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Topic: Erik Jan Hanussan
Message: Posted by: magicben222 (Mar 15, 2005 06:43PM)
Recently, I had to choose a historical figure for a report in a history class of mine. As you can guess from the Subject, I picked Hanussan. If anyone knows a good source for information on him (books would be best), it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Dr_Stephen_Midnight (Mar 15, 2005 09:48PM)
I know some good chapters have been written on him in books on mentalism, the occult, etc., though no book names readily come to mind.

A European film was made, "Hanussen," dramatizing his life. It sold him as a natural hypnotist, like the Orson Welles film, "Black Magic" (about Cagliostro).

I know that's not much help, but it does let you know that material HAS been written on him.

Message: Posted by: elgranmago (Mar 16, 2005 01:12PM)
Have a look at this:

'Erik Jan Hanussen: Hitler's Jewish Clairvoyant' by Mel Gordon


Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Mar 16, 2005 04:59PM)
There was an article I believe in Magic or Genii as a fellow gave a talk on him at the LA Conference. He was quite a character to say the least.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 18, 2005 01:43AM)
It was in Genii, just a few months ago. The article was very well-written.

If you do a search on him, be sure to spell the name correctly. "Hanussen," not "Hanussan."

But don't rely solely on the internet for information. You need to hit the library.
Message: Posted by: elgranmago (Mar 18, 2005 05:42AM)
On 2005-03-18 02:43, Bill Palmer wrote:
It was in Genii, just a few months ago. The article was very well-written.

Genii magazine, July 2004 : "Hanussen: Hitler┤s Clairvoyant"

Message: Posted by: magicben222 (Mar 18, 2005 09:43AM)
Yes, I believe the article in Genii was an excerpt from the book mentioned. Thanks everyone for all the responses though!
Message: Posted by: Shnarker (Mar 18, 2005 11:32AM)
There is also a movie that was loosley based on Hanussen. It called "Invincible" I believe. Tim Roth portrayed Hanussen. Excellent movie. It's out on video, not sure about dvd.
Message: Posted by: magicben222 (Mar 18, 2005 05:40PM)
Wonderful! I didn't know about that. I'll have to look into it.
Message: Posted by: landmark (Mar 18, 2005 10:31PM)
Mel Gordon is a very respected theatre historian--however some dispute his interpretation of Hanussen's role in the Nazi party. I believe there was a very interesting thread on this on the Genii forum a few months ago. Probably worth doing a search there for more sources.

Jack Shalom