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Topic: Problems with Troy Hooser DVD's
Message: Posted by: Bill (Oct 1, 2002 07:27PM)
I purchased the three Troy Hooser DVD's. When I try to play them, I get a "check disc" message from the player. They just will not play. Haven't had one single problem with any other DVD's. The player is a 3 year old Toshiba, top of the line. I exchanged them but the new ones do the same thing! Has anybody else had this problem? :angry:
Message: Posted by: metaphyzix (Oct 1, 2002 11:51PM)
I don't have the DVDs, but three years old seems kinda outdated... kinda like when there was that big computer boom, the moment you bought your computer was when it became obsolete. I know that for Playstation 2, some DVDs (movies and magic) don't work, because PS2 came out somewhat early, before all the crazy advances.

It might also be region encoding. But seeing as how you're from San Diego, that seems unlikely...
Message: Posted by: spherie (Oct 2, 2002 12:57AM)

Other people experienced this error as well:

[url=http://www.epinions.com/elec-review-5516-1DF99935-3A25E5CB-prod2]Click Here![/url]

[url=http://www.audioreview.com/DVD,Players/Toshiba,SD-3108/PRD_117399_1587crx.aspx]...and here![/url]

Hope that helps. There are endlessly more articles on that problem. Basically, the authors all complain about it. :)

Message: Posted by: Bill (Oct 2, 2002 08:58AM)
Thanks for the info Spherie. That's what I thought, that maybe it's outdated, but I have many other DVD's (all from L&L) and they play fine. I'm wondering what's so special about how they made the Troy Hooser DVD's. I wrote Bob Kohler the producer of the tapes, but he won't respond. Oh well, maybe it's time to get a new player anyway. :vgoofy:
Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Oct 2, 2002 03:58PM)
I have the DVDs and experienced NO problems whatsoever. They play well on my 5 year old PC as will as my new Phillips DVD player. Sounds like a hardware problem.

Message: Posted by: Andy Leviss (Oct 2, 2002 05:38PM)
Well, I know that MAGIC magazine this month had a news piece about pirated copies of the new Bill Malone DVDs being sold that wouldn't play right in some DVD players, which was how it got caught. I don't know that this is the case here, but it might be.

Check the playing surface--is it silver, as a DVD should be, or bluish, like a DVD-R disc? That's a [i]possible[/i] indicator of a copy.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Oct 2, 2002 06:23PM)
You shouldn't have to replace a 3-yr old DVD player to be able to watch a magic DVD. They are able to encode them such that they will be viewable on older machines as well as new ones, and as you said, the others work fine. That being the case, I don't think it's your hardware, I think it's the disc. Andy's on to something here...

At the very least they should replace the disc (provided it isn't bootleg) and if it still doesn't work, refund your money. You shouldn't have to buy a new player every time you buy a new DVD!
Message: Posted by: Mark Ennis (Oct 2, 2002 06:33PM)
Check to see if the DVD works on someone else's machine before you replace yours. It may be a faulty disc.
Message: Posted by: metaphyzix (Oct 3, 2002 12:00AM)
On 2002-10-02 09:58, Bill wrote:
I wrote Bob Kohler the producer of the tapes, but he won't respond.

How long ago did you write him? Maybe he's touring or doing some corporate shows away from home and doesn't have time to check his email. Give him some time. If he still doesn't respond, write again--I often find that if you mention how he ignored you once already, they usually reply.
Message: Posted by: G-Diddy (Oct 17, 2002 11:47PM)
I just purchased Troy's Detroyer DVD also.
I also have problems playing this DVD on my computer...Sometimes it reads, sometimes it doesn't...My computer is only a few months old, and the DVD player has no problems at all playing any other magic or movie DVDs...
I think that the Quality control on those DVDs leaves something to be desired...
Have to say that Troy's work is GREAT with the dvd problems aside...
Message: Posted by: jgeist1 (Oct 20, 2002 10:31AM)
I will add to the list of complaints. I am having trouble running this DVD's on my computer. I normally use PowerDVD, but it crashes everytime I try to run Troy's set. I have gotten them to play using Microsoft's Media Player... but it runs slow and choppy (not characteristic of any other DVD in my collection). I've been able to watch most of the stuff on the video, but it isn't a pleasant experience trying to play what I want in Media Player. PLUS I can't find a performance of the bonus Sponge Ball routine. I am able to access the explanation of the routine... but I can't find the performance :(

Overall, I agree that the quality control should be set a little higher. Often I will receive a DVD that is sliding around its container. Maybe they should splurge for a little foam ring to place between the disc and the top of the case.

Message: Posted by: Roachman (Oct 20, 2002 02:42PM)
I had the same problem. The disc wouldn't play on my Toshiba 3109 but would play on my Sampo DVD player. This is the first disc that wouldn't play on the Toshiba.

Message: Posted by: qkeli (Oct 25, 2002 05:23PM)
I've got the 2nd volume from Troy Hooser and I'm sorry to say that it also bugs sometimes !! And it's the first time I ever had a DVD which bugs on a DVD player!!
Message: Posted by: Leigh (Oct 30, 2002 01:05PM)
Just like to add my problems to the list.

I've got all three volumes and the sound on some of the routines dips to inaudible and then comes back to normal. Irritatingly, it seems to be on the coin routines only - just the ones I'm interested in. - VERY frustrating.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, some of the performance routines are missing. I can't find the performances for the sponge ball routine, Pendulum Cut or Zombie change. All the explanations are there, not the performances. The jacket of volume 2 mentions learning the "Dextrous Ditch." This is taught on volume 3!

I concur with other comments here. The contents are first class - highly recommended. The production quality leaves a lot to be desired.

Just for completeness, I've had no problem playing the three DVDs (yet) and I use the PowerDVD software.
Message: Posted by: Devils Advocaat (Oct 30, 2002 02:27PM)
...Sounds as though these discs have not been authored properly - or tested properly for that matter. Minor scuffs or scratches won't make that much difference either. The quality of the media WILL make a huge difference though! Cheap media equals disaster! The best thing for just cleaning your DVD's (grease, grime or fingerprints etc.) is a product called ROR1 Mist. Leica engineers use this on their lens elements and I have 'rescued' many a DVD, CD, GDROM etc from going into the bin with this stuff.

Frank. :devilish: