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Topic: Daniel Garcia SH4DE
Message: Posted by: elie brown (Mar 20, 2005 10:13AM)
Hi every body,
Does anyone on the forum saw this effect or this dvd?
Is it good?
Is it possible to get a review?
Message: Posted by: S.Segal (Mar 20, 2005 11:17AM)
This thread should help you out a little more...

I have seen Danny does this LIVE numerous times and it is killer. Very visual routine using only 4 coins. It has a one at a time tranposition, a back fire, and instant assembly. Very cool routine.


Message: Posted by: Kingry (Mar 21, 2005 02:38PM)
Does it require a mat?
Message: Posted by: S.Segal (Mar 21, 2005 03:03PM)
On 2005-03-21 15:38, Kingry wrote:
Does it require a mat?

Either a mat or soft surface (carpet).

Message: Posted by: Alejandro Peterson (Mar 21, 2005 05:08PM)
Sounds great, I'm focuse on cards, could you said me how the effect looks?
Message: Posted by: joseph (Mar 23, 2005 05:47AM)
Do ya have to kneel on floor, like Ammar, or can it be done on tabletop, and still get max effect?....
Message: Posted by: dg magic (Mar 23, 2005 12:31PM)
Either way....the DVD is shot at a table top angle....but if you want to do it on the floor you can.

Daniel garcia
Message: Posted by: Keith Runion (Mar 23, 2005 12:36PM)

If you use soft coins this can be done on a glass table top as well.
Message: Posted by: dg magic (Mar 23, 2005 05:40PM)
Yeah....in theory....i've never tried...although I think that it might lose a certain visual aspect due to the lack of contrast between the glass and the coins.

daniel garcia
Message: Posted by: kuroko (Mar 24, 2005 02:22AM)
Is this simliar to dean's no extras?
Message: Posted by: kuroko (Mar 24, 2005 02:23AM)
Is this simliar to dean's no extras?
Message: Posted by: S.Segal (Mar 24, 2005 09:19AM)
On 2005-03-24 03:23, kuroko wrote:
Is this simliar to dean's no extras?


You asked this in the other thread and the answer was posted right above yours... It is different.

Message: Posted by: Dave Forrest (Mar 25, 2005 08:43AM)
A few questions.

Can you do it without coins on the moon wearing a spacesuit?

Will I be the next David Blaine upon purchase? If not, why not?

Message: Posted by: dg magic (Mar 25, 2005 12:50PM)


Because you have personality.....but then again so does David....so.....well...NO!

Daniel Garcia
Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (Mar 31, 2005 04:14AM)
Some unsolicited comments here (from a worker, if that matters;-)
This is really, really good.
The routine is not overly difficult in sleights, but boy will it take time to master the timing.
Daniel has come up with a routine that has it all; standard assembly, backfire and instant assembly. It can be done with borrowed coins on almost any surface (keep in mind, there is one technique that needs a surface with some "give". This is used only once in the instant assembly.)
It looks very good in his hands, though I'm curious how long it will take for me to see someone else do it as good.
That's also the fun. This routine will take time to practise...

This is something I'd be proud to add to my impromptu material. It looks utterly magical, can not be done by Average Joe who got the latest tape, is pure sleight of hand and has an excellent process/effect-ratio. once the coins start assembling, there is no stopping. And at the end you can invite the person who's coins you borrowed to pick them up and put them in his pocket. Nothing to conceal. Starts clean, ends clean.

Extremely impressed!
Message: Posted by: dg magic (Mar 31, 2005 05:15PM)
Hey Dan...thanks....im glad you like....you are right about the timing....that makes the whole trick....keep up the practice though....its worth it...laymen tend to love this routine

Daniel Garcia