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Topic: Daryl's Knife Through...
Message: Posted by: Smoke & Mirrors (Mar 17, 2005 07:23AM)
Anyone have this? Can you review?
Thanks -aaron


The effect is straightforward. Borrow a cloth napkin (or handkerchief) and a table knife.

Place the knife under the middle of the napkin, then slowly and cleanly push it right through the material! They can actually see and hear the material tear as the knife cuts its way through!

Instantly, you restore the napkin and hand everything out for examination! This is visual magic at its best! An absolute must for restaurant, bar and banquet performers.

Daryl's Knife Through Napkin can be performed close-up or on stage. With the special gimmick in your pocket you're always ready to perform this "impromptu" miracle! This was a feature effect in Daryl's award winning Improv Magic act! Comes complete with reusable gimmick and full instructions. Use any napkin and knife.

Price: $ 15.00
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Apr 27, 2005 06:09PM)
Interestingly that this item is not carried at Daryl's website! I think this would be an amazing effect like his card thru a clear plastic bag...