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Topic: Message to 0pus
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Mar 10, 2005 09:25AM)
You posted as 0pus2 earlier about not being able to retrieve a lost password for your 0pus name here. The trouble was a typo in the email address you used when you registered as 0pus. You used the same email address to register as 0pus2, so I had to completely delete that member ID and the one post associated with it before I could fix the typo in your original member information.

I've used the lost password form to send a new password to your correct email address. When you get that, log in using your username 0pus and the new password. You can then visit the Edit Profile page to change the password to something else.
Message: Posted by: 0pus (Mar 10, 2005 12:22PM)
Dear Mary,

I am sorry for being incompetent -- but thank you for your help. I seem to be back on now.