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Topic: Performing Death Defying Acts Right Here, Right Now
Message: Posted by: Utah Showmen (Mar 23, 2005 10:26PM)
Step Right this Way, see here now, right before your eyes Ses Carny and Alex Zander performing death defying acts Right Here, Right Now and it's ALIVE on the Inside.

Caution the acts performed here may be harmful or fatal if not done properly.

Ses Carny Live at Circus-Circus - Alex Zander the Jr. Torture King

Caution the acts performed here may be harmful or fatal if not done properly.

Here it is an extra added attractions right behind the curtain in the Blow-Off.

Obviously, this convinced everyone that the big maneater was loose and that the owner (myself) had no idea where it was. Three Tickets Please? by Pete Kolozsy

Our Newest Link in our historic link section Show History

Strong Women by Lee Kolozsy
Performing daily in a cageful of wild jungle killers, she’s a one woman Sigfreid and Roy. Only tougher. She’s been bitten (hard) by a grown Bengal tiger, and she manages to perform daily with only a truckload of Zanax and a couple of highballs.

Our Newest Corny-Ville Comic The Blade Box 3rd times a charm!!!!!!

Now you've seen the show step right over here for some Dip Dogs & Caramel Corn, Midway Recipes just for you.

I'll get things started with something that was taught to me by our master Magician.......He's one of the ten big acts and attractions we have on the inside......... You are going to see the tattooed man..........You'll also see Electra, and it's all ALIVE, on the Inside. The Art of the Talker and The Art of the Talker 2 by Todd Robbins

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