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Message: Posted by: Utah Showmen (Mar 5, 2005 01:22PM)
Ladies and Gentleman,

Step Right this Way Sideshow World is Alive on the Inside.

We have just opened new shows on our the Midway, Look all the way down there to all the way down there. We have here for your Amusement and Entertainment, Amazing sights and sounds, you will never forget what you are about to see and hear on the Inside.

Go in Now! we have Bob Blackmar's Sideshow Newsletter, It's Here, It's Now and It's New.

Coney Island Celebrates 25 years of Amazing Entertainment. BE THERE, DO IT NOW!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen this isn't for the weak at heart, for you that faint easily or are scared of the dark, Please Leave NOW!

But for the rest of you go in now and read here Doug Higley's Scary Dark Rides it's Alive on the Inside.

The Pickled Brothers add March 8th & 13th dates in Ohio Freakshow Foley add March 9th date in Indiana Zamora adds March 26th date in Nevada

The Brush simply loved The Geek, when he didn't hate him. The Brush worked The Geek to death.

Only he didn't die. He just coughed up more phlegm, wobbled a little more than usual, stank a little more intensely, and kept on working.

The Geek by Lee Kolozsy in our Good Old Day section.

As I was making one of my numerous LONG treks between the sideshows and my secret reporting area behind the shrubbery near the office, I fell through a worm hole into the 1970's. There, right in front of me was a food stand where everything was one dollar. No crap, everything's a buck…hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, drinks,

Please remember I am at the FSF, not a cheap place to eat. Well, I did not have to see a menu before telling the good man, "Give me one of everything".

Read Rick West's report Live from the Florida State Fair,

Right from the bally platform of Jimmy Z's Sideshow hear him, Alive, Alive, Alive, Alive from the Florida State Fair. Bally recording by Rick West. See It, Hear It, Go In Now,

Wishing you the best,