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Topic: Reel or Pull???
Message: Posted by: pezgod (Mar 2, 2005 09:36PM)
Ok, I've been working with cards for a while, and I like them...but I'd like to go a different direction. I would like to be able to make small objects, (rings, coins, maybe a card or bill or anything else I can think of) disappear. I was thinking of getting cupoodles, and a reel or pull could probably help me out with that. But here's my main question... What's the difference?? Like I said, this area is something new to me, and thus I haven't researched it very much. Any information on the differences between the two, or any pointers in the right direction where I could learn more on my own would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Message: Posted by: Wells34 (Mar 3, 2005 12:53AM)
For both you'll want/need a jacket
Pull - They are silent
- Normally up the sleeve
- Can vanish heavier objects
Reel - often make some sound as the vanish happens
- They are a little more predictable and workable to work with
- Often can not vanish as heavy of objects
- More costly than a pull
- Normally vanish goes into jacket, but can be sleeve

Those are a few tips on the two.
Message: Posted by: Vraagaard (Mar 3, 2005 02:56AM)
Let me add, that although the reel has some noise to it, it will almost always be covered by the normal background noise at the restaurant, the table or then event where you are performing. If you think the background noise is not loud enough to cover, then either don't perform it, or raise your voice as the reel is in action. I never had a problem with the noise. You can actually get quite heavy reels that can cary a lot of weight. No problem I vanish 4 half dollars in a coin clip, a cigaret lighter a watch and a large 24" silk with the reel.

A pull is a great thing too. I got one up my sleeve to vanish a lit cigarette, and a reel down my hip to vanish also a lit cigarette. Then I have a reel on my back to vanish the silk. Depending on the performance, I sometimes has the coin clip attached to my hip reel. Well sometimes I just vanish the sharpie to my hip reel.

http://www.stevedraun.com/ has reels of great quality and strenght to vanish sharpies and cigarettes.

Good luck.
Message: Posted by: pezgod (Mar 3, 2005 05:47PM)
Thanks for the info! I think I'll probably get a reel. I don't think I'm going to use it for anything too heavy. so, what's one of the best reels out there?? I'd like to do the cigarette, and I'll probably get that one off of the website you recommended, Vraagaard, but are there any other good reels out there, I've heard good and bad about the PM reel....so what do y'all think? What's a good reel for the buck? I'm not looking at spending any more than $50ish

Message: Posted by: Wells34 (Mar 4, 2005 11:26PM)
You might do a search on the Magical Apperatus Reviews section of the Café for some recommendations. I have not seen too many to be able to give you a fair recommendation, but there a re few threads on this very question.
Message: Posted by: Minimidge (Mar 6, 2005 04:03PM)
Is the pen reel on http://www.stevedraun.com/ strong enough to quickly pull up an AVC pipe connector?
Message: Posted by: Vraagaard (Mar 7, 2005 02:20AM)
On 2005-03-06 17:03, Minimidge wrote:
Is the pen reel on http://www.stevedraun.com/ strong enough to quickly pull up an AVC pipe connector?

I should be able to answer this question, since I have both of Steve Drauns reels, the pen reel and the cigarette vanish reel. The reels are identical for both applications, and are pretty strong. However, what is and AVC pipe connector???? I'm from Denmark and not familiar with the term AVC?
Message: Posted by: Allan (Mar 7, 2005 09:22AM)
Pull vs reel. I have been using pulls (with elastic) for over 45 years and thought I would never switch. The problem with pulls is that you depend on elastic. The more you use them and the longer you use them the less pull they seem to have. When you purchase new elastic, the strength changes according to the type elastic,the age, the brand etc. It is totally inconsistant and you must always adjust the length of the piece and where you mount it.

When I first saw Steve Drauns pulls, I new without seeing it that it was the perfect answer to an old problem. I purchased one and threw out all my yards of elastic. It is the best way to go. I am sold and will never switch back.
Message: Posted by: steve j (Mar 7, 2005 01:17PM)
I like reels myself, I'm partial to ring flite and just in case, both are really strong vanishes.
Message: Posted by: craz4azanz (Mar 7, 2005 06:53PM)
I like reels also, I like to use the spider pen
Message: Posted by: cataquet (Mar 8, 2005 02:56PM)
An important difference that hasn't been mentioned is that the length of a reel is fixed, whereas you can make a pull as long as you want. Because of this, the placement of a reel unit is more of an issue than the placement of a pull. Steve Draun's reels are great, but I wish they were a bit longer.
Message: Posted by: Derek Dean (Mar 9, 2005 04:11AM)
I've been looking for a good reel also. How long are the Draun reels?
Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Mar 9, 2005 11:20PM)
Not to sound contrary, have you guys considered a topit? Michael Ammar sells a pattern and you can sew it yourself. He also sells a good dvd on how to use it with performance tips. Want to vanish something larger, say, a drinking glass? How about producing something large, like a bottle of wine.

You might want to consider it.