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Topic: Trick with matches (or anything :-) )
Message: Posted by: Wurf (Sep 30, 2002 07:45AM)
Hi all,

Can anyone give me some info on the following effect ?

About 9 matches are on the table. Someone from the audience has to pick one
(actually touch it) while the magician is looking away, or even out of the
room . He then comes back, and picks out the right match.

I haven't seen this trick myself, but a collegue has, and he says he did
this with the magician alone, without someone else involved to give signs to
the magician.

Anyone got some explanation, or a name of this effect ?

Message: Posted by: SpiffnikHopkins (Sep 30, 2002 11:35AM)
I'm not 100% sure but I've heard of similar effecs being done in the following way...a VERY thin hair or other tiny tiny fiber being placed over/on each object. You then turn your back or whatever and ask them to simply pick up and place back down any object they please. When they do this the hair or fiber falls off and you can slyly look over the objects and pick the one that has no fiber still lying across it.

In thinking about this, wind would possibly ruin the effect so keep that in mind. Also if you look too closely they'll look and see if they can see what you are looking for so be careful when doing that. After you figure out which one it is, you might want to let out a big sigh blowing the other fibers away so they can then examine as closely as they like and see nothing.


PS it works with watches, glasses, napkins...just about anything
Message: Posted by: Wurf (Sep 30, 2002 01:08PM)
Nah....I don't think that's the solution.
My friend had to spread the matches on the table by himself !

The 'magician' in this was the local bartender. The story goes he 's making a lot of money with this trick.

Message: Posted by: wiggys (Oct 1, 2002 07:18AM)
Maybe he just peeks through a hole in the wall? Usually the simplest explanations are the best.
Message: Posted by: Wurf (Oct 1, 2002 07:33AM)
My friend told me he could send the bartender anywhere, even outside, to be sure he was unable to peek. Also, there were others with him, when he had to go outside, all people who were eager to discover the trick. If they saw the man peeking, they probably would have told EVERYONE in the room.

I called some national magic shops here. None of them knew the trick.

Message: Posted by: Dano (Oct 1, 2002 09:53AM)
I betcha a Confederate is involved. Most "Bar" mindreading routines involve this. I know, I was a bartender for a few years in college, and it works! Just keep your confed. in beer! :stout:
Message: Posted by: Andy Charlton (Oct 1, 2002 11:46AM)
Remember. One of a Non-magician's favorite phrases is "............So how did he do that then, Eh?". Whatever you say he/she will have/make up a reason that you couldn't have been right. After all, it's better for their ego to have been fooled by a brilliant complicated trick, than by a simple one. Usually their motive is either,
1/To find out the secret or
2/ To knock your abilities.

Don't give them the satisfaction. If someone asks you something like that, The only answer is, "Without seeing it, I couldn't tell you, And after seeing it, I probably could, but I wouldn't"

The big secret is for you to be so good at what you can do, that no-one doubts how good you are, and that you would know it if you saw it.



PS I probably should have also said, "What the Heck are you doing trying to give away some other magician's secrets?"
Message: Posted by: Wurf (Oct 1, 2002 12:27PM)
Thanks Andy, that's an approach I didn't think of. But as a non-professional magician, I still would like to do this routine too ! Most of the time I can find out the basics of an effect, but this one looks very clean to me. The problem is I am not able to see this trick myself, so I have to do it with the observations of a friend (who is obviously NO magician, and has no clue when and where to look).

Message: Posted by: RINO (Nov 4, 2002 04:20AM)
Wurf I think that you should see the trick named "Killer Red Caps" - You can see video presentation on JBTV.
Effect of this trick is very similar to trick which you described with matches.

You wrote: "I have to do it with the observations of a friend" so maybe your friend added to his story some "facts" that aren't true.
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Nov 4, 2002 09:35AM)
If they are single matches, You got me. If they are books of paper matches, The answer is in the vid: Amazing Magic Tricks with everyday Objects from Hampton Ridge.

Tape is kind of boring, but a very good value at ten bucks. Mostly impromtu type stuff. They always throw in one or two killers, on these Hampton videos.