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Topic: Hypnosis/Mentalism Combo
Message: Posted by: Desix (Mar 28, 2005 08:36AM)
I have seen the hypnosis threads scattered throughout this board and have a question more about logistics than anything else. If I understand correctly, many of you also use hypnosis in your performances. Some people have mentioned they will also 'switch' a mentalism show into a hypnosis show if thatís what the audience seems to respond to.
I would like to know how you smoothly transition between the two, is it typically one half mentalism, and then one half hypnosis? Or do you mix them up together? It seems that working hypnosis around a mentalism show would be tough, just because you have to stop everything and induce the people. I have done minimal work with hypnosis, so I am nowhere near a pro, but it has always taken me several minuets to get the people induced. Does this slow up the show, or just add to it?
Message: Posted by: procyonrising (Mar 28, 2005 02:39PM)
Some people open with 15 or 20 minutes of mentalism to prime the audience for the hyp show.

Some people do the mentalism when there aren't enough people for a hyp show.

Some people just do the hyp show.

It's totally up to you. No mystery. Just do it.


P.S. Taking more than 3 or 5 minutes to induce everyone is probably too long--too much of a lag. Think priming--meaning you do something now that sets up something later--during your opening moments, then everything will happen faster. (NLPers will recognize this is one way to use nested loops.)
Message: Posted by: Hexagon (Mar 28, 2005 03:29PM)
Some of the effects used in mentalism especially the psuedo hypnotic stuff
help convince an audience of your credentials therefore making them better subjects for hypnosis and suggestion techniques, or so I've found.

So, if I'm careful with the selection of material, the transition between mentalism and hypnosis is very natural and invisible.
that's what I've experienced

from Hexagon