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Topic: Absinthe
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 23, 2005 09:28AM)
Has anyone on the forum ever had the drink Absinthe? Your experience?
Message: Posted by: Alniner (Mar 23, 2005 10:11AM)
Yes. I have a bottle at home.

Perhaps it's just the brand I have, but I didn't get stoned or drunk. Maybe having a few drinks before this would really mess you up. But on its own, you might have to drink the whole bottle before getting messed up.
Message: Posted by: Partizan (Mar 23, 2005 01:03PM)
Yes, I can get a good straight Absinthe, I enjoy this natural stimulant.
In the UK we are quite strict with it (laws) but you can get it if you know where too look.

I also make a wormwood brew. You can go and pick wormwood most any place and incorporate it as you would like snapps. i.e. get a spirit, lets say vodka. then soak the WW in it for a few months.
Massive caution note here. Know your plants! and know the amounts too use.
You could make a fatal brew messing with quite a few different plants and mixing them with spirits.

Note Alniner. You may have the Absinthe without the active ingredient wormwood (the US standard) as is sold in most places. Real Absinthe is less frequent and costs a lot of money. the wormwood is of medical quality.
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Mar 23, 2005 02:15PM)
You can read about absinthe [url=http://www.gumbopages.com/food/beverages/absinthe.html]here[/url]. The FDA and USDA prohibit importation or sale of beverages containing wormwood ([i]Artemisia absinthum[/i]) in the United States.


Message: Posted by: jonesc2ii (Mar 23, 2005 03:44PM)
I have bought a number of absinthe drinks, some of which clalimed to contain the wormwood. I have never been anything but disappointed, the alcohol content is high but I have not experienced anything like the experience described by the users of a hundred years ago.
Message: Posted by: Alniner (Mar 23, 2005 03:52PM)
I import my Absinthe, to make sure I am getting the best. This is the bottle that I currently have at home.


Zum 01.03.2005 wurde nun endlich auch das Absinthe-Verbot in der Schweiz außer Kraft gesetzt, und so wagte der ehemalige Schwarzbrenner Claude Alain Bugnon als erster nach Yves Kübler den Schritt in die Legalität, und destilliert seit Anfang 2005 somit den zweiten legal hergstellten La Bleue aus dem Val de Travers, den er einfach nur La Bleue Clandestine (53%) nannte.

Wie jeder echte La Bleue handelt es sich beim Bugnon Clandestine um ein reines Kräuter-Alkohol-Destillat, in dem man aufs deutlichste den Wermut und in diesem Fall etwas zurückhaltender den grünen Anis zu spüren bekommt.

Im Gegensatz zum Kübler 53 ist der Clandestine nicht so schön abgerundet I'm Geschmack sondern eher etwas grob oder kantig veranlagt, was aber durchaus nichts schlechtes ist. Der Wermut-Geschmack läßt sich nicht 1:1 mit dem des Küblers vergleichen, da hier der eher etwas frische Wermut-Geschmack dominiert, den man meist durch Zugabe von Nachlauf aus Vordestillationen erhält, und nicht so sehr um den tiefen, fast erdigen Geschmack, der durch die reine Alkohol-Destillation bei niederen Temperaturen entsteht, den man vor allem I'm Kübler 45 und I'm Segarra vorfindet. Was dem Clandestine außerdem fehlt ist die Komplexität und der volle Körper, was ihn gegen den Kübler 53 und gegen den Blanche de Fougerolles abwertet.

Sicher ist Bugnon's Clandestine ein sehr guter und authentischer La Bleue, trotzdem wäre er durchaus noch verbesserungsfähig.
Message: Posted by: jonesc2ii (Mar 23, 2005 04:20PM)
Alniner, you import this to ensure you're getting the best but it doesn't get you stoned or drunk? Why not drink water?
Message: Posted by: Grimm (Mar 23, 2005 10:04PM)
I drank absinthe once in New Orleans. It was very interesting, it was prepared in the traditional way, i.e. sugar was added and then it was lit on fire. The experience I had was in no way like that related in stories, though generally that is the case with any substances. My experience with absinthe was that I ended up drunk but lucid. I knew this sounds strange but it's the best way to describe it.
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 24, 2005 06:01AM)
Dr. Wilson....although the US my not allow the import of beverages containing Wormwood...what about importing to the US wormwood extract or the actual plant? I'm considering making my own Absinthe brew I found on a website and it obviously calls for wormwood....just not sure if I can get that.
Message: Posted by: Alniner (Mar 24, 2005 08:33AM)
On 2005-03-23 17:20, jonesc2ii wrote:
Alniner, you import this to ensure you're getting the best but it doesn't get you stoned or drunk? Why not drink water?

Because you can't find a good bottle of $80.00 water.
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Mar 24, 2005 10:06AM)

My advice is to stay away from the home brew approach. You could end up poisoning yourself. Save your money and go to a nice place in another country where you can enjoy Fee Verte with the special spoon, the sugar cube, and appropriate decor.

It's much safer and cheaper to enjoy [url=http://www.memoryelixir.com/photogallery/picture_1.html]Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir[/url]!


Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 24, 2005 01:50PM)
I will heed your advice! Thank you for your responses.
Message: Posted by: Partizan (Mar 24, 2005 02:25PM)
Dudes and Dudettes, In the good old days the locals would drink near fatal amounts of drinks (wormwood infused) and this is why you hear the descriptions of intoxication you do.
My own wormwood brew is awesome. After about 50ml you get the effects described for the old style brews but the ratio of wormwood is much higher in mine so the alcohol ratio is less. thus less harmful, given that I can accurately test the level of wormwood in my brew.

Also note. High levels of thujone can affect the heart at a basic level. i.e. interferance with the elecrto nervous aspect of heart control.

If you are really interested then get a book that covers wormwood and learn to identify it, you will soon see it everywhere. Learn to dry and preserve it in vodka. Abs can be home made if distillation is legal, otherwise you have to use inffusion.

There are many other 'un'known plants that can be inffused to produce various effects. think Calystegia and la-111.

In Asia they have beetle nuts. While the residents chew them and get a stained mouth, some of us have started to use them as an additive to vodka after it has been treated.
If you have tried this brew you will most likely forget it along with the rest of the day! You wake up with your wallet still full of money as the one drink is enough ;)
Message: Posted by: jonesc2ii (Mar 26, 2005 01:51PM)
On 2005-03-24 09:33, Alniner wrote:
On 2005-03-23 17:20, jonesc2ii wrote:
Alniner, you import this to ensure you're getting the best but it doesn't get you stoned or drunk? Why not drink water?

Because you can't find a good bottle of $80.00 water.

Sure you can. Here I'll sell you a lovely bottle of Oxford water for $80! :)
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 27, 2005 06:15AM)
Partizan.....I currently live in the US Territory of Guam where Beetle Nut is a staple with many Guamanians and Palauans. Do you mind sharing a home brew recipe for using the Beetle Nut after "treating" the Vodka? Please explain in depth the "treating" portion. Feel free to PM! Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Partizan (Mar 27, 2005 09:03AM)
It needs too be pulped then reduced (boiled) in vodka. seperate out any oils and then dry it. Use this to infuse your vodka.

This is a good page.
Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Mar 28, 2005 04:53PM)
Thank you Partizan.
Message: Posted by: Mark Williams (Mar 28, 2005 10:45PM)
On 2005-03-23 10:28, tuffnavyrn wrote:
Has anyone on the forum ever had the drink Absinthe? Your experience?

Sorry for the inconvient "off topic" remark that follows:

Doesn't Absinthe Make The Heart Grow Fonder?

Sorry, I had to do that. lol!
Message: Posted by: Alym Amlani (Mar 29, 2005 01:55AM)
We can buy it here in BC with Wormwood!
Message: Posted by: Partizan (Mar 29, 2005 11:17AM)
Alym, What is the quoted content of wormwood in the drink you get?
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Mar 29, 2005 12:12PM)
By the way, it's "Betel Nut." See [url=http://ns.gov.gu/pugua.html]here[/url], [url=http://moodfoods.com/betelnut/]here[/url], and [url=http://waynesword.palomar.edu/ecoph10.htm#betel]here[/url]. I don't mess with any of this stuff. Make mine an espresso!


Message: Posted by: Partizan (Mar 29, 2005 01:07PM)
You won't be needing my datura pernod brew then?

For legal reasons, my samples of plants are preserved in alcohol.
Message: Posted by: drwilson (Mar 29, 2005 06:48PM)

In Carlos Casteneda, [i]Datura[/i] is applied as a paste to the skin, not as a beverage. When I lived in Las Vegas, I saw it everywhere. If you plant it in your garden and water it, it is much prettier than it is out in the Mojave.


Message: Posted by: Partizan (Mar 30, 2005 11:27AM)
Yea, That Don Juan was a character ;)

Note that Henbane is another interesting plant for infusion.
Message: Posted by: Alym Amlani (Mar 31, 2005 07:18PM)
From their website:

Our Absinth contains just under 10 mg per kg of Thujone (chemical compound in the herb, wormwood) as is required in the UK and the Czech Republic, although there are 18 other herbs that contribute to the overall effect.