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Topic: Stage lighting
Message: Posted by: Timotheous (Dec 16, 2001 01:18PM)
Hey guys, I壇 like some help. I知 planning on building a professional lighting setup that I値l use for my shows, and also rent to bands. I値l probably have several setups as each show I値l do will have different setups. But since I値l rent or lease them out I can justify the extra expense. Does anyone know some good sources for the "good stuff"???

I値l also probably incorporate a sound system on the telescoping light stands for the larger shows and for renting also.

Any sources would be helpful........

Thanks in advance

Tim :babyface:
Message: Posted by: Timotheous (Jan 26, 2002 08:35PM)
Never mind........ too much on the table as it is.....

Message: Posted by: Gawin (Feb 3, 2002 02:20PM)
Martin is good for moving lights.
and for Spots you can use PAR 64 on a dimmer rack and a DMX512 lightningstation. But this will cos about 2000$ - Sorry
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Feb 6, 2002 01:04AM)
Hiya, Tim!

Glad to see you in the cafe!
Message: Posted by: Timotheous (Feb 9, 2002 06:47PM)
Yea I look mostly..... post little... as you know Scott...... I have lots going on right now.... big things in the works.

I'll probably hold off on investing in the lighting stuff right now... and money is an object.. but I'll pay for quality and durablity.. if it costs 4000 per setup then so be it. I'll make more renting it in time... And I'll have the good stuff when I'm on stage...

And Greatscott has a very clever method for lighting... Maybe he'll explain if ya ask real nice like...

Oh yea when my project takes off.... I'll use one of the effects as a publicity stunt... that'll rock the world. At least shake it up a bit... ha... Blaine eat your heart out...

Message: Posted by: reedrc (Mar 20, 2002 06:33PM)
We use Vari Lite & High End Systems lights.
We also have some Clay Paky lights. I think The HES & VL lights are the best, but for a budget the Martin's are getting SO MUCH better than what they used to offer for sure...
So its a great market these days, that really does have some great stuff for the mid-sized show without burning a hole in the wallet.
Message: Posted by: Aedryan Methyus (Mar 25, 2002 01:22AM)
Check out Pro Sound and Stage Lighting.

http://www.pssl.com :wow: