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Topic: Rico, Who Did A Beautiful Manipulation Act
Message: Posted by: magic mike (Mar 14, 2005 03:34PM)
Does anybody know what became of Rico? I knew him when I was a teenager. He was from Boston and did a very fine manipulation act with cards, candles, silks and Zombie. He played the Lido in Paris during some of the 1960's and 70's, then worked in Vegas in the 80's in Johnny Thompson's Magic Review called Les Sorcery. Does anyone know where I can get film footage of him doing his act?
Message: Posted by: RS1963 (Mar 14, 2005 04:21PM)
I am not too sure what became of Rico. I heard at some point he was a taxi driver in Vegas. His performing in Las Vegas was mostly in the 70's if he did any in the 80's it was very early 80's. One of the last hotel casinos I remember him being at performing was the Royal Las Vegas.