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Topic: Banned in Texas
Message: Posted by: Josh Allens (Mar 19, 2005 08:03AM)
Well, I recieved this in the mail last week and I have been reading it a ton and all I can say is Wow. It doesn't contain that much (only 2 moves, and 4 effects) but it has been one of the most useful notes Ive read in a while. The Bizzaro Flip is the first move taught. It is so easy I cant believe that I didn't come up with it. Its also very deceptive. NO ONE EVER NOTICES THE MOVE. IT looks like it takes a lot of skill to. But none at all. Bizzaro explains it very well. I was doing it with in 2 minutes of getting the booklet! He teaches a way to produce 4 aces using the Bizzaro FLip and the second move you learn, The Bizzaro Fan Control. Which is a very nice little move for when you out jog cards In a Fan.
I really liked this, but sadly it it no longer available. He only sold 25 copies and you had to be interviewed even to get one! If you ever see a copy for sale, for heavens sake get it!!!!