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Topic: Jay Scott Berry FS2 Gimmick
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 22, 2005 07:10AM)
I own a Sanda Gimmick and enjoy it very much. Just curious if anyone out there owns the Jay Scott Berry FS2 Gimmick product/video; do you suggest this purchase or not? Thank you!
Message: Posted by: David Nelson (Mar 23, 2005 01:22AM)
If you like the Sanada gimmick but want to extend its functionality a bit then give the FS2 or his other modification, the cloaking device a try. They both are notable advancements on the Sanada gimmick.

The FS/2 allows you to keep 2 items hidden at one time or switch one for another instantly. Obviously, it still requires intelligent handling of something similar to a Sanada gimmick but it sounds like you can handle that.

The cloaking devices is more similar to your Sanada gimmick but it's got one really great advantage. You can start with it loaded in a pocket and the load will stay there. Also, if you want to ditch the gimmick the load will stay in it. The price you pay for this is that the handling to get your object into and out of the cloaking device is not quite as easy and fluid as with a standard Sanada gimmick so both have their uses.

I don't want to give too much away but the short answer is, if you like the original Sanada gimmick you'll like Mr Berry's modifications. Both extend the functionality of the original but there are still a few uses in which the original Sanada gimmick outperforms either one.

It's late and I'm realizing this isn't very clear but I hope it helps :)

Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Mar 23, 2005 01:42AM)
Jay has also a DVD with cool effects with the FS2 gimmick, see details here:
Message: Posted by: Daegs (Mar 23, 2005 01:55AM)
I really like my FS/2 but there is one thing I'd like to say that personally I would have liked to know beforehand.

It talks of two "chambers" or some such, and it should be noted that there is not much "space" in between the two, and it won't stay in there without some manipulation(sqeezing) on your part. When closed there is basically no "space" at all inside the gimick and acts like a single sanada gimick

I think it is a great gimick that can be used as a standard sanada or with its extra properties can be used for a lot more.

If you are intrested in using a sanada at all, get the fs/2 because it is really powerful and very practical.
Message: Posted by: semo (Mar 24, 2005 12:22PM)
I have the cloaking device and video. Actually we had Jay come to our IBM meeting and do a lecture. It was a great lecture by the way and if you get a chance to book him, I can highly recommend it.

The cloaking device is great. If you have experiene with the sanada, then handling of the cloaking device should be very easy. I do the streamer production with the cloaking device. The fact that you can show your hand empty, pull part of a streamer out, and then show your hand empty with the streamer coming out of no where is an incredible visual. Seems impossible.

I don't have any experiene with the FS/2, but it seems like it could be a bit more work at the practice table to get the right moves down.

If you are looking for a SWITCHING routine, appearances and vanishes, then the FS/2 could be for you (like color changing balls). For appearances and vanishes, the cloaking device would work well. Plus ditching the Cloaking device seems easier than the FS/2. (in my opinion)
Message: Posted by: sbays (Mar 24, 2005 05:44PM)
Would the cloaking device work for billet switches? I am not familiar with this device ... well, not TOTALLY that is. Anyone?
Message: Posted by: semo (Mar 24, 2005 05:54PM)
Take a look at Jay's website (attached above). Go into the cloaking section and there is a video of what can be done with the cloaking device. One of them is a bill switch.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 24, 2005 08:49PM)
On 2005-03-24 18:44, sbays wrote:
Would the cloaking device work for billet switches? I am not familiar with this device ... well, not TOTALLY that is. Anyone?

Yes, but why bother? You don't need this to do a billet switch. Learn Raxon's Master Move or one of the other really good switches. If you relax when you do it, nobody will even suspect a switch. Using the FS2 for a billet switch is like swatting flies with a sledgehammer.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 24, 2005 08:53PM)
Here are some previous threads. I did a search on "Cloaking Device." This subject has already been beaten to death.





And there are others, as well.