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Topic: M.A.D.D's favorite tricks!
Message: Posted by: Nemic386 (Mar 30, 2005 02:16PM)
I had a project to do in my art class in which I had to promote an anti-drinking and driving theme. I quickly turned to magic for the answer- I found that the trick "eyewitness" w/ a slant on the patter provided the PERFECT answer. the story goes that a drunk driver ran head first killing two teens on the way to the prom. and there were four witness who also saw the accident. These witnesses were leaving a bar. When the police arrived it was obvious that the witnesses were intoxicated but since noone else had seen the accident, the detective had no other choice but to take their statements; one at a time. after confirming what each person had seen he gave them each a picture of the person they had identified. Obviously all four had seen different individuals, but during the lineup at the police station they said all claimed to have seen the same man- upon inspection of their pictures they find them all different (I used the for aces in this trick- I dunno what it is but the reaction is always better)the lesson is that when intoxicated you can never be sure of what you really saw- at this point I fan the deck out and show that the card I used is really flipped in the opposite direction of than the rest of the deck- it got one major reaction and hopefully my point was made-Nemic