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Topic: Room 101 a Rip-off of Bill Tarr's BTs?
Message: Posted by: Wells34 (Mar 29, 2005 02:31PM)
I do not have Room 101 so I don't know for sure, but the ad sounds EXACTLY like Bill Tarr's BTs - EXACTLY. Word for word. I sure hope it isn't because it would be a real shame for someone like Bill to get ripped-off like that. In addition being quite unethical of dealers and distributors to sell it. I'll be interested to see how, if any, it differs from Bill's or if anyone can clear this up.
Message: Posted by: Don McCleod (Mar 29, 2005 03:37PM)
I've never heard of Bill Tarr's BT. Can you direct me to an ad?
Message: Posted by: Tom Lauten (Mar 29, 2005 03:44PM)
I too would be interested in hearing about this effect, but I'm sure Luke Jermay would never knowingly rip off anyone.
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Mar 29, 2005 04:00PM)
It's funny you would mention this because when I reread the description I instantly came up with a way to do it using Bill Tarr's method.

Message: Posted by: Brandon Delgado (Mar 29, 2005 04:08PM)
According to the following pages from MagicTalk, the BT's are explained in Bill's [i]Now You See It, Now You Don't Notebook[/i] p. 200. I may have to look it up when I get home...


Message: Posted by: cgscpa (Mar 29, 2005 06:15PM)
On 2005-03-29 15:31, Wells34 wrote:
I do not have Room 101 so I don't know for sure, but the ad sounds EXACTLY like Bill Tarr's BTs - EXACTLY. Word for word. I sure hope it isn't because it would be a real shame for someone like Bill to get ripped-off like that. In addition being quite unethical of dealers and distributors to sell it. I'll be interested to see how, if any, it differs from Bill's or if anyone can clear this up.

I think the "real shame" is posting a comment like this when you admit that you don't have Room 101.

Bill Tarr's BTs are a utility item that allows one to do plenty of amazing things and Bill Tarr's book is excellent. Greg is right that you could use it to come up with a similiar effect however it is not used in [i]Room 101[/i] which is an excellent effect in it's own right.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 29, 2005 10:20PM)
Bill Tarr's BT's are actually a variation on one of Swoger's mental gimmicks. I like the Tarr idea better, though, but it can be more difficult to conceal. The Swoger gimmick was built into the pen rather than added on. I can't recall the name of the device -- maybe Synonymental.
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Mar 30, 2005 06:32AM)

Just to put the record straight. Luke’s Room 101 uses a completely different principle to Bill’s effect.

So, no you will find no Rip-Off here!


Peter Nardi
Message: Posted by: bloodkin (Mar 30, 2005 07:02AM)
Bill Tarr's NYSINYD was the first magic book I bought. Is the "notebook" version an expanded edition with mentalism? Looks like another trip down to Hank's.
Message: Posted by: Brandon Delgado (Mar 30, 2005 08:49AM)
The Notebook is third in a series of NYSINYD. There is also "The Second Now You See It, Now You Don't."

Message: Posted by: tommid (Mar 31, 2005 08:48AM)
Peter.... is this effect described more accurately in the advertising than Eliminator?
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Mar 31, 2005 08:59AM)
Hi Tommid,

The effect is describe as the spectator sees it the same as Eliminator and in fact almost all magic effects. I think Eliminator is described accurately.

Message: Posted by: Roki (Apr 3, 2005 03:07PM)
Re Peter and tommid ,
Im simply a humble customer but Eliminator is to me a completely different effect from the one described . I spent ages excited and wondering how the descibed trick could be achieved yet when actually saw it performed I didn't even recognise it .
This is probably the wrong topic area to discuss this and I personally love Alkazam
but I think many dealers are now happy to misdescribe tricks to fool magicians .
I don't trust any trick description now and I would spend a lot on tricks if I trusted the seller .
I only buy tricks Ive actually seen in person . At Blackpool I bought several Alkazam
tricks that were awesome . But I could have got them months ago if there was a genuine mgicians review on them .
Is this topic discussed somewhere else on this forum ?
Message: Posted by: matt.magicman (Apr 3, 2005 05:12PM)
It seems a lot of dealers also employ a certain marketing idea......
let post it on our website..."coming soon".......
for a couple of weeks
combine this with a description of the effect which could be , lets say, rather "loose" to the actual effect
we get lots of pre-orders from all the suckers that can't get genuine reviews (because it hasn't yet be released)
because they believe the trick to be better than it really (often) is
this may sound a bit harsh, and of course does not apply to every dealer that has list an effect "coming soon", but I beleive this is getting more common and is making it harder for genuine clients to find the effect they want
thank goodness for the magic Café review threads, eh!
Message: Posted by: mind spy (Apr 4, 2005 03:14PM)
I think if you check some of the reveiws regarding Luke lecture tour in the U.S you will see room 101 mentioned. Room 101 was one of the hits!


Message: Posted by: RussH (Apr 5, 2005 07:29AM)
Who is this 'mind spy' character suddenly claiming to be Peter Nardi? Peter, why post under your regular ID, then suddenly change to using 'mind spy', but carry on using your regular ID? It makes no sense. It's obviously being done with your knowledge as the ID is still active. Perhaps you could enlighten us as someone of a suspicious mind may think that the Café is being used for underhand marketing methods here!

I've had a look through 'mind spy's previous posting and he does claim to be you (see his posting on 'Corporate Close Up' as just one example).

Message: Posted by: Tom Lauten (Apr 5, 2005 08:03AM)
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Apr 5, 2005 10:29AM)

It is me hence I sign off with the name Peter Nardi. The reason I have two is one account was set up at my home and when I set it up I had no idea what my password was so I created a new account.


Mind Spy
Message: Posted by: zmagicleez (Apr 6, 2005 01:06PM)
Like you even had to grace that with a response Peter!
Message: Posted by: Tom Lauten (Apr 6, 2005 03:07PM)
I don't know...we hear that "The Beast" or "He that walks backwards" (aka Peter Nardi) is the very embodiment of deception...could be a clever ruse to rob us of our precious humors...?!
Message: Posted by: Roki (Apr 11, 2005 09:30AM)
I don't know Peter but his site and his tricks are the best around . These remarks are not about Peter:
If I were a dealer Id like to know what my customers are thinking after all its only the few who bother to comment. I think dealers underestimate the importance of how straightforward they come across. People are very quick to feel suspicious or mistrustful when spending their hard earned money . How much more so when you know the dealer is both skilled and practised in the art of deception . I hope I do get to know some of the better guys around then I can start really getting the stuff I want just by giving them a ring and asking them what I want . Meantime I have to wade through all these sites trying to read between the lines .
Message: Posted by: Magicman862 (Apr 11, 2005 03:53PM)
Can anyone give an update on the status of this trick
Message: Posted by: Peter Nardi (Apr 12, 2005 03:42AM)
Hi Paul,

We are hoping to send out all pre-orders on Monday 18/4/05. We did have a problem with the packaging but that has been sorted out now. Luke also added a couple of nice touches to the routine all of which are now included in the instructions.

Best Regards

Peter Nardi (Mind Spy)
Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Apr 12, 2005 10:16AM)
This is good news
Message: Posted by: Magicman862 (Apr 12, 2005 11:34AM)
Thanks for the update
Message: Posted by: Stig (Jun 6, 2007 08:15AM)
I just looked through an issue of Magic from 1995. There was an ad from Billy Tarr's for BT Two. I dunno this gimmick from before, but it sounds great.
Does anyone know where I can get it? The add said it had to be purchased directly from Billy himself.

Message: Posted by: gdw (Jun 6, 2007 05:14PM)
I'm confused, what are Bill Tarr's BT's?
Message: Posted by: Paul Hughes (Jun 6, 2007 05:38PM)
Bill's BT gimmick is a clever device for getting "two of something when you only appear to write one". Very clever and explained in his seminal book "Now you see it now you don't"

As mentioned previously its nothing to do with the method of Room 101 (which is also very clever, very bold, and very different)
Message: Posted by: Al Straker (Jun 6, 2007 06:29PM)
Peter Nardi is a dealer with extremely high integrity and a great range of quality stock at Alakazam.

And Luke is one of the most original and creative performers around.

Let us not indulge in sludge here.