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Topic: Best Impromptu OOTW
Message: Posted by: Rodney Massey (Sep 29, 2002 06:21PM)
IMHO, I believe that the best impromptu version of Out of This World is Harry Lorayne's Impromptu Out of This World!
Message: Posted by: Alan Jackson (Nov 5, 2002 01:36PM)
I agree with Rodney. HL's is an excellent version of OOTW.
Message: Posted by: Johnnymysto (Nov 14, 2003 08:00AM)
Does anyone know where to find this?
Message: Posted by: Thomas Hudecsek (Nov 20, 2003 01:45PM)

You can find it in Harry Lorayne’s Book "my favorite Card Tricks"

I love his version, and in my opinion it’s better then JC Wagner’s version, where you predict the amount of the spectators misses.

Message: Posted by: Scott Wells (Nov 21, 2003 11:39AM)
Since this is in the Impromptu room, I assume you won't always have your playing cards with you. So if you're at a restaurant, why not consider using the sugar packets (regular sugar and the pink/blue stuff.) Mike Close has a clever version of wolves and sheep (or something like that) using a gimmicked sugar packet.

Put your minds to it.