1, 2005 03:57PM)
Not only will it fit, it will also lock into place!
Inner wallet can be tossed to the table if you like.
I'm using the Rider/Wait Universal and see no problems.