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Topic: Val Evans Stop Trick--Reviews Please!
Message: Posted by: Dr. Faust (Mar 5, 2005 07:14AM)
Can anyone give me a review of the Val Evans Stop Trick? It's made by Viking Magic. It consists of a wooden houlette, a red ribbon, and a normal deck of cards. Two spectators pick two different cards, they are returned to the deck, and the cards are placed in the houlette with the ribbon beneath. The cards are then taken from the back of the houlette one at a time. At any time, the volunteers may say, "stop." The ribbon is then pulled to raise the deck, and the next card to be removed is the spectator's chosen card.

I would mainly like to know how good this trick is? How likely is it that a spectator can figure it out? Can the chosen cards be returned to the deck in any position. Or, do they have to returned to the back of the deck, very close to where the cards get removed? Just knowing whether the cards can be returned to the deck anywhere would answer a lot of what I want to know. That and any other information would be greatly appreciated. If you have any specific information about the workings of this trick and especially its gimmick, I'd also appreciate a private message about it. I am trying to decide whether to buy or not to buy.

Always Curious,

Dr. Faust
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Mar 5, 2005 10:56AM)
Umm, Doc. Is this a "How Does It Work?" question? You gave a review of it your self, and it works just d*** fine. You need to be able to control a card, but that's it. Audiences will not tumble to the method, it's a well-regarded classic for a reason. Getit new or snag it on Ebay when it (seldom) shows up.
Message: Posted by: Dr. Faust (Mar 6, 2005 03:04AM)
Thanks Tom! I'm sure I'll be getting one soon!

Dr. Faust
Message: Posted by: evanthx (Mar 6, 2005 10:23PM)
So I looked this up...I have a old trick of my father's from when he performed in the 50's. He sorta remembered what it was...he hasn't performed in a VERY long time. I did a google search on this and much to my surprise saw a updated version of the item my dad used to use.

Kinda cool, I enjoyed that. I'm not sure how the effect was done, might have to go puzzle that out later. I found a "special" feature, just have to puzzle out how to make it work properly.
Message: Posted by: JohnWells (Feb 7, 2010 02:00PM)
The manuscript is still svailable for about $5 that has all construction details, if your the crafty sort.
Message: Posted by: IpswichRich (Dec 6, 2016 01:17PM)
Viking Magic has recently restocked Stop Trick. Just received mine. Wonderfully made piece.
Message: Posted by: TrickyRicky (Jul 13, 2017 05:35AM)
Just received Val Evans (stop trick).
This trick is worth more than twice the price I paid. The material and craftsmanship is second to none and the method is undetectable.
Anyone owning this trick want to PM me, I may have a better way of presenting the trick. I feel that the ribbon and brass clip is not necessary and may cause problems during presentation.
Tricky Ricky
Message: Posted by: Mad Jake (Jul 23, 2017 01:05AM)
I have an original made of acrylic and I use it quite often. It's one of the staples of magic. It's a wonderful effect. The one that Viking offers is even nicer because it's made of wood.
Message: Posted by: Raymond42 (Jul 31, 2017 05:51PM)
A wonderful effect, beautifully constructed and a real fooler.

At the climax, where cards are removed, I let SPECTATOR take both ends of the ribbon and lift the cards out of the houlette. He then removes next card, seen to be his. This makes the effect seem 'hands off', even more impossible.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jul 31, 2017 07:13PM)
A good handling is to do a single loop "tie" of the ribbon across the top end of the deck at the climax.

This makes the removal of the deck easier, looks fairer and automatically executes the sneaky maneuver.

Anyone else do it this way?

Message: Posted by: Raymond42 (Aug 1, 2017 03:46AM)
Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea - one I'll certainly be using.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Aug 1, 2017 11:00AM)
Another tip: Use BEE playing cards to add an additional layer of disguise to confound the onlookers. :)
Message: Posted by: Raymond42 (Aug 1, 2017 11:20AM)
Yet another of your ideas I'll be utilising, thanks!
Message: Posted by: hektormagic (Apr 19, 2018 12:16PM)
Can we see a video demonstration of the trick? Some link?
Message: Posted by: magicden (Jun 4, 2019 09:44AM)
Just to ask if the Viking model of this prop works 100% of the time and easily. I have just bought a second hand one which is slightly different to the Viking one. May even be home made. I have trouble getting the card into where it has to go with the ribbon on. Sometimes more than one card goes but not all the way if you know what I mean.
I will buy the Viking one if it works better.
Message: Posted by: Raymond42 (Jun 4, 2019 09:47AM)
My Viking version works like a dream - well worth the expenditure.
Message: Posted by: magicden (Jun 4, 2019 02:09PM)
Thanks Raymond. I have just ordered one.
Message: Posted by: Kevin Janise (Jun 10, 2019 10:43AM)
Same question as hektormagic, has anyone come across a video demo of this trick?


Message: Posted by: IpswichRich (Feb 8, 2020 12:36PM)
Julie’s suggestion of using a Bee deck for Stop is priceless. Julie, thank you for quick reply to pm.
Message: Posted by: dj (Feb 9, 2020 04:01AM)
[quote]On Jun 10, 2019, Kevin Janise wrote:
Same question as hektormagic, has anyone come across a video demo of this trick?


Kevin [/quote]

Stop Trick by Val Evans:

Message: Posted by: Snidini (Feb 9, 2020 05:54PM)
Thanks for the video post dj. I see this is done with a Seo Magic howlett. It is a fraction of the cost of Vikings trick. My question would be, is there a quality difference between the two?
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Feb 11, 2020 11:55AM)
The video is actually demoing the Viking version of the effect. SEO charges the same price as Viking $59.


Message: Posted by: glowball (Feb 14, 2021 08:38AM)
Julie, I love your suggestion of using a Bee back deck and a single tie on the ribbon before lifting the whole deck up. My patter would be something like this:
"You remember the story about the farmer catching the leprechaun and the pot of gold and tying the yellow ribbon around the tree where the pot of gold was buried and the farmer leaving to get his shovel and making the leprechaun promise not to remove the yellow ribbon from the tree, well the cards represent the trees and the signed card is where the pot of gold is located. When the farmer goes to get his shovel the leprechaun kept the ribbon around the tree but he also tied it around all the trees so when the farmer came back he had a problem, but the leprechaun did not know that this farmer was Merlin's grandson so when he untied the ribbon he magically made the first tree have the pot of gold".
Message: Posted by: Julie (Feb 14, 2021 02:39PM)
One additional thought: the SEO demo (which seems a bit awkward in spots) shows a not very wide ribbon; if you will replace that one with one an inch or so wide, the handling is much cleaner.

Message: Posted by: glowball (Feb 14, 2021 05:26PM)
Another benefit of the Bee backed cards is that in addition to helping disguise the final pull up the magician might not have any need to put the discards in the clip as in the situation with bicycle backs (using Bee cards the discards could be placed on the table and more easily shown at the end). Well, the static view of the back hole (Bee cards) would be okay but when a card is being pulled up the magician may need to make sure their wrist is blocking the view of the back hole.