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Topic: The Magic Menu - Jim Sisti
Message: Posted by: Acextreme (Mar 30, 2005 10:36AM)
Hi, I was considering buying The Magic Menu but with only one problem. I only have enough for one of them as I have other things which I will be buying too. I would be getting the other compilation some months later.

So the question is, which would be better to get first? The "Years 1-5" or "Years 6-10"? I understand it's gonna be hard to choose, that's why I am here to consult those who owns both compilations. My intention to buy The Magic Menu is to aid my research into the business side of restaurant magic, especially how to market/sell myself to the restaurant managers and ways to penetrate into markets that's new to such concepts (I live outside of the US and restaurant magicians are yet to be seen but I believe it can be done if I have the right resources...).

As my focus is more on the business side of restaurant magic, which of the 2 volumes have more great business oriented articles that I should study? I was thinking of getting the "Years 1-5", any better recommendations?

Thanks a million in advance!!! ^.^
Message: Posted by: Scott Wells (Mar 30, 2005 11:12AM)
I am partial to Years 1-5 since I contributed more to that volume :) But there is invaluable info in both. I might suggest you start with that volume then after you have digested the material, you will know what you are in store for with Volume 2. It's like Tarbell...I always suggest starting at the beginning and buying Volume 1 and progressing in your purchases with Vol. 2, etc. At least that's my two and a half cents worth of advice.

Message: Posted by: n3cromanc3r (Mar 30, 2005 12:01PM)
I don't own them but have thought about getting them as well. In just my little research I see people talking up 1-5 more than 6-10. I will probably get them in that order. From what I understand, it's hard to go wrong with either, but doing it in order makes sence anyway.
Message: Posted by: kinesis (Mar 30, 2005 02:19PM)
Get years 1 - 5. If my mneumnoic...neumon...nmunomic...if my memory system serves me correctly pages 9 and 18 have good tips on writing letters to restaurants. There's a ton of invaluble advice throughout the whole book too.
Message: Posted by: Darren Kidby (Mar 31, 2005 01:11AM)
Isn't this out of print?

Message: Posted by: Review King (Mar 31, 2005 01:12AM)
On 2005-03-31 02:11, TheMagicMan wrote:
Isn't this out of print?


It's been re-rissued in book form.
Message: Posted by: Leeman (Mar 31, 2005 02:40AM)
The book is out of print too. But I am sure that there are still copies lying around.
Message: Posted by: Darren Kidby (Mar 31, 2005 03:49AM)
If any one knows where I can buy both , that would be great.

Message: Posted by: calexa (Mar 31, 2005 06:49AM)
@ TheMagicMan
In the UK, you can buy both volumes here: http://www.magicbox.uk.com

Which volumes should you buy: of course both, but if I had to choose one, I think I would go with "Years 6-10", because in this book you can find an excellent series of articles on finances. But it is really hard to decide which book is better.

Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Mar 31, 2005 08:55AM)
Volume 1, by all means. While volume 2 has some really wonderful stuff, for me, the first volume is just a shade better, but I'm not too sure as to why. Just my gut reaction to the question.

Lee Darrow, C.H.
Message: Posted by: Acextreme (Mar 31, 2005 09:49AM)
Thanks a lot, I sure hope Volume 1 is still available. It would be VERY SAD if such a great classical reference is out of print and unavailable to future magicians. It would be a great loss of the magic world.

Everyone who owns both please post your opinion/suggestions, I can greatly appreciate all your help, guys! Thanks to all those who replied...
Message: Posted by: Darren Kidby (Apr 1, 2005 12:48AM)
Thanks Calexa I ordered them both and they will be with me Monday morning.

Message: Posted by: calexa (Apr 1, 2005 09:54AM)
You are very welcome. As far as I know, they have the cheapest prize in the UK.

Message: Posted by: Darren Kidby (Apr 4, 2005 10:01AM)
Hey Calexa,
they arrived this morning, I have only had half an hour to have a quick read, they look to be a great investment, just wish I had bought them many years ago.

Message: Posted by: kinesis (Apr 4, 2005 10:53AM)
Everybody wishes they'd bought them years ago, better late than never LOL - Enjoy!

Hey Darren

I had a quick look at your website...err, you don't appear to have any contact details on your site (apart from your guestbook maybe.)

Maybe adding a way of contacting you will increase your business. :bg:

Message: Posted by: Darren Kidby (Apr 4, 2005 01:27PM)
Hey Derek,
This is an agent friendly web site (purely a tool for agents), the agents I work with can give the web address to a client (without fear of losing a sale) on the phone and they can go directly to the site and see who they have booked while waiting for my brouchure to arrive in the post.

Message: Posted by: kinesis (Apr 4, 2005 03:19PM)
That's cool, just a bit frustrating for people that stumble across your site looking for exactly the type of thing you offer and having no way whatsoever to contact you or your agents.
Message: Posted by: Removed (Apr 7, 2005 02:12AM)
I do have another site with all my details on, but is down at the moment, same as this one but with a hyperlink to a contacts page.


ps It is me The Magic Man, after typing my previous post I went to edit my profile and while I was doing it one of my kids came in and distracted me, now I can't log in, so I had to re register.
Message: Posted by: kinesis (Apr 7, 2005 04:08AM)
LOL, that's kids for ya!

Cheers Darren
Message: Posted by: calexa (Apr 7, 2005 08:26AM)
Hi Darren, I like the website. And I'm glad that you liked the books. Theu are indeed great!

Message: Posted by: Removed (Apr 7, 2005 09:29AM)
They Certainly Are

Message: Posted by: Spinnato (Apr 7, 2005 11:05PM)
You can't go wrong with either. Every magicians bookshelf should have them.
Message: Posted by: jstone (Apr 17, 2005 03:01AM)
On 2005-04-08 00:05, Spinnato wrote:
You can't go wrong with either. Every magicians bookshelf should have them.

You got that right! I've met Jim a couple of times at different lectures and conventions, and all I can say is that if you do restaurant magic, he is the man! I have a couple of his books and bookletes, and I had (not sure what happened to it) years 1 through 5. It was loaded with great stuff! I haven't read 6-10, but if it's even half as good as 1-5, then it's awesome.

I second what Spinnato said; you can't go wrong with either.
Message: Posted by: Acextreme (Apr 22, 2005 09:03AM)
The problem now is where can I get "The Magic Menu Years 1-5"??? Anywhere that you guys know still have stocks?

Please let me know...

Message: Posted by: kinesis (Apr 22, 2005 09:31AM)
The UK has them