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Topic: The Banquet Room and Secret Session Access
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 26, 2002 06:23PM)
Once joining our magic family, you may have noticed members discussing a subject that can only be found in [b]The Banquet Room[/b] or in an area called [b]Secret Sessions[/b].

[b]The Banquet Room[/b] category contains three forums, including [i]Secret Sessions[/i] (where members may openly discuss secrets not allowed in the open forums) and [i]Threads, Reels and Anchors[/i] (Extensive discussion on ITR work) plus one other forum. You may openly discuss secrets and methods in the private forums listed above (provided they are not marketed tricks and effects - as exposing these items would only hurt the creators and manufacturers) with one another for the purpose of learning and becoming more proficient in the art.

Admission to this special area is granted once you have a achieved minimum of 50 legitimate posts on the board (at this point The Banquet Room & its various forums will appear near the bottom of your screen). This means posts that contribute to the Café.

New members who go to the [i]Our new arrivals[/i] area and greet 50 members will not qualify. Posts made in the New Arrivals area do not increase your post count. Further, a string of posts that are only replies such as: Me too, I agree, Good Choice, etc do not qualify for entrance, and such posts will be removed.

Posts in the "I want to see the Manager" and the "Tech Help" forums will also not add to your post count, as these areas are not for discussions on magic.

Finally, should your post count ever fall below the minimum 50 post requirement (e.g, you may have had posts made in a topic that was removed from the board due to other members or yourself not following Café policies), access to [b]The Banquet Room[/b] will be lost until your post count rises back up to at least the 50 post minimum.

I hope this helps in answering any questions one may have concerning this area.